13 Best Online Physics Courses, Schools & Degrees

There is so much to learn in the realm of Physics – the topics are endless. Whether you want to study Theoretical Physics or just learn about the basics of it, you can start here. There are many links for you to use to your advantage. Start your adventures in Physics today, and see what you can learn from some of the greatest physicists. You can take one course or a dozen of them – it’s your choice.

Accredited Online Physics Degrees & Certificates

If you have ever considered furthering your education and getting an MS in Physics, these universities offer some great online programs so that you can continue your quest for knowledge. See what these well-known universities have to offer you. Browse through their site, and contact their admissions office to get more information.

Oregon State University: MS in Radiation Health Physics If you already have a Bachelor’s in Physics or other scientific field and want to study Radiation Health, Oregon State has just the online program for you. You can either attain a research-based MS or a professional MS degree. Get more information from their Office of Admissions, and get started on earning your MS degree!

Georgia Tech University: MS in Medical Physics Through Georgia Tech University, you can take many of your core and elective classes online. Work around your busy schedule and study at your own pace. For any classes with a lab, you will have to travel to Georgia Tech on select weekends. However, you can choose to do your clinical rotation near where you live – if the university approves of the hospital.

Michigan State University: MS in Beam Physics For any scientists who wish to earn an advanced degree, you can consider Michigan State’s Beam Physics program. Michigan State has much to offer, and give you the opportunity to work with fantastic professors and physicists. Call the admissions office today, and see what Michigan State has to offer you!


Self Guided Online Physics Courses

These sites have spectacular online Physics courses you can take. You can learn about the fundamentals of Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Particle Physics, and much more. There are even courses for high school and middle school students. Whether you are a beginning learner or an advanced learner, there is a class for any type of student.

Khan Academy Want an overall view of Physics? Khan Academy is offering a fantastic course on all you need to know about the fundamentals of Physics. Although there is so much more you can learn, you have to start somewhere. You can even skip to certain topics, if you are looking for a particular focus area.

Universal Class You can learn the basics of Physics at Universal Class. These classes are great for students who are just learning Physics or want to review what they have learned. With great online videos and studying tools from the instructor, you can learn Physics in a matter of weeks.

Wiz IQ For students who are in grades 7-12, you can enrich your Physics knowledge through these engaging online courses. Enrolled for AP Physics? Wiz IQ even offers an accelerated AP Physics course, so that you can stay ahead of the curve and study for upcoming topics. Visit Wiz IQ for further details.

Alison Expand your knowledge in Physics, and learn more about the wonders of this topic through Alison. Alison offers courses in Advanced Physics, Understanding Normal and Contact Forces, and other neat topics. By exploring the different topics of Physics, you can see if it is the profession for you. Find out more about the different classes Alison offers.

The Great Courses Ever been interested in Quantum Mechanics or Particle Physics? Then The Great Courses is the source for you. Their instructors come from prestigious backgrounds and are some of the top researchers in the nation. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from some phenomenal instructors. Learn from the best at The Great Courses.

Academic Earth Like Alison, Academic Earth has plenty advanced Physics courses to offer. Learn about Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics or even learn about Modern Theoretical Physics. Discover a new world of Physics through Academic Earth. Their online courses will help you look at Physics in a new way.

Physics MOOCs (Open College Courses)

There are so many online resources out there, it’s sometimes hard to decipher between the good and bad resources. However, don’t worry about that any longer. These sites offer you FREE Physics courses taught by prestigious physicists. Now you know longer have to doubt the credibility of the course – just learn and enjoy. See what the following sites have to offer you.

MIT Open Courseware For years, MIT has been uploading content to their site so that students from all over the world can learn more about Physics. The instructors of MIT have even been so kind enough to upload their recorded lectures for FREE, so any student can study the materials. Take advantage of MIT’s generosity, and learn more about Physics from some of the most prominent physicists.

Ed X Not yet ready for Quantum Mechanics or for what MIT has to offer? No worries! Ed X offers fundamental Physics courses, so that you can know more about Physics before jumping into more advanced topics. Ed X has wonderful lecturers and teachers to help you get through even the most difficult concepts.

Coursera Coursera also offers a Basic Physics course – but unlike other courses, it includes a lab! We all know that it’s difficult to understand any type of science without a lab or hands-on projects. Well, Coursera has provided an option where you can utilize your own video camera and video analyzing software to get the hands-on experience you need in Physics.

Open 2 Study Open 2 Study is offering a Basics physics course, so that you can better understand the world around you. Dr. Wayne Rowlands is currently teaching this FREE course; and with his experience teaching in high school and at a university, he really has a passion for teaching his students how Physics is relevant to their lives. Learn more about the course at Open 2 Study.

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