Billy Gene is Marketing Review

Do you have an entrepreneurial mind-set?  You’re not happy at your day-job and so you are constantly looking for other ways to make money and be your own boss, right? Check out our ‘Billy Gene Is Marketing‘ Review….

MLM’s have enticed you, but you know that unless you are in the right spot at the right time and get TONS and TONS of active people to sign up under you… it’s just a lot of work and in the end… a lost cause.

You’ve looked at other “online money making” programs that promise your bank account will grow, and yet, your facing another overdraft fee if you don’t make a deposit now!

Why do you think that the “get quick rich” programs don’t work?  Your answer might be:

  • Because anything too good to be true, usually is.
  • Because it was a scam in the first place!
  • I couldn’t implement the process given, it was too hard to follow.
  • I’m not going to “hound” my family and friends for parties and purchases.
  • Because I didn’t have mentorship and support to hold me accountable.

Yes, maybe any of the above or a combination is or could be true.  And then there’s another reason:  You simply don’t have the knowledge or skill set to achieve the promises they make.  Ouch!  It’s not your fault.  A lot of the programs say, “Here’s the outline on how to do it.”  The problem is:  they don’t actually TEACH you how to do it so you can be successful.

Here’s My Story

I was stuck with a job I really did not like. I’d long thought of myself as having my own business and marketing had always intrigued me. I responded via click to a marketing program ran by a woman who had went from broke to making lots of money.  She did three days of free online training and then made the pitch I “fell” for and I signed up for her coaching program… though at the time, I thought it was more marketing than coaching.  To make a long story shorter, I invested $500 in a program that included one (and only one) LIVE one-on-one call with a coach.

When Coaching Turns To Bullying

The day of the call, I was busy WORKING and forgot to call in (yes, I had to call them) at the specific time. I commented in the private Facebook group how disappointed I was about missing my call. I went on to share how I thought they should have called me because I was paying them to coach me during the course.  Soon, people in the group began to chastise me and label me “entitled” and “lazy”.  It was completely my fault that I didn’t get to talk with the coach/mentor because I was actually working… yeah, that thing you do to earn money, you know, right?  It really didn’t make sense to me. If their job is to coach, then why couldn’t they make the phone call?  I quickly learned this lesson:  If you’re going to live in the social media world, you’ve got to have thick skin!  People are very quick to believe they “know” you from a few public posts online. In one single post I went from thinking I was a hard-working Gen X’er to having the label of “entitled” and “lazy”. I chose NOT to believe the lies the members were telling me about me!

Do I Trust Another Program?

Billy GeneThat experience left me wondering if I should ever invest in another program. I didn’t want to PAY out more money for unfulfilled promises of earning a higher income. Have you invested in a program of mentorship and support, but still haven’t put any dollars in your bank account?

I was very shy about making another purchase as an investment in myself.  However, I continued to review different programs… you know they just keep popping up in your Facebook feed!  Then one program from Billy Gene Is Marketing caught my eye.  It was a FREE webinar that promised to teach me something if I attended.  So I figured I had nothing to lose other than a hour invested in a webinar.

The free webinar blew me away!  All of the sudden I realized what I’d been missing and desperately needed…. I needed to learn a specific skill set!  In that short webinar I DID learn things I could immediately implement using Facebook advertising… things that made perfect sense and were actionable.  I realized the mistakes I’d made trying to run Facebook ads in the past.

The Journey With Billy Gene Is Marketing

And then there was “the offer”… Billy Gene will occasionally offer an amazing deal on various courses or even combinations of them. I was not looking to purchase another course after the recent bad experience. Yet, the “fire” Billy brought on the webinar gave me this thought: if he could bring that much knowledge in one hour, how much could he pack into an entire course?  The course I purchased was AMAZING!  The knowledge I gained, made it feel like a great big door of opportunity was opening.  When the course was complete, Billy made me another offer I couldn’t refuse: entry into a group called The Gene Pool.

The Gene Pool is FULL of training.  Each month Billy focuses on a different skill to teach you the tools you need to make you an effective marketer. This training is worth every penny. If you’re a marketing person with an agency, or a small business owner, you will find the training valuable At the time of writing, there are over 100 training lessons in the Gene Pool Library covering over 20 skills. Skills include: Dissecting Ads That Don’t Work, How To Write Ad Copy That Sells, Instagram Advertising, and The Fundamentals Of Live Streaming… and so much more!  Each week, Billy does a LIVE call for all the members, so you can learn a new skill LIVE and ask questions and interact… every.single.week.  Each of these LIVE calls are recorded (they run about an hour) and then the new skill is added to the library.So the library continues to grow, and you are always learning the latest in trends and technology.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Speaking of LIVE calls and interaction, the experience within the private Facebook group (with membership) has been phenomenal.  Unlike that “other group” that quickly labeled me, THIS group has given boundless support of each other. Not only is there support from the helpful staff of the BGIM (Billy Gene Is Marketing) team, but also from other fellow members of the Gene Pool.  You are always encouraged in this group and feedback is given when requested. Never have I found a group that “feels” like a “family” until now.

And the support and value doesn’t end at the Gene Pool. If you want to go a notch farther, you can become a member of the S.O.G. (School of G.E.N.E.I.U.S.).  This special membership gives you access to the G.E.N.E.I.U.S. process which Billy coined to walk you through vetting a client to see if you want to work with them, all the way to setting up the ad and then scaling your business:

Billy Gene Is Marketing Review

G: Get Information
E: Evaluation
N: Next Opportunity
E: Executing the Plan on Facebook & Instagram
I: Information into Automation
U: Understanding Metrics
S: Scaling Up

With SOG membership, you pretty much get all the video trainings Billy has and ever will do and an invite to a LIVE training call every week.  SOG members also get first offers and special discounts on new trainings as well as invitations to SOG Meet-Ups in San Diego.

And finally…

I really can’t say enough about the training I’ve received and the knowledge that I’ve gained being an ever-learning entrepreneur with the BGIM group.  Going through BGIM trainings and interacting with the group, gave me the confidence to do video and the skill set that I needed to land my current job.

In my own experience when trying out any of the variety of programs out there, I found there aren’t many that offer the potential earnings AND to teach you the skill set to get you there.  Billy Gene DOES that and you’re backed up with people who actually care about your success and follow up with you (yeah, they Message/Call ME) about your ads they’ve helped with.  As his emails usually state, “(The Guy Who Really Gives A Sh!t About Your Success)”.  

I can’t recommend Billy Gene Is Marketing enough!

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