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Founded in 2014, Online Courses Review provides high-quality information for individuals seeking the best online courses and degrees. In today’s increasingly competitive job market, having a degree or applicable course experience can help provide you with the skills and knowledge to give you a competitive advantage when seeking a job or promotion. Choosing the right degree program or course to suit your needs can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. We believe in providing you with a wide range of options and have scoured online education resources to bring you the very best courses.

Online courses aren’t for everyone, but are a great option for those who need to accommodate busy work or family schedules, those who don’t have access or resources to a traditional classroom, or simply need to learn at their own pace. At Online Courses Review we have consolidated the best online accredited university degrees and classes, top self-guided and professional development courses, certification programs, and free massive open online courses (MOOCs) in order to provide you with a comprehensive range of what might interest you. We believe in easing the stress and burden of navigating through thousands of courses to help you on your way to learning new skills and knowledge.

Please let us know if there is any degree or course offerings you would like to see and we will do our best to help you out!

computerMassive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are an innovative way to provide free education to the world. Many prestigious universities offer access to top classes and instructors without the burdensome costs or rigorous requirements necessary for matriculation. MOOCs offer anyone in the world course materials and instruction for top-quality courses, though typically don’t offer college credit or interactive instruction. MOOCs can be a great alternative for those seeking to get a university education without the prohibitive costs, are dedicated and productive self-learners, or are interested in simply learning new things from experts.

briefcase Self-Guided and Professional Development courses are a great option for those looking to save money and potentially gain professional development credit or certification all while learning at your own pace. Many courses offer affordable instructional and interactive education programs designed to help you apply new skills and knowledge to real-world situations. These courses can range from a 20-minute introductory video lesson to multi-day or multi-week live, instructor-led courses. Self-guided lessons are a great way to learn specific skill sets in an area you would like to improve or learn more about.

bookshelfOnline College Degrees offer a comprehensive, accredited education that will help you gain valuable skills and knowledge and allow you to strengthen your credentials. Many online university programs are designed to accommodate busy individuals that do not have time to attend a traditional degree program or need to learn on their own pace. Often times, many individuals earning an online degree are working professionals looking to bolster their skills and knowledge or are trying to break into a new line of work by gaining the credentials and knowledge of a degree. Many online universities offer a wide-range of degrees and degree programs. Whether you are looking to earn an Associate’s Degree in General Business or trying to earn your PhD in Public Health, accredited online universities are a great resource for those trying to improve their lives through education. Additionally, many universities offer professional development credit or individual courses for those looking to gain specific skill sets or knowledge.


We have a team of people based in Iowa City, Iowa. We are passionate about courses. That sounds nerdy… But true!

Lee Weber

Lee Weber is the Facebook Ads guru of the Weber Digital team, driving hundreds of thousands of dollars of value to funnel users through a positive educational experience. Lee has been involved in digital marketing since attending college at the University of Iowa. He is an expert in paid advertising, SEO, email marketing, and funnel creation.

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A National Champ Wrestler and member of the Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame, Coach Daryl Weber started Weber Digital in 2011. He delivered high quality wrestling tactics which grew into Attack Style Wrestling, GableTrained.com, and a number of other education brands. Daryl is an expert content strategist, email marketer, copywriter, and much more!


Teresa’s background started in graphic and web design nearly 20 years ago.  She has done freelance writing for local and national magazines.  Over the past three years, she has immersed herself in all things digital marketing:  building email lists, building funnels and landing pages and creating and implementing Facebook ad campaigns.  She has a heart for small businesses and non-profit organizations and wants to help them succeed in their marketing efforts and online presence.


Brian started in Digital Marketing in 2010. He has owned an affiliate network, promoted everything from supplements to insurance. He is an expert Facebook marketer, regularly overdelivering with return on ad spend. Brian holds eight marketing certifications, including one from Google Adwords.

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