20 Best Online Baseball Training Courses

Admit it. You love baseball as much as we do! You may have wanted to be a great baseball player as a child but didn’t make time to follow your  dream… Why? Maybe you didn’t know where to get educated on the finer points of the game. We are going to help you choose the best baseball courses. If you are a baseball enthusiast and always wanted to learn, now is the time!

Scott Bradley: Coaching Youth Baseball: Ages 9 to 12 

Instructor: Scott Bradley
Price: $ 29.00
Skill level: Beginner

The perfect course for coaches, parents, and volunteers who want to learn how to coach youth baseball. Coach Bradley makes teaching kids easy in this comprehensive course. All the basics are covered here including: Throwing and Catching, Fielding, Hitting, Baserunning and Pitching. With 50 short videos on a wide variety of topics, as well as 20 “bonus” Practice Plans, this course is the ideal starting place for youth baseball coaching.

Danny Sheaffer: Firm Foundation Catching

Instructor: Danny Sheaffer
Price: $ 39.99
Skill level: Beginner

Instructor Dann Sheaffer spent 18 years in the pros and has translated that experience into a must-have course. With over a dozen videos, this course has everything you need to train your catchers. Topics Covered:  Receiving, Game Management, Blocking, Footwork and Throwing, Plays at the Plate, Fielding Bunts, Pop-ups, Wild Pitch/Passed Ball Professional Drills

Ron Wolforth: Command Enhancement Program

Instructor: Ron Wolforth
Price: $ 197.00
Skill level: Beginner

This course IS the definitive pitching course. Coach Wolforth, CEO of Pitching Central and Ron Wolforth’s Texas Baseball Ranch, delivers an elite course on command enhancement. 

With over 25 detailed videos, the quality of this course cannot be overstated. It is pitching 101.


Tom House: Cross Specific Skills and Drills for Pitchers

Instructor: Tom House
Price: $ 29.00
Skill level: Beginner

Coach House, former MLB pitcher, coach, and the founder of the National Pitching Association, has an unbeatable resume. This course delivers innovative drills for players and coaches of any level. The drills covered are applicable across multiple throwing sports, but have pitching as the focus. Get your hands on this stand-out course and take throwing to the next level.

Justin Meccage: Pitch Like the Pros

Instructor: Justin  Meccage
Price: $ 7.00
Skill level: Beginner

Who better to teach a pitching course than former professional pitcher, Justin Meccage. Using his expertise from his time in the major leagues, Justin explains proper grips for pitching, release motions, and how to maintain consistency. This short and effective program is a must for all pitchers.

Paul Reddick: Coaching Baseball – Power Hitting  

Instructor: Paul Reddick
Price: $ 29.00
Skill level: Beginner

This extremely popular course covers everything there is to know about power hitting. Coaches Paul Reddick, Jeff Cavaliere, and Tom Clark team up and cover how to safely warm up and swing with proper stance, positioning, and technique.

Over 3 dozen value-packed videos cover everything from stance and bat lag to pitch selection and strength and conditioning as an added bonus.

Jake Boss: The Three Phases of Hitting

Instructor: Jake Boss
Price: $ 19.00
Skill level: Beginner

In this course, Jake Boss, 2011 Big Ten Coach of the Year, presents his hitting philosophy. Boss runs you through his 3 phase approach for coaching hitters and outsmarting pitchers. A proven approach to hitting that is perfect for any developing hitter.

Matt Nokes: The 12 Hitting Disciplines

Instructor: Matt Nokes
Price: $ 40.00
Skill level: Beginner

Coach Matt Nokes, former MLB player and Silver Slugger Award winner, has the inside scoop to hitting. Nokes breaks down his approach to hitting with 12 easy disciplines and shows you how to develop an unbeatable hitting strategy. Learning these steps will make any player hit like a champ.

Juis Ortiz: 50 Things a Hitter Needs to Do to Be Successful at the Plate

Instructor: Juis Ortiz
Price: $ 29.00
Skill level: Beginner

This course by former pro, Juis Ortiz, presents a detailed list of techniques to make you a more effective hitter. These 50 easy to understand videos will quickly become integral parts of your hitting routine. Among topics covered include reading the pitcher, being consistent, making adjustments, and many more.

Tony Gwynn: Baseball Fundamentals

Instructor: Tony Gwynn
Price: $ 10.00
Skill level: Beginner

Tony Gwynn has won everything there is to win in major league baseball and was even inducted into the Hall-of-Fame. His 20 years as a professional make him an ideal coach for teaching baseball fundamentals. Build your game from the ground up with Gwynn’s course covering everything from hitting to outfielding.

Perry Hill:  Ultimate Infield  

Instructor: Perry Hill
Price: $ 39.95
Skill level: Beginner

Marlins Infield Coach Perry Hill has put together the ultimate infield course using his experience in the MLB. The course is organized by chapters covering specific skills demonstrated by pro and youth players. This course is a perfect lesson plan for coaches of all levels, and is critical for parents and coaches serious about teaching young players the right way.

Bob Morgan: Outfield Play – The Defense’s Secondary

Instructor: Bob Morgan
Price: $ 29.00
Skill level: Beginner

Bob Morgan spent 22 years as the head coach of Indiana, and he knows what he’s talking about. This course is a crucial resource for coaches and players who want to better understand elite outfield play. Follow along as Morgan covers outfielding in 14 simple videos.

Jerry Weinstein: Catching Skills and Drills  

Instructor: Jerry Weinstein
Price: $ 39.00
Skill level: Beginner

Former Colorado Rockies catching coach Jerry Weinstein has put together a 35-video course chock-full of high-quality content. Any player or coach looking to improve abilities as a catcher will find these drills detailed, innovative, and absolutely game-changing. Check this course out and take your catcher skills to the highest level.


Online Baseball Courses 

There are 20 courses to cover all the baseball enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner, amateur or pro, this will help you to take baseball to the next level. Start today and be a better baseball player tomorrow!

The 20 Baseball Courses on this list are some of the best in the country. The course providers are all over the United States.

Paul Reddick, former director at the Yogi Berra Baseball Camp, teaches players and coaches to excel in baseball. His course 90 mph Club is used by more people to learn pitching than any other program. In addition to that course, Paul has over 30 other courses in his arsenal to help people to learn to play baseball like one of the greats!

LLU – Little League UniversityLet’s start with a University especially made for baseball. The website is divided into different baseball topics. You can filter topics by different categories like releasing, pitching and hitting. They have some fun categories like  practice plans. Exciting lessons can spice up your training time. LLU also provides a Rulebook and a Resource Guide. These guides are helpful on the journey to becoming a professional baseball player.

Blast Motion: A coaching and management tool. The site helps coaches and players. It focuses on an intuitive coaching software. This software analyzes videos and suggest changes to improve performance. For coaches, the software suite provides many statistical and analytical reports. These reports can boost productivity as a coach.

This software can do a variety of tasks. You can connect with players and build player surveys. Additionally, you can schedule lessons to players and message them all at once. Blast Motion also provides some great video content to connect you to the world of baseball.

Pro Baseball Insider: A website that can help you achieve your baseball dream! From zero to professional. The site was founded by Doug Bernier, who currently plays for the Minnesota Twins Triple-A team. His website is all about connecting industry pros with people like you and me!

Pro Baseball Insider will help you to take your skillset to the next level. They will teach you drills and defensive tactics. They have special courses for 1st base, 2nd base, and 3rd base. Different courses focus on hitting, running, and shortstop. The website also covers excellent baseball equipment.

Pro Baseball Insider helps you get the best deals on baseball materials. Doug has a video series that shows in depth how to take your skills to the next level.

The Complete PitcherLove pitching? Want to be a better pitcher? TheCompletePitcher.com will help you to be the pitcher you always wanted to be. The site provides the latest research on baseball and will help you improve your performance. One of the nice things about the site? You don’t have to go through all the trial and error involved in learning pitching.

They will also instruct you to learn more nuances of pitching. For example, what’s the best way to increase pitching velocity? How do you throw a curveball? Should coaches start counting pitches? How can a baseball player improve control? TheCompletePitcher.com has answers to all these questions.

QC Baseball: Stands for Quality Coaching Baseball.  Don Edlin founded The QC in 2000. QC Baseball attracts baseball enthusiasts, learners, and professional hopefuls. He set up the site as a labor of love after coaching a tee-ball team.

This website has a comprehensive resource for your game. They have materials for working on all aspects of the game, from pitching to catching, line-drives, to base hits. The site has a great content for coaches, with a range of topics from Coaching Philosophy to practice plans. The best thing about this site is that everything on it is available to the public for free.

The Ultimate PitcherMuch like The Complete Pitcher, the site The Ultimate Pitcher focuses on pitching. Ex-Professional Pitcher Steven Ellis founded the Ultimate Pitcher. Steven shares years of experience and tips on pitching. Ultimate Pitcher emphasizes intuitive ways of practicing to get your best performance.

Steven breaks his training into two groups, which he calls TuffCuff. It focuses on establishing a foundation of mechanics and strength training in youth players. Once players advance to high school or college, they are instructed on the finer points of throwing heat.  

Top Velocity: Did you always want to throw faster? TopVelocity is helping people to develop skills at the elite level. You need to practice harder and tougher to achieve significant velocity increases.

Top Velocity offers a 16-week crash course. The course claims to increase your pitching velocity by avoiding gimmicks. Hard work and functional efficacy is preached to assist players in avoiding career-ending injury. If you want to improve your pitching, now is a great time to kickstart your goal.

Baseball Training Programs: An all in one baseball training website. They provide a plethora of courses including pitching, hitting and throwing. They have a year-long pitching program to develop your skills.

They have courses on the Advanced Sinker and Slider. They have Pitching Velocity Secrets, Swing Plane Secrets, and Bat Speed Secrets.

Driveline Baseball: Have you ever wanted to witness how pitching and hitting look translated into data on your screen? Now you can! Driveline Baseball implements world-class pitching and hitting courses, driven by data. The company offers pitching and hitting programs backed by research..

Kyle Boddy founded Driveline Baseball to develop great baseball players. They use a data-driven approach to test their training methods to increase bat speed.

Ripken BaseballWant to move to a camp where you will be immersed in baseball? If yes, Ripken Baseball is the right choice for you. The Ripken Camp can add valuable experience to your baseball career. Their diverse fields will give you a ‘big league’ experience. This camp will boost your confidence and teach you the values associated with fair gameplay.

The camp is run by it’s namesake, the famous player, Cal Ripken, and his family. Ripken Baseball is spread across three different states. You can join any of their camps and start improving your gameplay from today.

Babe Ruth League Coaching Education CenterThis institution is a sister-concern of Ripken Baseball. They exclusively teach coaches with this particular institution. A league can purchase a set of coaching and certification courses from the league and manage those certifications online.

They have classes for beginner and experienced coaches, to include Coaching Advanced Baseball and Coaching Advanced Softball. You can become a certified coach by taking these courses. They have an Android and iPhone app that helps the coach on the go.

Human Kinetics Coach Education: For years, Baseball fundamentals have been passed from generation to generation. ASEP has adopted and executed the impending merger between technology and baseball. Human Kinetics Coach Education is the official provider of coach education and certification to Babe Ruth League at www.BabeRuthCoaching.org. They also offer online courses for PONY Baseball at www.PONYCoaching.org.

Human Kinetics Coach Education Center has programs for coaches working in different disciplines.

They have programs for:

  1. High School coaches
  2. Youth sport coaches, including baseball.
  3. Club Coaches
  4. Olympic coaches

USA Baseball Online Education: USA Baseball is another school that targets four different sectors of baseball. They have a wide variety of courses for players, parents, coaches, and umpires.

Their courses skill-specific learning materials. These materials cover topics such as infield, outfield, pitching, and hitting. These courses have some of the most accomplished professionals as teachers. Additionally, they have a mobile app-based course called the ‘Mobile Coach’. Then you can have a coach in your pocket!

Big Al Baseball Training and Development CenterAl Price (Big AL) is the founder of Big Al Baseball Training and Development Center. The Center coaches to develop players as people.

They have diverse programs for training and developing. These programs target coaches, parents, players, and leagues. Big Al has training camps. You can take sessions from skilled instructors, practice matches, and play real games.

Elite Baseball Training: They are pushing themselves to be the next big company in baseball coaching.  All Elite Baseball Trainers use industry leading technology to teach baseball. Their excellent resources provide great opportunities to students.

Elite Baseball is trying to grow self-esteem among their students from a young age. Their goal is to pass the passion of baseball from one generation to another. At Elite, they own different classes, camps, video analysis and also Skype lessons for you.

Hitting Performance Lab: They specialize in hitting. Their courses provide tips and tricks to get you hitting the ball hard. Moreover, they have a MLB Power Method to improve your hitting skill.

Joey Myers, the founder of the Hitting Performance Lab played four years of Division-1 baseball at Fresno State from 2000-2003. Out of frustration, at the lack of hitting advice and to serve the hitters better, he came up with Hitting Performance Lab. Take their hitting courses to tune up your aptitude.

SABERMETRICSNew York University is providing a new data driven course called Sabermetrics. You can learn about the fundamental concepts and basic principles by enrolling. It will also develop your ability to use Sabermetrics as a tool to examine performance.

Additionally, Sabermetrics will help you to visualize and plan a major-league pitching rotation. All with the help of data and technology.

United Sports National CoachingDo you want to be a best-in-class coach? Look no further! The US National Coaching Course is a certified coaching program. This will enhance your coaching techniques and grow your knowledge base.  It will help you to get the coaching position you always wanted. This course provides an overview of important viewpoints to be a coach.

After Level I, you can take the CES 508 course. This course emphasizes on the specific requisites for coaching baseball. If you wanted to be the coach of National Team someday, this course is a must for you.

NFHS Learn: NFHS provides different courses for students and coaches. Over one million students are connected with NFHS Learn. They have more than 50 courses available.

NFHS has specific courses for captains which can enhance the role of a leader in a team.

National Pitching AssociationNPA camps enable athletes to get individualized attention. NPA divides students into small groups while coaching. They make sure every student is getting the attention they need. Because no student is similar.

The NPA Summer Camp is a four-day camp for High School, College, and Professional pitchers. This course gives an opportunity to practice with NPA professionals. They have camps in different locations in the US. It is a science-based performance camp.

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