20 Best Online Screenwriting Courses

What was the last film you saw? What television shows do you follow? What is your favorite film or television series? None of the things that we watch on the screen would even be possible without screenwriters. These people are responsible for researching the story they’re telling and portraying it in a way that the desired audience will understand clearly and enjoy. Have you ever wanted to be a part of the creation of the stories that everyone loves? Do you have a talent for writing and storytelling? Look through the list below to find a variety of courses that can help you get your start and expand your screenwriting abilities.

Faatured Course: Aaron Sorkin’s Masterclass

Oscar winner and TV hitmaker Aaron Sorkin teaches you screenwriting. Is there any better way to learn how to write good scripts? No, Aaron’s classes are perfect for you. These classes are full of dynamics and fun. You will learn about storytelling rules, dialogues, and character development. The worst thing you can do is to tell an audience something they already know. Because of that, learning how to write unforgettable screenplays is important. Take this opportunity and become an expert in screenwriting.

Study.com – Online Screenwriting Courses and Classes Overview This screenwriting program is the perfect place to start your new and exciting career in screenwriting. Learn the fundamentals of screenwriting as you dig deeper into the craft, exploring the different genres and methods of formatting. Benefit from the personal experiences of qualified professionals as you find out what is involved in the art of screenwriting.

Lynda.com – Screenwriting Training and Tutorials It’s often useful to learn about the experiences of others while pursuing a career of your own. That’s why these training resources and tutorials partially consist of professionals’ stories of success (and failure), as well as instruction on the proper methods of writing, editing, and formatting.

Future Learn – Online Course: An Introduction to Screenwriting What is the process of writing a story? This is something that needs to be understood in order to thrive in the screenwriting business, and can be taught in this introductory screenwriting course. This course is short, but packed with useful information on the basics of screenwriting and how to get started in your career. The beginning of anything can be daunting, but it’s important to remember that everything worth doing has to start somewhere – just look at the biggest films ever to hit the big screen!

Class Central – Free Online Courses in Screenwriting These free screenwriting courses allow for flexibility as you work at your own pace around your own schedule. Choose the course that’s right for your experience level, whether that’s basic, intermediate, or soon-to-be expert. Learn the steps of screenwriting and how to turn your idea into something more.

Universal Class – Online Class: Screenwriting 101 This course provides everything you need to know to get started on your path to being a professional screenwriter. Find out the essential aspects of screenwriting and what you need to succeed, from skills in brainstorming and creating storyboards to pitching your idea in a clear and effective format.

Find A Masters – Distance Learning Masters Degrees (Screenwriting) Getting a proper education in what is involved in screenwriting is the best way to launch yourself into the professional world of screenwriting and story development. Learn how the film industry really works and what you need to do to find your perfect fit within it. Harness your writing abilities and further your skills to push yourself forward towards success.

National University  – Master of Fine Arts in Professional ScreenwritingMaster your creative skills with the help of this Master of Fine Arts program for professional screenwriting. Learn to develop well-structured pieces with ideas that will shine on the big screen. Upon completion of this program, you’ll know how to push towards the direction you desire to go in and how to use your learned skills to succeed in the screenwriting business.

Indie Film Hustle – Screenwriting Courses Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn from one of the “greats”? These screenwriting courses are offered by extremely successful professionals, such as those responsible for films like A Few Good Men, Glengarry Glen Ross, and August Rush. Find out the secrets behind their success and how to best go about writing and pitching your ideas for a potentially award-winning story.

Online Studies – Best Online Courses in Screenwriting 2018When starting out a new career, you want to know that you’re getting the best education possible. Online Studies wants to help you move forward in your education and career and make sure that you know everything you need to in order to succeed. These online screenwriting courses can help you to learn the difference between television and film writing styles and the necessary skills to write something that will fascinate those who read (or hopefully watch) it.

Lights Film School – Free: Live Screenwriting Courses Working towards success in the film industry can be a long and trying process. Lights Film School’s goal is to help students to get a good start in this process. Learn how to write for differently sized and structured projects. Find out what aspects of a story keep it moving forward. Discover how the atmosphere within the story contributes to its overall successfulness.

Screenwriters University Do you want to launch your career in screenwriting but have no idea where to get started? Look no further than Screenwriters University, where you’ll learn to write for different platforms (stage, screen, etc.) and the different parts necessary to build a compelling story. Screenwriters University can help you to get off on the right foot and find your true calling within the entertainment industry.

Industrial Scripts – Ultimate Online Screenwriting Course We often don’t realize the finer details of our chosen career path until we get into the thick of it. Ultimate Online Screenwriting Course aims to fill you in on these details before you enter the workplace, bringing insight and understanding to your screenwriting career. This course takes you through the basics of what you need to know through to the finer points that are sure to point you towards success in your screenwriting efforts.

Open Suny – ENGL 200-BL1 – Screenwriting Find out everything you need to know to get started in screenwriting with this beginner’s screenwriting course. Learn how to properly structure your stories for premium readability and help your audience see your writing come to life before them.

Free Educator – Free Online Course on Screenwriting With this free online course in screenwriting, learn the fundamental principles behind a successfully-written screenplay. An Introduction to Screenwriting is meant to help beginners in screenwriting to get off to the best start possible as they pursue their dream career. Remember, the screenplay itself is the springboard from which the entire production is launched, so writing in an effective way is key to the success of the entire project.

BlueCat Screenplay Competition – Online Screenwriting Courses The screenwriting courses offered by BlueCat founder and instructor Gordy Hoffman are geared towards beginners in screenwriting who are looking to expand their understanding of the importance of effective writing. Courses are offered for both writing and rewriting, and will provide everything you need to know to build a compelling story.

European Scripts Online – Scriptwriting Courses Online These convenient and thorough screenwriting courses are meant to give you the best start possible in your screenwriting career. Do you want to produce a real gem of a story that will impress those who come across it? Do so with the help of these courses, taught by professionals in the field who can help you to understand the basics of the screenwriting process and show you how to take your next steps.

Best Custom Writing If you’re looking for help in your writing process, look no further than Best Custom Writing, here to help when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Your writing will be improved where possible, checked for plagiarism, and given a grammar and spelling check to ensure top quality.

City Varsity Online – Screenwriting 101: Introduction to Screenwriting Online Short Course This course has been designed by leading experts in the writing field and in ensured to be relevant to your study goals. Fine-tune your screenwriting skills with the help of easily accessible resources and tutors from wherever is most convenient for you. With this Screenwriting 101 course, you’re sure to learn the information necessary to push yourself forward into the world of screenwriting.

MOOC List – Screenwriting MOOCs and Free Online Courses These MOOC List screenwriting courses will help you to master the fundamentals of screenwriting and thoroughly understand the principles involved in this field. Give your writing a professional feel with the help of these course, which are sure to boost your skills and help you get to the next steps in your pursuit of a screenwriting career.

Writers Store – Best Selection of Online Screenwriting Courses and Classes Have you wondered about the secrets of screenwriting that set apart successful screenplays from those that are unsuccessful? These Writers Store screenwriting courses can help you to unlock and use these secrets, turning your amateur screenplays into works of art. Learn everything from the basics of screenwriting to the best ways to promote your screenplay.

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