4 Best Online Comedy Courses

It is not hard to find your audience if you have a sense of humor. There are hundreds of ways to approach your public. You can use social networks, YT channels and many other locations. The biggest question is how to become a comedian? Is there a school for that? Could all people be funny? Yes, there are schools and courses for that. Although some people wouldn’t agree on this fact, but every person could be funny. The most important thing is can some person express their feelings and make them funny. You need to give yourself a freedom to speak your mind, to be honest, and to be funny. If you consider yourself a potential comedian, try these courses below.

Philippe Schafer’s Ultimate Beginner’s Class to Learn Stand Up Comedy: Philippe is an excellent comedian. You will learn techniques like how to transform your thoughts into hilarious stories. But before you do a stand up you need to work on your public speaking skills. If you are a beginner, this course will help you a lot.

Humor Writing: If a public speaking is not for you, you should try this course. This course will teach you how to express your feelings on a piece of paper. We need to point out that this course is for beginners. Learning things such as keeping a good flow and the importance of shock moments are very crucial. This will make you a real comedian. The course has 12 lessons and you need to score 439 points at the end of course. Check the official site for more information.

Professional Humor Tricks for Writers, Speakers, and Other Misfits by Dave: This is an online workshop. There are a lot of prejudices about humor. The most common prejudice is that people can’t gain humor skills. According to Dave, humor and writing skill can anyone develop. That is the main reason why you should try this program. The skills you learned in this program, you can use anywhere. Whether it is stand-up, writing cartoon scripts etc.

The Killer Stand-up Online Course By Steve Roye: What makes this course unique is that it does not focus on “writing” in the convention sense like virtually every other comedy course does. This course concentrates on easily producing stand-up comedy material in a very natural way that is structured for the stage to generate 4-6 big laughs every performing minute. The first five lessons in this course are publicly available for review now – no sign-up is required.

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