18 Best SEO Training Courses Online

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of websites in search engines. People often think that having a nice website is the final step of web development. You need to consider many other techniques such as SEO, to approach your customers. The main goals of SEO are good optimization of your website and promoting the site across the net.

What does this mean? When a customer enters your business name into a search engine, your site results should be on the first page. This is what SEO experts do.

Which skills should an SEO expert have? First, an SEO expert has to understand the main concepts of web development. They need to be familiar with HTML concepts such as tags, meta tags and structures of websites. SEO experts should know how to solve problems and have an analytical approach to this field. We have found the Top 18 Online SEO Courses and Schools, which are going to help you to learn all these techniques.

Recommended Course: The Complete Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial

Alexander Oni, WordPress SEO – The Complete Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial: What is Yoast? Why is it important for the SEO process? If you have done any work in SEO, you know Yoast is the most popular WordPress plugin for SEO. We use Yoast on this site and ALL our sites… The plugin provides an easy to use interface based on a simple idea: Green Light = Good SEO, Yellow Light = SEO Needs Improvement, Red Light = SEO is Poor. This course walks the user through the process of applying changes to the site to get to the Green Light. SEO can be a complex realm filled with ever changing targets. Yoast and this tutorial make it easy to understand.

Arun Nagarathanam, SEO 2018: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites: Rank 1 on the Google! Yes, it is possible. This course provides everything you need to know to take your website to the front page of Google. The teacher has designed the course for web developers, business owners, and bloggers. If you are an expert who has some difficulties in this field, the course can help you too. What will you learn here? You will learn about page speed optimization and keyword research techniques.

GlitchyBot Learn,  The Complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Bootcamp 2018: What is SEO? How does it work? This course will provide everything you need to know about it. If you want to learn step by step to become an SEO expert, sign up for the course. You will learn the latest techniques which you can use in 2018. If you use techniques that were popular in 2015 and 2016, your SEO performance will be poor. That makes the course important for people who want to learn the newest techniques.

Peter Kent, Complete 2017 SEO Training With Top SEO Expert Peter Kent!: Peter is an SEO expert. Since 2004 he has written six books about SEO. His SEO books for Dummies have helped many people to learn the most important SEO techniques. Now he wants to summarize all his SEO knowledge in this great course. You will learn how to achieve great results in popular search engines. The course is for everyone who wants to learn how to get a website listed near the top of the search results.

Daragh Walsh, SEO Training Course: Get Free Traffic to Your Site with SEO: What will you learn here? This course will provide you everything you need to know about the following fields of SEO. That includes keyword research, on-page, and off-page optimization. If you learn how to use these three techniques, you will get a massive traffic on your website. Ideal candidates for the course are SEO freelancers, web designers, and web owners.

Moz moz.com, Moz Advanced SEO: Tactics & Strategy: Want to learn some advanced techniques? In this course, you will learn about implementation SEO strategies. You will learn about indexations, accessibility, and content assessment. The teacher will talk about what should be goals of a modern website. Based on the goals, he will explain the concepts of keyword research, link building, and on-page optimization. If you would like to become a real SEO expert, sign in for the course.

Christine Maisel, Start and Run a Successful & Profitable Home SEO Business: Want to start your own SEO business? How to get started? How to make money of SEO? In the course, you will get the answers to these questions. There are a lot of job opportunities in this industry. You will learn how to start a business and define your service and how to beat your competitors. By the end of the course, you will get your first clients and start earning money.

Kent Mauresmo, SEO For WordPress [Beginners]: #1 Step-by-Step SEO System: Increase online sales by 43%. It is not necessary to use expensive SEO tools and plugins to rank your website better. Instead of that, you can rely on your knowledge. Since there are a lot of confusing courses, many people make mistakes in this process. SEO is simple to learn. You only need the right instructor who will teach you how to do this. Kent Mauresmo has been teaching SEO strategies for the past 5 years. In his course, you will learn how to choose a domain name and how to set up hosting account. Second, you will learn how to do keyword research and how to write an SEO content.

The SEO Academy,  Amazon Affiliate Marketing + SEO | 250+ Videos | 18.0 Hours: What is affiliate marketing? You are in the right place to learn more about this concept. Have you ever wanted to build an affiliate website? These sites can generate a lot of money for you. In the course, you will learn how to build an Amazon affiliate site which can generate even $1000 a month. The course has several sections like site structure, keyword research and on-page SEO. Once you learn how to build Amazon affiliate sites, you will be able to build any kind of affiliate sites.

Scott Duffy, Udemy SEO: Winning the Udemy Search Engine – Unofficial: How the Udemy search engine works? This is for people who want to create Udemy courses. When you create a Udemy course, you have to make it visible to more people. If more people visit your course page, there is higher chance that they will become your students. It is crucial to do everything you can to get your place in the top Udemy sections. Scott Duffy is here to help you to achieve that.

Habib Rehman, SEO Training Course 2018: Proven SEO & Link building Tactics: How do we attract customers to our website? Before online shopping, people often search for the best online store. They enter certain keywords in a search engine and pay attention only to the top results. As an entrepreneur, you need to be sure that your websites will appear there. Habib has 10 years of marketing experience and he will help you a lot with this course. He has covered SEO techniques such as keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization.

Robert Kanaat, SEO Training Academy: Learn Search Engine Optimization: SEO is a complex field. If you have the right teacher, it is easy to learn. Robert is an entrepreneur who has written many books about SEO. In the course, he has covered SEO basics, SEO strategies, and Social media strategies. If you are a beginner with little or no knowledge of SEO, you are an ideal candidate for the course.

Zion Bar,  SEO Crash Course 2017 : Master The Art of SEO From A To Z: How do we earn more money from SEO? Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone who starts a business, this course is for you. To be able to generate more money from your websites, you should learn SEO. This course is not about nice pictures and nice presentations. The author wants to show you how much money he earns every month and how you can do the same.

Abdul Wali,  The Complete SEO Course – Rank Your Website in Google Easily: Bring more visitors to your site! SEO is all about bringing visitors to your site. To be able to optimize your website, you need to learn the basic of SEO. This course is the perfect opportunity to do that. The course is complete SEO package which includes topics like keyword research on-page and off- page SEO. You will learn how to use analytical tools and get premium SEO e-books.

Len Smith,  SEO beginners : how I get 1,000 visitors a day with SEO: This is not an easy thing. If you are a beginner, thinking about 1,000 visitors on your site sounds like an impossible mission. After the course, this task will be easier to you. The most important thing, you are going to learn all techniques to do this. The teacher will show you how he did it and how you should do it. As he says, “”just copy and paste”” his technique.”

Justin OBrien,  Master SEO so You Can Start an SEO Business: Earn a living from affiliate marketing! Before you make a website it would be good to create an SEO strategy. Don’t put yourself in a situation that you have made a website which doesn’t attract visitors. These things are planning even before the creation of a website. Use this course to avoid bad situations. Learn the newest strategies which will bring you more visitors every day. Two main goals of the course are how to master SEO and how to start an SEO business.

Kent Mauresmo,  SEO For WordPress [Expert]: #1 Step-by-Step SEO Blueprint: Increase website sales! If you are an intermediate or advanced user, this course is for you. To be able to follow the course, you need to have a basic understanding of SEO and WordPress. You will learn how to create backlinks, PBN networks and how to force Google to find your backlinks. Advanced users will get the author’s custom SEO worksheet.

Alex Genadinik, #1 way to rank in Google SEO: Link building (backlinks): How do we build quality links? Some industry reports have shown that without quality links you can’t get better ranks in Google search. Links are still the number one way to rank your website higher. You need unique and effective strategies which will help you to rank your site higher. That’s exactly what you are going to learn in this course. Ideal candidates for the course are entrepreneurs and website owners.

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