19 Best Online Oracle Courses

What is Oracle? To provide the best answer to the question, we need to point out what Oracle is not. Oracle is not a programming language. Oracle is a database management system. Simply put, Oracle is a database. There are many types of databases such as MySQL, SQL, and MongoDB. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in Oracle, you should check out the list of 19 best Oracle Courses.

How do you gain Oracle skills? How do you find a job as an Oracle expert? Let’s find the answers to these interesting questions in the courses below.

Amarnath Reddy, Oracle DBA 11g/12c – Database Administration for Junior DBA: Become an Oracle admin! Every organization needs one worker to deal with the organization’s data. That is a job of an Oracle database administrator. If you want to become an Oracle database administrator, you are in the right place! All chapters of the course contain step-by-step instructions for learning Oracle. You will learn about memory architecture, table-space management, undo and redo management. Next, you will learn about user management, Oracle networking, diagnostic data and more.

Intellezy Trainers, Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals vol. I & II: The course covers a content you don’t want to miss! The first thing you are going to learn is how to set your system for the course. Next, you will learn about PL/SQL language features and how to construct a PL/SQL program. The teacher will show you how to declare variables that can process your PL/SQL scripts. The main goal is to make the script without any mistakes and errors. There will the topics such as creating explicit cursors and understanding nested blocks.

Amarnath Reddy, 200+ SQL Interview Questions: Prepare yourself for an SQL developer interview! Are you scared of interviews? Here is a good advice for you, prepare yourself, and the stress will go away. Don’t think that your competitors are perfect and have an answer to any question. They prepare themselves for every interview and you should do it too. If you want to become confident at interviews, enroll in the course. You will learn the most common SQL interview questions! To understand the answers, the teacher will explain every single question.

Amarnath Reddy, PL/SQL by Example – Beginner to Advanced PL/SQL: Are you a beginner or an expert? It doesn’t matter, the course is for all. You can start as a beginner and finish the course as an expert. Amarnath Reddy is an Oracle architect and the teacher of the course. He has designed the course to be as simple as possible. You will start by learning basic concepts of Oracle PL/SQL. In this section, you will learn how to declare variables and define comments. Next, you will learn about processing and fetching data from a database. If you want to discover the other sections, enroll in the course.

Arun Kumar, Introduction to Oracle 12c Golden Gate for absolute beginner: Setup your first table replication! Arun Kumar is an Oracle Certified Expert. Since Oracle Golden Gate is the best replication technology, he has decided to make a course about it. If you are a database admin, you should include the knowledge of this technology in your skills. The course contains six lessons. You will learn how to install and configure Oracle Golden Gate and perform an upgrade. Next, you will configure Oracle to MYSQL replication and configure MS-SQL Server.

Arun Kumar, Oracle database utilities – Perform data export / Import: How do we move data from one database to another? In the course, you will learn how to use Oracle utilities to move data between databases. To perform a transition, you will learn how to use traditional export/import approach, CSV import or Oracle Data Pump. By the end of the course, you will have enough knowledge to perform exports and imports. Ideal candidates for the course are database developerS. All people interested in the topic can follow the course.

Arun Kumar, Oracle 11gR2 RAC – Quick 2-node RAC Deployment Guide: Do you want to learn how to set up Oracle RAC? If you want to become faster in setting up Oracle RAC, you should enroll in the course. You will learn how to configure 2-node RAC, set up RAC network and install Oracle RAC database. 2 hours of video content will be enough for you to understand the process. Ideal candidates for the course are database admins who want to setup 2-node RAC.

TELCOMA! 44,000+ Students!, PL SQL in Depth: A Comprehensive Guide to Oracle PL/SQL: Develop efficient Oracle PLSQL programs! Pl SQL means procedural language structured query language. If you want to increase the productivity of your database, enroll in the course. You will learn how to build PLSQL programs and database applications in Oracle. The main concepts of PL/SQL engine will be explained to you. These lessons will cover blocks, data types, operators, loops and more. Ideal candidates for the course are developers and database admins.

Sam Dhanasekaran, Oracle Database Administration for Absolute Beginners: Want to become an Oracle admin? If your answer is yes, enroll in the course. You don’t need any previous experience to be able to follow the course. The course is for absolute beginners. If you go through the lessons carefully, you will become an administrator in a month. Oracle Database administrator is one of the most demanding jobs in the industry. You will learn basics of Database and RDBMS concepts and understand the basics of Oracle Database.

Arun Kumar, Oracle Data Guard – Configure physical standby on virtualbox: How do we use Oracle Data Guard! You need to have a basic knowledge of databases, a laptop, and the software called VirtualBox. If you have those things, you are ready to go. High availability has become one of the most important aspects of every business. The teacher will set up high availability using Oracle Data Guard technology. You will learn how to install Oracle Data Guard in a real-time environment. You will be introduced to Oracle Data Guard’s data architecture, functions, types and more.

Amarnath Reddy, 200+ PL/SQL Interview Questions: Are you ready for PL/SQL interview? If you are not sure that you will pass a test, enroll in the course. Learning how to answer PL/SQL interview questions is the best possible skill you can have. By attending the course, you can learn how to beat your competition and get a job! Amarnath Reddy is the teacher of the course. He has 15 years of experience and he has interviewed hundreds of job seekers. In the course, you will get 200+ interview questions, answers, and explanations.

Kabeer Khan, R12i Oracle E Business Suite Fundamentals: Learn Oracle E-Business Suite! To be able to make functional Oracle applications, you need to learn the basics. The course contains the following topics. You will learn how to navigate, run application reports and understand shared entities. Next, you will learn about R12i functional and technical architecture, Flexfields and multiple-organization. By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of E Business Suite.

Sanjay Singh, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12c Developer Course: Data is everywhere! Your computers, laptops, and phones are full of data. Even your home, car or smart TV are creating data. This represents the interaction between our personal life and data. Let’s see how things work below the surface. We can store data in different types of databases. There are a lot of applications that store data such as Oracle ERP, Oracle Demantra, and others. In the course, you will learn concepts of data integration and intelligence derivation. The most important, you will learn how to use Oracle Data Integrator.

Sanjay Singh, OBIEE 12c Developer Course: What is Business Intelligence? We live in a digital world where we produce or consume data every day. Data is a piece of a raw file. When we integrate raw files, we get an information. When we combine the knowledge and information, it becomes intelligence. In the course, you will learn what Business Intelligence is and how it helps organizations. You will also learn how to install Oracle Virtual Machine and how to make analysis in OBIEE. Ideal candidates for the course are IT professionals.

Intellezy Trainers, Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals I: This is an introduction to the PL/SQL programming. Many people think they are not going to learn so much in the course. That is not true. Learning the essentials of a language provides a good basis for further improvements. Tim Miles is the instructor of the course. He will teach the syntax, structure, and features of the language. By the end of the course, you will be ready for the Oracle certification exams (OCP). Ideal candidates for the course are application designers, developers and database admins.

Infinite Skills, Learn Oracle PL/SQL – A Comprehensive Training Course: The course will cover basic things of PL/SQL. The course will start with easy parts of the language. As the course goes by, the topics will become more advanced. Lewis Cunningham is a certified PL/SQL developer with 15 years of experience. He will describe PL/SQL as a block-oriented language. Next, he will cover different types of functions, procedures, triggers, and packages. Users of all levels can enroll in the course.

Dev Shah, Get Oracle Flying in AWS Cloud: How do we develop and maintain Oracle database in AWS? Dev Shah is an Oracle Certified Master and the teacher of the course. The main goal of the course is to provide all tools and knowledge to develop and support Oracle databases in AWS environment. Dev will explain what a cloud is and what are major cloud providers. Next, he will explain developing, backing and restoring Oracle Database within AWS. Ideal candidates are Linux and Oracle Database Administrators.

Arun Kumar, Master Oracle Database Upgrade – Oracle 11g to 12c upgrade: How do we upgrade Oracle databases? You are in the right place! The course will provide you everything you need to know to upgrade Oracle databases. As a DBA, your main task will be to upgrade Oracle databases. When the new version is out, you need to know to perform the task. In the course, you will learn how to prepare your servers for an upgrade and go through all the phases of the process. By the end of the course, you will be able to deal with all pre and post database upgrade phases.

Infinite Skills, Learn Oracle 11g – Real Application Clusters: Learn Oracle 11g! If you are an Oracle database administrator or you are practicing DBA, enroll in the course. The course has designed for intermediate users. You will start the course by teaching the system of Oracle. You will learn how to install ASM, create disk groups, and tuneing RAC. The teacher will explain how to identify potential RAC problems. This is a perfect course for all people who want to learn how to maintain Oracle’s RAC environment.

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