7 Best Online Film Scoring Courses

We can all agree that music plays an important role in movies. Without music backgrounds, some popular movie scenes wouldn’t be attractive at all. Let’s imagine Titanic or The Lord of the Rings without a film score. It wouldn’t be the same. Real movie fans love buying movie soundtracks. They pay a lot of attention to a way the score makes them feel. Because of that movie makers need to find film scoring experts. How do you learn to create a film score? Have you ever considered to be part of this industry? If you have, check out the list below. We prepared the best online film scoring courses for you!

Featured Course: Hans Zimmer’s Masterclass

Do you want to learn from an expert which has scored over 150 movies? Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer who scored “The Dark Knight” organizes a film scoring course! In his first online class, he will learn you how to tell a story with music. If you have a story, you can do whatever you want to do. You can create sounds and themes. The course will teach you how to score a movie before even seeing 

Evenant Online Courses: This school has a similar concept to the previous ones, with a focus on teaching through high-end professionals in the industry. If you enroll in this school, you will get the opportunity to learn from professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry, workflows and creative aspects of working as a composer. They offer courses in cinematic music, trailer music, film scoring, cinematic synthesis, sound design and more. If you want to learn how to make music for Hollywood, this is the right place for you.

Techniques For The Modern Composer: This course will help you to learn the basics. There are several sections of this course and this is part two. By the end of this course, students will be able to create adequate music background for movie scenes.

Film Scoring 101: Film scoring experts should be able to create a unique movie atmosphere. After they see a movie scene, they need to make a music which will increase a tension. Donald’s course provides you everything about terminology and technical aspects of film scoring. You will also learn about self-promotion. These skills will help you to get the best projects in this industry.

ThinkSpace Education: This school connects students with the best sound designers. The main idea is sharing the best project experiences with the students. You can learn everything about sound design for video games, film scoring and much more. This course you can study from home.

Film Scoring Training and Tutorials: You shouldn’t avoid Lynda’s video tutorials. These courses cover the technical aspects of film scoring. You will learn about cutting a score, aligning music to a picture and other things. Even if you don’t have experience with this, you should try these courses. Who knows, we could one day hear your music in a popular blockbuster.

Online Musicube Academy: Learn to transform your idea into a musical background. This process of learning includes learning fundamentals of composition and audio engineering. You will be learning exactly this at Musicube Academy. This academy has the virtual classroom for its online students. Find out more information about this course, on the official site of this company.

Film Music Institute: Here you can find music for film, television and video games courses. They understands that not all people in the world have the same learning opportunity. Because of that, they have created this course. Their teachers are very motivated to share their knowledge with international students.

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