18 Best Online Massage Courses

People use massages to relieve stress, mental and physical tension. People who dislike massage. Do you want to learn how to perform a massage? Our research team has prepared the list of 20 best Massage Courses, Schools & Degrees.

We can imagine our body as a factory. Our body would be a factory and our muscles would be workers. To be effective, workers need enough food, rest and air. A massage increases body circulation which means more oxygen in our bodies. That is the biggest benefit of a massage. Which are the other benefits of massages, find out in the courses below.

Mark Perren-Jones, Award Winning Isla Verde Spa Relaxation Massage Masterclass: Learn massage online! Mark is a massage therapist who has worked with many stars. He is going to share all his massage secrets with you. You will learn about massage sequences, depth, pressure, rhythm and much more. The course will provide all the things you need to know to become a massage therapist. If you want to give your client an incredible massage experience, enroll in the course.

Mark Perren-Jones, Award Winning Isla Verde Spa Deep Tissue Massage Masterclass: What is a deep tissue massage? Deep tissue massage is a modern type of massage for people who like firm pressure and slow strokes. By using the massage, you can lower back pain, increase mobility and much more. Therapists often apply too much pressure and end up hurting clients. If you want to do the massage correctly, you need to learn how to perform the massage. The teacher will show the right and advanced techniques for the massage.

Mark Perren-Jones, Thai Massage Masterclass: Learn Thai Massage from the No. 1 massage course. The course of accumulation of 25 years Mark’s experience in the field. He has chosen the best techniques and put into the course. You will learn about set-up techniques, how to use a body and send lines. By the end of the course, you will know how to prepare an environment and perform Thai massage. Ideal candidates are people who want to become Thai massage therapists or therapists who want to gain new skills.

Mark Perren-Jones, Isla Verde Spa Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage Masterclass: Have you heard of Lomi Lomi massage? Lomi Lomi massage is a great massage technique from Hawai. If you want to relax, Lomi Lomi is what you are looking for. According to the teacher, that is the easiest massage on the planet. Because of that, it is much easier for therapists to perform it. You will learn how to set up an environment, how to use a body and much more.

Jeffrey Chand, Acupressure and Meridian Massage Techniques (CEU): How do we manage stress? Tradicional Chinese medicine has always been a good choice for mental problems. If you want to take your treatments to the next level, you should enroll in the course. You will learn techniques which you can apply to acupressure points and acupuncture meridians. These techniques will help your client to relax muscles and relieve stress. You will learn how to incorporate the techniques into your own practice.

Mark Perren-Jones, Gua Sha-An Ancient Tool Assisted Massage Technique For Pain: What is Gua Sha? Gua Sha has been around for centuries. It is a very simple and an effective massage therapy. You don’t need anything fancy to start with the course. You have everything in your kitchen. Instead of your using hands, you will use metal lids in this massage. The massage is much easier to perform then the others. The ideal candidates for the course are people who would like to know how they can treat their pain.

Shama Kern, Learn Massage For Lovers, Friends And Family: Use massage techniques for a happier relationship! Are you struggling to overcome problems in your marriage? You have tried counseling but that didn’t improve your situation. If you are tired, you should try innovative ways that can help you to get your relationship back on track. You should use massage. The massage will learn you how to massage your partner’s feet, legs, neck, and more. Both of you will improve your health and communication.

Melanie Lemay, Learn new massage technique Meyobay: That was the best massage I ever had! When was the last time your client told you that? If you don’t have a positive feedback from your clients, you should change your techniques. In the course, you will learn about the Meyobay massage. The course is filmed in Hawaii, Kauai. You will see how the teacher is performing the techniques of the Meyobay massage. If you want to level up your skills and increase your income, enroll in the course.

Ebodhi Team, Massage Made Easy: Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Foot & More: Learn all about relaxing massages. The course is for people who want to learn how to perform relaxing massages. Beautiful scenes with a nice music and an elegant narration will make you enjoy the course. You will learn techniques that can lead your clients to better social interactions. These massages can improve their physical and emotional health. You will learn about the following massages, Deep Tissue, Indian Head, and others.

Ebodhi Ltd, Massage Professional: Thai, Swedish, Hawaiian, Indian & More: International styles for beginners! If you want to start a career in the industry, you should pay attention to this course. You don’t need any previous experience to be able to follow the course. You will learn how to perform international messages and how to mix them. Mix modern and traditional massages and make them suitable for your clients. This will increase the chance of improving the physical and mental health of your clients.

Brian Cavill, Whole Body How to Massage Course by Brian Cavill: Brian is a massage instructor. He has about 30 years of experience in the filed. If you are a beginner or a therapist who want to gain new skills, the course is for you. Brian is the perfect person to teach you everything you want to know about massage. Brian will show his whole body massage method which covers all muscles in a body. You will learn how to use a body and avoid injuries. As a bonus, you will get the neck and shoulder massage tutorials.

Mark Perren-Jones, Award Winning Isla Verde Spa Hot Stones Massage Masterclass: Learn the right techniques. In this course, you will learn about hot stones with one difference. In many courses related to this massage, there are too much focuses on hot stones. People miss learning about the actual massage. The teacher wants to provide the right techniques for the Isla Verde Spa Hot Stones Massage. Which equipment do you need? How do you use hot stones? Enroll in this step-by-step course and find out the answers.

Deborah Casey, Body massage – Swedish Style: How do we give a good massage? There are a lot of stress and tensions in today’s world. Some people decide to take drugs but the healthier decision would be having a massage. If you want to learn how to give a great massage, enroll in the course. The course is for people who are interested in a natural healing process. You will learn about the history and the benefits of massage, and massage techniques.

Eryk Dobosz, Massage Course, Myofascial Energetic Release, Deep Bodywork: Learn the art of a massage! You will learn you how to gain your knowledge and confidence to give great massages to your clients. The most important thing is to establish trust with the client. The teacher of the course will show you his way of giving massages to the clients. You will learn about functional and emotional body reading, and the basics of massage.

Mark Perren-Jones, Foot Reflexology Massage Masterclass-Thai Style!: Learn Thai foot massage! If you want to learn how to treat your friends, family or clients with this massage, enroll in the course. People pay thousands of dollars for the treatment because it is efficient. It is an easy massage. Speaking of equipment, you will need a Thai massage stick, a bed, a chair, some cream and you are ready to go. You will learn how to use Thai massage stick to stimulate points on the legs and foot.

Paul Capelli, Shiatsu – Japanese Massage: Paul is a professional therapist. He loves to give massages to his clients. According to him, the best feeling in the world is treating people who you love. This is the reason why you should learn the techniques from the course. Shiatsu is a Japanese type of massage in which you use fingers to make pressure. After you set up a quiet environment, you are ready to perform the massage. Before that, learn the main techniques of the massage. In the course, you will learn how to apply the techniques on the back, the neck, the arms, the legs and more.

Tissione Parmar, Massage 2.0: The teacher believes that everyone can become a massage therapist. Before he became a massage therapist, he has practiced techniques on his family. You can do the same! We live in a world in which we have a lack of human connection and touch. It is the perfect time to start a career in the massage industry and start helping people. If you want to become a great massage therapist you need to be connected to yourself. That is more important than doing massage techniques properly. In the course, you will learn how to achieve an internal state of mind which will help you give great massages.

Karen E Wells, Indian Head Massage – Relax Your Way To Bliss!: Fully Accredited Course! Indian Head Massage is very popular because it has many benefits. It can help you with stress, tension and bring back peace in your life. If you are a beginner in the therapy world or you have an experience, the course is for you. You will learn how to become a professional Indian Head Massage therapist. You will learn all the techniques to perform a full Indian Head massage.

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