12 Best Online Architecture Courses, Schools & Degrees

Architecture is a very important occupation. The world needs more architects. People will always need a place to live, a place to work. The population of the Earth is increasing and architecture will always be important.

Who is an architect? A person who plans and designs buildings. They sketch the design of a building and the cost of materials. Some people consider architecture an art. People expect of every new building to be beautiful and unique. Architects have challenging and well-paid jobs. Have you ever considered being an architect? In this article, we are going to show you how to achieve that goal.

Featured Course: Frank Gerry’s Masterclass

His buildings have become the world’s largest attractions. He is the most important architect of our age. He is Frank Gehry! If you had ever considered being an architect, you should sign up for the course. In this MasterClass course, you will learn about
architectural philosophy using case studies and sketches. Learn how to express your creativity and how to do something for the humanity. Frank will tell you how he did it and how you will do it.

Utah State University, Free Landscape Architecture and Design Courses: Landscape architecture for free! This is a great opportunity for the people who have the potential for architecture. Don’t let the money stop you from reaching your goals. On these courses, you will learn about design and landscape architecture. Most lessons are in video format, which you can watch it or download it. If you want to test your knowledge, there are quizzes and homework assignments.

Class Central, Free Online Courses in Architecture: Check this list of courses. “New York Architecture” course will analyze New York’s architectural solutions. You will finally understand the process of development of this city. If your a fan of New York, then don’t miss the chance to learn more about its infrastructure. Besides this course, you will find other interesting courses on the list. Check the site to see what it offers to you.

Academy of Art, Online Landscape Architecture Degree Programs: There are many architecture types. One of them is landscape architecture. That is s perfect mixture of art and science. If you are wondering can you get an online degree for that, the answer is yes! The Academy of Art provides that opportunity. Enroll in this online course and learn how to see the world in a new way.

Athabasca University, Architecture, B.Sc: If you want a B.Sc degree, you are at right place. Like many others, this university gives you the opportunity of online studying. You will learn how to plan and construct urban buildings. This program puts the main focus on environmental and community sustainability. So, you will learn how to plan projects according to environmental standards. To be able to study at this university you need to know the English language. You can prove your knowledge with the international certificates like IELTS or TOEFL.

Arch2o Free Online Courses in Architecture: This website offers the best free architecture courses. If you can’t afford to pay an online course, check out this list. It’s full of good content which can help you to achieve your professional goals. On this list, you will find the best architecture, art, design, and engineering courses.

Architecture MOOCs and Free Online Courses: Here is another list of the best free courses. Have you ever wanted to be a software architect? Go through this list, and you will find the best courses for it. Through these courses, you will learn everything about software design. You will learn how to compare components, connections, protocols, and topologies. Besides these courses, you will find other types of architectures courses on the list.

Distance Learning Portal, Online Short Courses in Architecture: This is an excellent course! This portal provides the full communication with your professors and other students. That means that you will be able to share your thoughts and ideas with them. They make sure that you feel like you are there. If you have a job and don’t have enough free time, this is the best course for you!

Short Courses in Arts, Design & Architecture: Architecture was very important for the human history. It will be more and more important in the future. Countries which have a big economic growth want to have more architects. There is a high demand for these types of workers. If you want to take the first step in that direction, check this site! There is the test which will help you to identify your personal interests. According to the results, you will get the list of the best architecture courses for you.

Course Talk, Architecture online courses, and MOOCs: Before you enroll, find out what other people said about it. The Course Talk will help you with that. Apart from getting the list of courses, you will be able to see students feedback. For each course, you can see details and reviews. This is a great option! The good news is that all courses are free and available on edX and Kadenze platform.

Center for Online Education, Online Architecture Degrees: This is a great tool for searching schools. After you enter necessary information, you will get the list of the best schools. According to some statistics, demand for architecture jobs will increase by 7% by 2024. We recommend you to visit this site for several other reasons. They have categorized all information related to each specific type of architecture. How to get a degree for a certain type ofarchitecture? Which are the average architecture salaries? You will find the answers to these questions on this site.

Edukatico, Online Courses in Architecture: Are you seeking to learn the basics? To learn more about urban construction planning? If the answers to these questions are yes, then visit this site. Top online courses section give you 4 best online architecture courses. These courses have the best reviews. You should enroll in these courses before you start working on your first projects. More information about other architecture courses you can find on the site.

Course Buffet, Architecture: This site provides the best universities architecture courses. The courses are categorized by types of architecture. In the first sections, you will learn about the history of architecture. The most interesting category for you can be the future of urban planning. In this category, you will learn more about future modern constructions. Most of these courses you can watch through edX platform. This is a very nice website which brings you a well-categorized content.

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