8 Best Online Spanish Courses, Schools & Degrees

Since bilingual speakers are more in demand in today’s workforce, now is the time to earn your degree or take some courses on another language! The following links provide resources, so that you can learn one of the most prevalent languages in the United States – Spanish. Whether you want to work for a corporate company or a small business, fluency in Spanish can help you land the job you want. See what the sites below have to offer you, and start your language adventure today!

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Accredited Online Spanish Degrees & Certificates

If learning and speaking Spanish is something you are passionate about, then contemplate on attaining your online degree in it. You will not only learn the language, but you will also learn about Spanish/Latino culture. You might even consider studying abroad in a Spanish speaking country to immerse yourself even more in the culture! Review the sites and see which university if right for you.

Arizona State University: BA in Spanish If you want to become an educator, researcher, or translator, Arizona State is here to support you throughout your endeavors and prepare you for your future career. Arizona State strives to help their students achieve fluency in Spanish, so that you can be ready for any field you plan to pursue. Get more information from their website.

Oregon State University: BA in Spanish At Oregon State University, you will learn to read, speak, and write Spanish at superior levels, so that you can feel comfortable conversing with other Spanish speakers.  Oregon State believes in preparing their students for any workforce, so that their students can utilize the skills they need to succeed in their position. Call today for further details.

National University: BA in Spanish Graduates of National University will learn to be proficient in Spanish and also learn how to translate and interpret to and from English and Spanish. At National University, you will learn from wonderful professors who strive to see their students prosper both academically and professionally. Learn more about their Spanish program through their website.

New Mexico State University: MS in Spanish Already have your Bachelors degree, but want to further your knowledge in Spanish? New Mexico State University is here to help you get the education you want. All Spanish classes will be taught in Spanish, so that you can truly engross yourself in the Spanish culture and language. Find out more about their foreign language program to see if it’s right for you.



Self Guided Online Spanish Courses

Although audio CDS, podcasts, and other language programs are useful, you might also want to utilize some other resources. The following sites offer affordable Spanish courses for all students – beginners and advanced learners. Browse through the links, and choose which class suites your needs. You will find classes taught by professors and native speakers!

 Our Featured Course:

Spanish 1-4: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced  Your problem is you don’t know how to speak Spanish. The solution is this course. It gives you 323 lessons which is 109 hours of content. If you can’t speak Spanish at the end of that, it will be a miracle! 

View Spanish 1-4: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced>>>


Udemy Udemy has some fantastic Spanish courses at low prices, so that you can learn Spanish without having to spend hundreds of dollars on language learning software. If you want to learn the basics of Spanish or learn Spanish from an NSA agent, then Udemy can help you choose the course for you. There are many videos, tutorials, and courses to choose from, so learn more at Udemy.

Wiz IQ Take your Spanish speaking skills to the next level. Even if you are a beginning Spanish speaker or an advanced one, Wiz IQ has a variety of courses for all Spanish learning students. You can review over the basics of Spanish or even learn “survival Spanish” for your next Spanish/Latino excursion. Wiz IQ even offers an interactive Spanish course that contains games and so much more.

University of Reddit Planning a trip to Argentina or are you an advanced Spanish speaker? Then the University of Reddit might have some courses that would peak your interest. The University of Reddit is offering two courses in Argentine Spanish and Spanish for Advanced Beginners. Both can be beneficial towards your journey to learn Spanish. Learn more by clicking the links below.

Spanish MOOCs (Open College Courses)

Every once in a while there will be some FREE Spanish lessons. Currently, the links below offer students the chance to learn Spanish at their own pace. Take advantage of this uncommon opportunity to learn Spanish for FREE. Visit the following site to see what you can learn today.

World Mentoring Program The World Mentoring Program is currently offering a great special for all students who want to learn Spanish. The World Mentoring Program uses the same language learning techniques that secret agents and Foreign Service officers use to learn different language. This learning opportunity does not come more than once in a lifetime, so visit the World Mentoring Program to get your FREE Spanish course.