17 Best Online Chess Classes

Have you ever tried to learn how to play chess? Maybe your dad tried to explain to you how to play, but you found it boring. In order to learn to play chess, maybe you should change your perception. Find some fun ways to learn the game. There are a lot of interesting courses on the internet which will motivate you to learn this game easily. So, don’t give up, try these courses below. We are sure you will finally learn how to play chess.

Course: Garry Kasparov’s Masterclass

The greatest chess player of all time and six-time World Chess Champion is ready to share his chess strategies. What is the
secret of his success? What was the best strategy that led him to the top? You are going to find out the answers in this MasterClass course. Garry Kasparov is here to teach you everything you always wanted to know about chess.

Learning Chess: These chess courses are perfect location for the people who have never played chess. It is also a great resource for people who have some experience. Courses are divided into three categories: beginner course, intermediate course, and advanced course. Before you even start to learn to play chess you can test your chess skills.

Chesscademy: If you choose Chesscademy as the place to learn chess you won’t make a mistake. This site will help you to gain chess skills and to become a better player. Chess masters will explain you the most common chess strategies and tactics through video tutorials. The gained knowledge you will be able to test by playing interactive exercises, puzzles and games.

Jan Gustafsson, The Rules of Chess: Learning chess shouldn’t be a hard thing. Chess24 courses are here to make this process easier for you. In order to become an expert at this, you first need to learn the basics. The rules of chess will give you everything you need to know in order to play chess. In general chess lessons on this site includes videos and interactive lessons and exercises.

Kevin Butler, Learn, Practice and Play Chess: Now you can stop pretending that you know how to play chess! If you like chess games then you have to visit this website. The Chess Website is a well-designed and well-structured website which will provide you all the best material to become a chess expert. Learn the basics, plan your strategy and try games and puzzles.

Learn & Play Chess With other Kids: Gamification is the greatest approach to learning which makes gaining new skills easier and fulfilled with fun, especially with kids. ChessKid is one of those sites which provides easy and fun learning. In order to become a real chess expert, it would be recommended to learn how to play chess at the early age. Kids will easily go through the registration process on this site which includes choosing a fun name, an avatar and username, and password. After that, they will be prepared for chess adventures!

Learn to Play Chess Online: Experts from this site claim that playing chess can help you to develop better memory and improve your mental health in general. We agree with them! Chess is a wonderful thing and it would be good if you would decide to learn your whole family how to play chess. This site provides a very affordable way of learning how to play chess through Skype video lessons. Only things you need to have are Skype, a camera, and a microphone and you are ready to go.

International Chess School: Similar to the previous website from our list, this website also provides Skype chess video lessons and classes. This time you will be able to learn how to play chess with famous chess coaches & mentors. According to many people who have attended their classes, this website is rated as the perfect place for chess lovers.

Chess Lessons: Are you ready to learn everything about chess? If you are ready then visit this site. Apart from chess lessons, you will get the latest news from the chess world. This site is the perfect place for people who are determined to learn how to play chess. You can choose the courses like “Chess Mentor Demo”, “Basic Checkmates and More”, “Introduction to Tactics” etc. Basically, you can find everything about chess there.

Tiger Chess Online Training: Tiger Chess is a little different from other chess sites because it points out the importance of learning strategies and making good chess moves. If you purchase the full membership you will have the approach to the 160 videos lessons which will be delivered to you every week. Apart from this, in this package, you will get some book recommendations, very useful chess articles, video strategy explanations etc.

Chess Lessons: Chess Master School have the professional grandmaster package course which is well structured program intended for the most ambitious people who wants to play chess. They have 10 years of experience and they always provide high-quality content and professional courses. According to their program, it will take you a year to achieve a master chess level.

Learn Chess Courses Online, on any Device: Chess Bee has the same concept like other learning platforms such as Udemy for example. In this case, the only content you will see is content related to chess. The grandmasters Igor Smirnov, Susan Polgar, Maxim Dlugy and Damian Lemos will learn you how to play chess through their video tutorials. If you create an account, you will have unlimited access to all purchased courses and you will be able to watch your courses anywhere on any device.

Chess Online: The University of Texas at Dallas organizes chess courses for its students. You don’t need any chess experience to be able to apply for this program but you need a permission of the instructor Dr. Alexey Root. More about how to apply to this program, you can find on the official site of the university.

Chessity: As we said before, learning chess for the first time can be boring for some people. But that is not the reason to give up and avoid learning how to play beautiful games like chess. Just because of that, there are many websites on the internet which offer fun ways of learning chess. If you visit Chessity, you will fall in love with chess. Their mission is to enable everbody to see the benefits of chess, to bring the fun back to chess learning, to offer interesting courses and help teachers and school in promoting chess.

Master Ostrovski, Online Chess Coach: When you want to learn how to play chess it is important to have a professional teacher who you trust. Master Ostrovski is an international master of chess. In order to schedule your session with this coach, you need to choose between Hourly Plan, Basic Monthly Plan, Premium Monthly plan and All-inclusive Plan. Of course, there are Free Chess Lessons on the site, so you can get some free chess advice from this master.

Online Chess Lessons For Beginners: Every chess teacher has a different approach to learning chess. So, it would be better to try several different approaches in order to find out which one is the most effective to you. Because of that, you need to visit Chess Lessons for Beginners. This site provides the complete plan of learning chess which is recommended for every beginner who has a strong desire to learn how to play chess. If you are a complete beginner, go to this site and start with the section, “The Rules”!

Free Online Courses in Chess: Class Central is one more good web location to learn how to play chess. This web location is full of great content for every potential chess master. So, you can find very interesting courses like Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed, Chess: Learn to Play the Sicilian Defense, Chess For Everyone and many other.

Chess Tactics: 7 Powerful Patterns to Know: This is a very good article illustrated with pictures which will show you some strategies and tactics you should know. Also, you can watch a video tutorial from Jeremy Silman which is an international chess master. The first lecture is The World of Chess which explains the basics of the game and how to begin to play chess.

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