20 Best Online Fashion Designing Courses

Whether we realize it or not, fashion has a significant impact on a variety of things. The industry itself contributes to the wellbeing of the economy, as many people follow the changing fashion trends and purchase specific items items to keep up with what’s “hot”. Fashion can be used as a form of self-expression, as well as an identifier of socio-economic status. Those who take part in the designing process are shaping the future of fashion and providing different generations with new ways to express themselves. The resources listed here can help those who are looking to become a part of the industry to get their start in being a part of something much, much larger than themselves.

Featured Course: Diane Von Furstenburg Teaches Fashion

Design Your Brand

In her 20s, Diane convinced a textile factory owner in Italy to let her produce her first designs. With those samples, she flew to New York City to build one of the world’s most iconic and enduring fashion brands. In her first online class, Diane teaches you how to build a brand. You’ll learn how to create a visual identity, build loyalty, stay true to your vision, and launch your product.



Class Central – Free Online Courses in Fashion DesignClass Central offers many fashion design courses for free, aiming to help aspiring fashion designers to get their start in the industry. Find out what you need to know about the process of design, using design software, and physically drawing sketches of your own designs. Many of these courses allow students to go at their own pace and work around their busy schedules.

London College of Fashion – Online Short Courses Apprehensive about learning in a completely virtual environment? London College of Fashion makes sure that you’re equipped to complete your course with the help of user-friendly learning tools and online support that’s always available for those needing a bit of extra help. Learn how the fashion industry works and how you can find your fit within it with the help of the online courses available.

Universal Class – Fashion Design 101: An Introduction New to the world of fashion design? Worry no more, as this introductory course aims to teach you everything you need to know to start off your education about the fashion industry. Fashion Design 101 can help you to understand how to use your specific skills and talents to benefit the industry, and to learn new skills to further yourself.

MOOC List – Fashion MOOCs and Free Online Courses There are so many different facets of the fashion industry that it can be hard to know where you want to begin. The courses offered here can help you to learn about the different areas of fashion design and where you would best fit in.

Online Short Courses in Fashion, Textiles, and Luxury Goods in United Kingdom Creation. Production. Marketing. Distribution. These short courses can show you the processes that every business goes through in the creation and distribution of their products. Learn how exactly these processes apply to the fashion industry and the different steps involved in fashion design.

World Wide Learn – Fashion Design Ever wonder about the different steps involved in creating a piece of clothing? What about the different fabric choices available and which ones are appropriate for different designs? This fashion design course can teach you these things and more, including particular sewing skills and color theory. Internship programs are also available through this course, and can prove helpful in finding your place within the fashion industry.


OnlineStudies.com – Best Online Courses in Fashion Design 2018 It can be hard to know where to look when trying to further your education in your desired field. Onlinestudies.com can point you in the right direction, providing the best courses in the fashion field and giving you the tools needed to thrive. Learn about the different skills and processes involved in creating specific types of clothing and what you need to succeed in the world of fashion design.

IAP Career College – Fashion Designer Certificate Course Online This course in fashion design will help you to harness your creativity and pour out your passion for fashion design in constructive ways. Boost your confidence and get the career you’ve always dreamed of by taking this course and jumping into the fashion world.

Oxford Home Study College – Fashion Design (Short Course) This fashion design course can help you to further your understanding of what would be required of you in order to make it in the fashion industry. Getting the necessary education is the first step, which is the aim of this particular course. Learn the crucial points of understanding for the fashion industry and improve your design skills with the Oxford Home Study College Fashion Design course.

Brentwood Open Learning College – Fashion Design Course (Short Course) What sets those who are successful in their fashion careers apart from those who are not? Of course, talent and passion are necessary, but education is a bigger part than many people recognize. This fashion design course is geared towards helping students to understand the lifestyle required to succeed in the fashion industry, as well as the skills and requirements needed to advance your fashion career.

International Career Institute – Fashion Design Course Do you find it hard to further your education in fashion because of your busy lifestyle? International Career Institute sympathizes, and provides an easy way to overcome that barrier. Learn from home and at your own pace with these easily accessible fashion design courses that can lead you towards a new and exciting career in fashion.

Study.com – List of Free Online Fashion Design Courses & Learning Materials Get the advantages of learning in the classroom with the convenience of learning in your own home with these in-depth fashion design courses. Learn to improve your sketching and drawing skills, design and construct your own fashion pieces, and the essentials of sewing.

University of Fashion University of Fashion gives you the benefit of the experiences of seasoned professionals in the fashion industry. Find out the intricate details of fashion design and how to master them and further your fashion career. Specifically meant to provide easy-to-follow resources, University of Fashion aims to help you succeed.

Milan Fashion Campus With many courses to choose from in fashion, design, styling, and more, Milan Fashion Campus can help you to learn what you need to do to succeed in the fashion industry. Browse through the available courses to improve your weaker points and build up your fashion design skills.

Acadoceo – 10 Free Online Courses in Fashion Design If you’ve always had a fascination with fashion, then a career in the fashion industry is probably for you. This list of online courses (that are available for free) can help you to get started in your pursuit of a new and exciting career. Find out the details of what you need to succeed, building up the marketability of your designs, and how to get your own fashion business up and running.

@ Online Training – Fashion Designing Using Photoshop This fashion design courses specifically looks to enhance your designing skills using photoshop, taking existing designs and changing them into something completely new. With emphasis on design, this course requires use of your imagination and software skills, building upon these things and unlocking the fashion designer within you.

Fashion Illustration Tribe – Short Fashion Online Courses for Design and Illustration If you’re more of a visual learner, then this is the course for you. Through a variety of video tutorials and lessons, you’ll learn to improve your drawing skills, use different colors to your design’s advantage, build up an impressive portfolio, and more. Go at your own pace and digest the information provided in the most effective ways, ensuring an effective educational experience.

Fashion-Era This resource site combines the love of fashion with the interest in history. Learn how fashion trends have been shaped and changed throughout the ages and which trends have been repeated. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to discover an old fashion trend and breathe new life into it, starting a trend of your own!

eSewingWorkshop.comThis site is perfect for anyone who has a love of fashion but needs to brush up on their sewing skills. Learn the different techniques of sewing with or without a sewing machine and how to provide your garments with strong stitches that will last. Browse through the videos to find the tutorials that are sure to help you improve your skills.

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