20 Best Software Engineering Courses Online

If you need to gain your software development skills, our team put together 20 of the best software engineering courses for you. Check the list of the 20 Best Online Software Engineering Courses and we are sure you will find an educational avenue.

The development process of complex software solutions, like operating systems, can be difficult. We can compare this process to the process of building architectural objects.

The main goal of an engineering process is to identify and analyze users needs. According to their needs, software engineers design a software. Software engineers need to recognize and install user needs into a software. They have to test a software to be sure it works, and provide improvements to a user.

Frank Kane,Data Science, Deep Learning, & Machine Learning with Python: These are the most valuable skills. These fields are exploding of progress and new opportunities. The course starts with the Python crash course. Then you will go through 7 different topics about data mining and machine learning. You are going to build an Artificial Neural Network using Tensorflow and Keras. The most important thing you are going to learn is how to make projects like search engines.

Sebastien Arbogast and Said Eloudrhiri, Become a Blockchain Developer with Ethereum and Solidity: Develop a decentralized application! This course will guide you through the process of decentralized application development. Thanks to the course you will have the opportunity to become a blockchain developer. We need to point out that you don’t need to know anything about the blockchain to enter the course. The basic computer skills will be enough. What will you learn here? You will learn about the philosophy of the blockchain and how it works.

Jose Portilla, Spark and Python for Big Data with PySpark: Learn how to use Spark with Python! As you know, Spark is a very powerful tool for analyzing big data. In case you are coming from another programming language, you will learn how to use Python first. Then you will learn about how to work with Spark 2 using DataFrame syntax. The teacher will cover some advanced topics like Spark Streaming. The ideal candidates for the course are people who know Python and who want to learn how to combine it with Big Data.

Scott Duffy, Part 2 Certified Enterprise Architect Certification Training: Pass TOGAF 9.1 exam. You need to know something about TOGAF models. The course will provide you the best instructions on how to pass TOGAF 9.1 part 2 exam. TOGAF 9.1 certification can help you to increase your income. If you have ever read the documentation for the exam, you have concluded it is too long and hard to understand. That is why you should enroll in the course. Let the professor give you clear explanations of the concepts you need for the exam.

Eric Traub, Learning Algorithms in JavaScript from Scratch: Eric is a software engineer. He is going to teach you about algorithms and how to install them in JS. An algorithm is set of instructions that computer follows. Usually, that is a function or a group of functions that work together. To be able to make an efficient program you need to learn algorithms. If you are new to this and have the will to learn more about it, this course is for you.

Paul Ashun, Scrum Certification Prep +Scrum Master+ Agile Scrum Training: What is Scrum? Scrum is a framework for managing projects. Scrum is very simple to learn and that is why you should include this skill in your CV. The possibilities with Scrum are endless. In the course, you will learn the rules used to deliver projects and the facts about Scrum Guide. At the end of the course, you will be ready for the Scrum Certification.

John Thompson, Docker for Java Developers: What does Docker mean to you? If you are a Java developer, Docker can help you a lot.Docker is a powerful software that can ease the process of delivering software. With this tool, Java developers can increase their efficiency of delivering projects. In the course, you are going to learn how to create your own Docker images. Besides this, you will learn how to run Docker images pulled from Docker hub. The ideal candidate for the course is a Java developer who wants to learn more about how to use Docker.

Frank Kane, Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python – Hands On!: Why should we use Apache Spark? Apache Spark is the newest technology for analyzing data sets in a cloud. Frank Kane has 9 years experience of creating massive data sets. He will learn you how to use Apache Spark to analyze data sets. Through the course, you will write a code which analyzes gigabytes of information in a cloud. People who have some software development background are ideal candidates for the course.

Eric Traub, Learning Data Structures in JavaScript from Scratch: How to install data structures in JS? Eric will focus on the data structures such as Linked Lists, Binary Search Trees, and Hash Tables. After the course, you will have the deep understanding of what data structures are. The most important thing is that you are going to learn how to install them into code. Anyone who wants to learn about this is a good candidate for the course.

Scott Duffy, Part 1 Foundation Enterprise Architect Certification Trng: Prepare yourself for TOGAF 9 Part 1 exam. If you want to become a certified enterprise architect, you are in the right place. After taking the course you will be ready for TOGAF® 9 Part 1 exam. There are a lot of benefits of taking this course. Through the learning process, you will gain better designing skills.If you are already an architect there is a high possibility that you will get a higher salary. You will avoid long and hard-to-read documentation of the exam.

Bo Andersen, Complete Guide to Elasticsearch: Learn Elasticsearch from scratch!: Bo has 10 years of experience in software development. He designed this course to help people to learn Elasticsearch. Anyone who wants to learn Elasticsearch is a good candidate for the course. Why should we learn Elasticsearch? Elasticsearch is a search engine based on Lucene. If you want to build a powerful search engine, Elasticsearch is going to help you a lot.

Mark Farragher, How To Become An Outstanding Solution Architect: What is a solution architect? A solution architect is a person who handles the design of applications. A solution architect has a mix of technical and business skills. He or she is part of solution development teams. Do you want to become a solution architect? Use this course and become an outstanding solution architect. You will learn how architects work in big teams and which responsibilities they have. You will gain all necessary skills for the first job. By the end of the course, you will be ready for the first job interview.

Dmitri Nesteruk, Learn Parallel Programming with C# and .NET: Parallelism is everywhere. In this course, you are going to see the following topics. First, the teacher will talk about task programming, data sharing, and synchronizations. Then he will explain concurrent collections, task coordination and many other concepts. The course is full of practical examples. Beginners and experienced .NET developers can sign up for the course.

Jason Taylor, GitHub Ultimate: Master Git and GitHub – Beginner to Expert: Learn how to use the Git! Many people use the Git only for publishing their projects online. Besides this, the course will cover other interesting topics such as issue tracking.By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of the Git and the GitHub hosting services. The teacher will present Git core concepts to you and show you how to install the Git. After you master the basics, you will be able to make your first project. Since the course is not only for beginners, there will be some advanced topics.

Paul Ashun, User Stories for Agile Scrum+Product Owner+Business Analysis: What is a user story? A user story is the description of a product from a user’s perspective. If you are a product owner or a business analyst, these classes are for you. Having trouble with documenting user’s requirements? You should sign up for the course. You will learn about the history of traditional requirements and how to write user stories.

Stephane Maarek Apache Kafka Series – Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners: Stephane is a software developer. He will cover some core topics related to Kafka API’s. Stephane wants to teach you everything about Kafka with the Apache Kafka Series (over 6 courses and 20 hours of content!). Some things to look forward to… Stephane will walk you through creating a personal Kafka Cluster to test development… You will learn the core concepts within the Apache Kafka framework, like brokers, producers, and partitions, and much more. Stephane’s course has thousands of positive reviews!

Per Emanuelsson, Advanced Object Oriented Analysis of Hard Problems using UML: What is concept mapping? Concept mapping is a technique which helps developers in teams to communicate better. By using this approach, you will avoid misunderstandings and confusions. That is exactly what you are going to learn in the course. The course is for anyone who wants to learn more about concept mapping. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a software architect, you will enjoy the course.

Miiro Juuso, Get into DevOps: The Masterclass: Learn how to use DevOps tools. In this course, you will learn about Docker, Ansible, Terraform, and other concepts. Miiro has over 15 years of experience in software development. Since the demand for the DevOps jobs has increased, Miiro has decided to make this course. You are going to learn 15 most popular tools and all essential DevOps concepts. Anyone interested in DevOps is a good candidate for the course.

Ken Krueger, Microservices with Spring Cloud: This is a great introduction to Microservices. You will learn about the Spring Boot and Spring Data technologies. The main goal of the course is to provide a practical guide through these technologies. By the end of the course, you will be able to articulate the Microservices architectural style. You will gain all crucial skills for building Spring Boot and Microservices applications. We need to point out that the course is not for beginners. The best candidates are Java and Spring developers.

Binary Brain, SOLID Software Architecture: Complete Guide with Coding Examples: This course is for beginners. If you want to start a career in the right way, you are in the right place. This course will provide you the following benefits. You will learn all the core principles of object-oriented programming. You will explore all these principles and realize their benefits. Last but not least, you will learn how to design and build maintainable systems.

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