12 Best Online Business Management Courses, Schools & Degrees

Are you looking to take your career to the next level, assume greater responsibilities, and make more money? Online business management degrees offer a competitive advantage to job-seekers looking to prepare for leadership positions and advancement in the business world.

Pursuing an online business management degree allows you to get all the benefits of a traditional education without putting your life on hold and allowing you to learn at your own pace. Degree programs offer you a wide range of management skills, knowledge, and effective business strategies that will prepare you to take on more prominent roles within business careers.

While earning a business management degree will not guarantee you with a management role, it can make you a more competitive candidate for promotion or new job opportunities. Business degrees can verify your proven business competencies and show that you are qualified with the necessary skills needed to lead. Courses will teach you practical, hands-on experience so you can immediately jump in and start making splashes.

Typical coursework in a business management bachelor’s degree includes courses in management, marketing, business operation, finance, economics, accounting, statistics, business law, strategic planning, and analytics. These classes will help will learn how to effectively operate a business, direct a team of employees, and strategize how to optimize your business goals.

Business managers coordinate and direct employees to accomplish directives aimed at enhancing the overall operation of a business. Typically, managers are well compensated for their work. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics business management occupations can be lucrative; most management positions make a median income of between $43,950 to $124,870 a year.

If you are interested in an online business management degree, the following resources can help you learn more about taking on a larger role in business and gaining the skills to become an effective manager.

Accredited Online Business Management Degrees

 University of Florida: Are you interested in gaining a great business management degree from an acclaimed business program? The University of Florida offers a comprehensive online Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration degree that provides students with a strong education in business management. This program  is consistently ranked as one of the best business schools in the country and, according to the US News and World Report,  is also one of the top online undergraduate degree programs. With UF, you will have access to the same faculty as on-campus business students as well as online support from teaching assistants and academic advisors, which ensures that you will be receiving a high-quality education from dedicated faculty and staff.

This degree program focuses its curriculum over a broad spectrum of different business disciplines to guarantee that you gain valuable insight into managing a business. The core courses at UF include: The Legal Environment of Business, Business Finance, International Business, Principles of Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Principles of Marketing, and Statistics for Business Decisions. Courses are available through streaming video at any point throughout the day, which allows you to accommodate your schedule to suit your learning experience.

 Florida International University: Do you want to earn a comprehensive, real-world business management degree in a unique and convenient learning environment? Florida International University offers a 4-year Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a management emphasis that might be perfect you. FIU offers a competitive online degree designed to provide you with a comprehensive introduction of organizational management at a reasonable price.

This flexible program will familiarize students with topics such as legal environment of business, organization and management, introduction to information systems, operations management, business and professional communication, strategic management, applied macroeconomics, marketing management, financial management, and applications of quantitative methods.

FIU offers incredible support to its students and offers academic and professional guidance to help you to achieve new knowledge and command of management skills within a business setting. You will learn to demonstrate your leadership abilities, work in a team, and ultimately become a better businessperson. Furthermore, you will learn different management expertise in disparate areas of study that will help you understand how effective business works, as well as the necessary knowledge of how to optimize business operations.

 Western Governors University: Are you looking to gain valuable skills and knowledge through earning a Business Management bachelor’s degree but don’t want to spend a fortune obtaining a quality degree? Western Governors University offers an affordable and unique business management degree on a budget. 4-year tuition at Western Governors is about $23,120, which is a fraction of other institutions’ tuition. Additionally, your degree at Western Governors approaches tuition on your own terms—you pay for time and not the credits. This means that instead of paying per course or per credit, you pay a flat rate every 6 months and can take as few or as many units as you feel comfortable taking.

Western Governors University is also distinctive in that it is a competency-based institution. This means instead of grades, students must demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of the skills and ideas being presented in their courses. Students take assessments and must demonstrate the competency equivalent to a “B” grade or better, which ensures that this degree will prepare you for the challenges and successes of managing a business.

Western Governors Business Management degree is a rigorous program that will help you build the foundational skills and knowledge that will boost your career. The program of study will equip you with a well-rounded education that includes courses in organizational behavior and leadership, foundations, business law and ethics, accounting, finance, project management, economic, and marketing and communication. Western Governors is the perfect program for those wishing to enter management and need training and credentials to get his or her foot in the door.

 Capella University: In today’s business-driven world, effective leadership and management skills are a boon to bettering your long-term career goals. Capella University’s online Bachelor’s degree in Management and Leadership can help you attain the knowledge and skills to become an effective leader. Capella’s program offers flexible learning opportunities that cover a comprehensive foundation to courses in management, business law, marketing and communications, accounting, finance, organizational structure,  and strategic planning.

If you have prior experience, knowledge, or training, a degree with Capella may be particularly of interest to you. Capella offers experienced students the option to reduce the time and costs of the degree by taking prior learning assessments, which can earn qualified students credit toward their degree. Additionally, if you are looking to further your learning beyond just a Bachelor’s, Capella offers a Bachelor’s-to-Master’s  program where you can earn credit toward a Master’s degree while you finish your Business Management bachelor’s degree. Courses are divided in 3 month quarters with 3 week breaks between each quarter that allows you to learn at your own pace. Click here for a free one-week mini course

 Colorado State University Global: Are you looking to gain invaluable leadership and management experience in an increasingly competitive business world? Colorado State University’s Global Campus offers an acclaimed online Business Management degree that will give you the edge to help improve your career while learning at your own pace and without the commitment of a traditional campus-based classroom. CSU-Global provides students with a comprehensive and rigorous program that will prepare you to apply critical decision-making skills that affect the economic value of an organization, appropriately integrate business principles, and become a leader in business. Consistently ranked in the top 20 online bachelor’s degrees by US News and World Report, CSU-Global brings an astounding education to your fingertips.

Offering a wide variety of management courses that draw from management, marketing, operations, finance, economics, statistics, and international management, CSU-Global will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a proven leader and businessperson. If you are looking to specialize in a particular area of emphasis, CSU-Global Business Management program has 22 areas of specialization to cater to your pursuits. Additionally, CSU-Global offers a Bachelor’s to Master’s Early Advancement Option that allows qualifying students to earn credit toward a Master’s degree while they finish their Bachelor’s degree.


Self-Guided Online Business Management Courses


 Universal Class: Do you feel as though you would benefit from more management and leadership training but don’t have much time or money to spend on an expensive and time-intensive program? Universal Class offers affordable online classes that will allow you to gain the fundamental skills and knowledge to effectively manage and lead an organization to success. Professional development credit is available for a wide range of courses aimed at expanding your leadership capabilities, honing your project management oversight, and organizing your business.


 JER Online: Are you seeking to improve your management and leadership skills? JER Online offers many affordable online classes that will help you learn how to effectively lead others toward success, manage your organization, and strategize optimal project management goals. Online course offerings include various courses on promoting team building and work morale, innovation in the workplace, and many more comprehensive management courses.  These courses will provide you with proven strategies, tips, and management skills that will allow you exude your leadership abilities and better your business.


 MasterClassManagement.com: Are you looking for a free comprehensive course that you can improve your leadership and management skills while learning at your own pace? MasterClassManagement.com is dedicated to providing excellent information so that you may learn to effectively become a confident and decisive leader. This online manual provides free lessons and real-life scenarios that teach you the basics of management and also test what you have learned. This course is for those looking to learn new management skills or are trying to sharpen the skills from their existing management experiences.

Business Management MOOCs (Open College Courses)

 Coursera: Many people do not have the time or money to enroll in costly, time-intensive business degree programs. Coursera provides a free, open-enrollment platform for those seeking to take high-quality courses from internationally renowned business schools. Coursera courses are for those seeking to obtain a quality business management education at their own pace. These courses will provide you with an understanding of how businesses operate and what it takes to effectively manage them in order to achieve success. Courses will give detailed knowledge to gain the skills needed for organizational analysis and productivity, operations management, business strategy, and critical analysis of management approaches.

Provider Course
Coursera View Business Management Courses
University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business An Introduction to Operations Management
Université de Genève International Organizations Management
Stanford University Organizational Analysis
University of Virginia Darden School of Business Foundations of Business Strategy
IE University Critical Perspectives on Management


 MIT OpenCourseWare: Are you looking to take high-quality course from a top 5 business school but don’t have the time or money to invest in such an undertaking? MIT OpenCourseWare provides exceptional archived courses for free. Offering over 150 undergraduate and graduate courses, the Sloan School of Management covers almost every topic you might be able to think of concerning business management. If you are looking to find a comprehensive, free education in business management, this is certainly a resource you need to look into. These courses will equip you with the skills and management knowledge to effectively administer and organize your business, and much, much more. If you are you looking to gain a self-directed education, MIT’s OpenCourseWare is for you. Please click through for MIT’s complete business management course offerings.

Provider Course
MIT OpenCourseWare View All Business Management Courses
Sloan School of Management Optimization Methods in Management Science
Sloan School of Management Management Communication for Undergraduates
Sloan School of Management Managerial Psychology
Sloan School of Management Practical Information Technology Management
Sloan School of Management Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager


 Canvas Network: Do you find yourself wanting to develop valuable skills to improve your long-term career goals but don’t have a schedule or the resources to allow you to take burdensome business school courses? Canvas Network provides free and affordable courses that will help you on your way to becoming a highly-effective leader and manager. Canvas Network provides courses taught by qualified educators that will allow you to learn new management and leadership skills. These courses provide a small sample into the many facets of management training, but will also provide you with developed and proven course material that will give you an advantage when you are aiming for a promotion or new job. If you are interested in learning about project management, improving your strategic thinking, business ethics, or creating a productive organization, these courses are for you.


 Saylor.org: Are you looking for a the equivalent education to a Business Management degree, but don’t have the money to spend on obtaining it? If you have consistent access to the internet, Saylor.org offers a free online business administration degree  that includes 24 courses one would normally find in a college degree program. These courses will teach you the foundations and advanced-level applications of a business management degree. If you are looking for a comprehensive education, this program is for you. From core courses like Principles of Macro and Micro Economics to advanced, specialized courses like Operations Management or Negotiations and Conflict Management, this program of study is perfect for those who can dedicate time to self-learning and bettering their business knowledge and skills.


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