20 Best Online Softball Training Courses

Baseball has been around since the mid 1800s. It has been referred to as “America’s favorite sport” since the 1920s when large ballparks came into the picture. Over the years, it has shown its appeal to Americans through its diversity – women played at professional levels instead of men throughout WWII, and players of different races and abilities would soon after become well-known (take Jackie Robinson and Ed Dundon for example; the former was a high-profile African -American player while the latter was the first deaf-mute professional player). It is a sport for all ages, with peewee to senior citizen leagues available.

Top Velocity: Are you looking to put a little more power behind your baseball swing or increase the velocity of your pitch? Top Velocity has exactly what you’re looking for! Find a performance enhancement program to provide a safe and legal way to get to your desired level. Browse the site to find your program, training camp, or products to aid you in achieving your goals.

 Softball Spot: It’s not always easy to get kids involved and motivated in sports. They need the right kind of activities and stimulations to get them excited and willing to participate. Softball Spot can help you here, with tips on how to develop a good swing, training drills, and pitching techniques. Enhance your coaching abilities and learn to run practices in a way that will get your team ready and rearing to go.

Hitting World: If you’re looking for quality baseball equipment at a fair price, Hitting World is the place to go. This family-run business prides itself on providing you, the customer, with the best service possible and making sure you are confident in your purchase. The customer is the most important part of the business, and Hitting World shows that in their dedication to timely and effective communication to get your needs met. Visit the site today to fid out more about the products and services they offer.

Softball Coach Online: Coaches can sometimes find that their skills as a coach are getting a little bit rusty and could use some touching up. Softball Coach Online is here to help coaches to get on track and lead their teams into a higher quality of competition and ability. Learn from the positive and negative experiences of real coaches and use these tips for your advantage, whether you’re coaching little leagues or college teams. Take your coaching to the next level in as little time as possible with the help of Softball Coach Online.

Youthpitching.com: When you’re looking for coaching tips, what’s better than learning from an professional? Former Chicago Cubs pitcher and two-time MLB Draft pick Steven Ellis shares his experience and proven coaching techniques at Youth Pitching. Thousands of baseball coaches and parents have already reaped the benefits of Coach Ellis’ programs – you could join this group that has helped their players hone their pitching skills and become better athletes.

The Hitting Vault: Matt Lisle has been a professional hitting coach for over twenty years, and spent the earlier years of his career coaching various university baseball teams. Now, Coach Lisle shares his expertise with anyone who is willing through The Hitting Vault. Learn from Coach Lisle’s positive approach and various insights and instructions to become the best hitter possible.

Softball Excellence: There are some people whom you can just tell are passionate about what they do. Such is the case with Cindy Bristow, author, clinician, instructor, and world-renowned coach. Coach Bristow has taken this passion and turned it into Softball Excellence, where coaches and parents of players can gain some of the best instruction on softball available. Visit the site to learn more about how to build your coaching abilities and help your players to become a better team.

Chris O’Leary: Whether you’re looking to improve your pitching mechanics or hitting techniques, Chris O’Leary has something to help you as you work towards excellence. Become a client and gain access to numerous resources and tips to bump up your skill level. There are various DVDs, eBooks, webbooks, and other materials to learn from, regardless of your current level or area of need.

Softball Australia: If you’re looking for one place that has everything you need to know about softball, including terminology, the official playing rules, and the differences between softball and baseball, visit Softball Australia, the country’s national governing body for softball. The site can help you increase your understanding of the game and give you a greater appreciation for the different tasks and skills involved.

Fastpitch: There are numerous websites and resources to choose from when looking to enhance your skills in coaching, playing, or officiating softball. Fastpitch stands out among these resource providers by offering their resources for free and in an organized manner. Browse the list of categories and find what you’re looking for in their blog posts, videos, photos, drills, and more. Download the mobile app or subscribe to their newsletter to stay connected and receive constant tips and updates on how to improve your game.

Baseball Positive: Learning from a seasoned professional is possibly the best way to go when trying to improve old skills and develop new ones. Mark Linden is a former MLB player and college baseball coach, and now works with young players and their coaches to train for future championships. Visit Baseball Positive to learn more about Coach Linden’s effective training and development program.

Hitting Performance Lab: “Swinging Smarter by Moving Better.” Hitting Performance Lab is dedicated to helping you improve your swing and getting better hits. The site offers a variety of courses to do with different aspects of coaching, like picking drills specific to different hits (e.i. ground balls, etc.) and teaching young players techniques for hitting farther. Look through the provided case studies and browse the FAQs to get answers to your questions, and contact Joey Myers, the founder of the Hitting Performance Lab, for further information.

Softball Tips: Want to learn how to win more games? Want to access this information for free? Look no further than Softball Tips, run by coaches who recognize the need for constant learning throughout a player or coach’s years of softball exposure. Find articles, books, and other resources to guide you in running practices, and peruse the supply of equipment and training aids available for use. If you’re tired of watching your players struggle with their weaker points and not knowing how to help them, visit Softball Tips and revolutionize the way you coach and your players play.

Fastpitch Power: From the heart of Westchester County, New York comes a team that is passionate about local competitive fastpitch softball. This team understands the importance of being physically and mentally ready for the game. Fastpitch Power’s website was made to reach other communities and spread the information that every player, coach, and parent should know about the game. The Fastpitch Power team offers fully integrated training and stresses the significance of injury prevention and the correct execution of drills and skills.

Coaching-Fastpitch: Specifically designed to provide coaches with tips to coach at their greatest potential, Caching-Fastpitch offers drills and techniques to increase understanding and athletic potential in young players. Whether you’re looking to focus on offensive or defensive tactics, pitching or hitting techniques, or different coaching strategies, you’ll find it at Coaching-Fastpitch. Find out more about available coaching or softball clinics and softball camps for players. Sign up for the free quarterly newsletter to get access to drills that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

Bat Speed: Committed to quality coaching, Jack Mankin emphasizes the importance of positive encouragement and enjoyment of the game for young baseball players. Coach Mankin has fifteen years of coaching experience under his belt, so you can rest assure that the information and resources you find at Bat Speed is reliable and efficient. Through the site, you can access quality resources based on proven techniques and training methods. Visit Bat Speed today to start your journey to becoming the best coach or player possible.

Baseball Tutorials: Geared specifically towards coaches of youth and high school baseball teams, Baseball Tutorials strives for successful coaching. On the site, you’ll find numerous coaching drills for different positions and plays, as well as videos and testimonials from satisfied coaches, players, and parents. Become a member for unlimited site access or send in a contact request form to get your questions answered.

Be A Better Hitter: Excellent performance relies on a solid foundation, and the articles necessary to help build that foundation can be found at Be A Better Hitter. Drills based on muscle memory to develop good form and function are offered to coaches, as are mechanical fundamentals. Browse the articles and submit any questions you may have for clarification.

Dan Blewett: Everyone loves an underdog. Dan Blewett had the odds stacked against him when he set out to make a career out of baseball, and even though he didn’t make it to the top, he has turned his experience into success. His aim now is to share his experiences with others to help them reach their goals and prevent the pitfalls that he endured. Visit his site to learn more about his career and his book, Dear Baseball Gods, or listen to his podcast (of the same name).

Coach at a Click: Coach at a Click pertains specifically to young female baseball players. On the site, you can find programs for different ages and skill levels that can work at your own pace and are easy for parents to work through with their young players. Learn to help your daughter with strength and speed training and find new drills to incorporate into your training plans. Visit the site to browse the available programs and help move girls’ baseball forward.


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