16 Best Online Courses on Adwords

Google AdWords is an online advertising service, created by Google. AdWords advertisements appear next to search results or in the Google search results. If you want to reach new users online, Google AdWords service is a good thing to consider. We have prepared the list of 16 best Google AdWords Courses for you!

Adwords service is like an auction. You register an AdWords account, create an ad, define the keywords and the price you want to pay. Whoever pays of bids the most, will be in the top spot of Google search. When someone enters the word you have specified, your ad will show up. Before you start using Google AdWords, you need to learn how to use the service.

Isaac Rudansky, Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2017–Stop SEO & Win With PPC!: Why would we use AdWords? Many of your competitors use AdWords service to get their products in front of their customers. You can have a great product or a great website but if you don’t know how to use AdWords, you can lose your customers. Don’t let your competitors beat you in this battle. The course will help you to optimize your campaigns and promote your products online. Next, you will learn how to boost traffic and sales to your website.

Daragh Walsh, AdWords: Become Google AdWords Certified in Just 2 Days!: Become Google AdWords Certified! Many people think that Google AdWords platform is hard to learn. That is not true. The process can be fast, fun and easy for you. In the course, you will learn how to get Google AdWords Certification in 2 days! Hundreds of students have passed this course and became Google AdWords Certified experts. Now, it is time for you! If you decide to enroll in, you will get a step-by-step strategy on how to get Adwords certification in 2 days. You will also learn how to promote your certificate and get a job.

Corey Rabazinski, Google AdWords for Beginners: What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords lets you create simple and effective ads and show them to a specific group of people. If you are a beginner, you don’t have a clear picture of how the service works. Because of that, you should sign up for the course. You will learn all fundamentals of Google AdWords. You will learn how to do keyword research, how to create ads and optimization strategies. As the title says, the ideal candidates are beginners. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, you can follow the course.

Justin Baker, Adwords Secrets from an Industry Insider: Want to know how big companies use AdWords? The companies like Apple and Mercedez-Benz use the service to earn millions of dollars. If you would like to know about their marketing tactics, enroll in the course. The teacher of the course, Justin Baker, is an online advertising expert. He has worked for Cisco Systems company and discovered many industry insider secrets. In the course, he will share the most interesting secrets and strategies with you. You will learn about Adwords basics and how to increase profits from AdWords. Ideal candidates for the course are small businesses.

Gary Kind, Adwords for Beginners: Learn Google AdWords from scratch! You don’t need to have any previous experience to be able to follow the course. The most important part of the course is to learn what AdWords is. That will be the first lesson in the course. Next, you will learn, how to set up an account, how to make a campaign and more. The teacher of the course, Gary Kind is a developer and marketer. He has over 20 years of experience in running businesses. He will cover the whole aspect of creating campaigns, researching keywords and writing ads. If you have a business and a website, you will benefit a lot from enrolling the course.

Mark Meyerson, Advanced Google AdWords Training – From An Industry Veteran: Do you have a basic knowledge of AdWords? Great, the course is for people who have some experience with Google AdWords. You need to know how to set up AdWords account and be confident with navigation through the account. Mark Meyerson is the teacher of the course and founder of oneegg.com.au. He is a certified Google Premium Partner, with 10 years of experience in the field. The course is based on techniques which he has learned over the years. You will learn about budget optimization techniques, Google templates, advanced testing and more.

Grigor Yovov, AdWords: Google AdWords Certification – Ultimate All 6 Exams: To get the AdWords certificate, you need to pass two exams. The first one called AdWords Fundamentals and the second one by your choice. You can choose between search, display, mobile, video and shopping advertising. You need to have a high score to get the certificate. If you have 80% and more correct answers, you will pass the exam. You don’t want to be in a situation in which you have 79% of correct answers and fail the exam! Before the exam, you should prepare yourself and be sure that you will pass it. Grigor Yovov is a certified Google AdWords expert. He has designed the course to prepare you for the exam.

Zaid Ammari, Ultimate Guide to Retargeting (Adwords, Facebook, Twitter +): Learn how to use retargeting. Do you know anything about retargeting? If you don’t know anything, you shouldn’t be worried. You will learn everything from scratch. This is an interactive course filled with strategies to maximize your retargeting campaigns. The teacher of the course has more than 7 years of experience in digital architecture. You will learn how to set up remarketing using available channels such as Facebook. There are a lot of bonus content. You will have an opportunity to learn how to make image and video gifs. By the end of the course, you will become a retargeting & remarketing expert.

Certify You, AdWords (Fundamentals + Display Advertising) : Practice Test: Prepare yourself for AdWords certificate! Why do you need this certificate? Google AdWords certification gives you an opportunity to show your AdWords skills. To get the AdWords certificate, you need to pass the Fundamentals exam plus the second exam of your choice. The best way of learning is through a simulation of these exams. According to this, the course will provide you the practice tests for these two exams. Ideal candidates for the course are entrepreneurs and potential digital marketers.

David Black, Learn AdWords in 60 Minutes: What is Google AdWords? How can you use the service to grow your business? Which are the most important principles? Find out the answers to these questions in the course. The course starts with basic things and progress to the more advanced topic. You don’t need any experience to enroll in the course. If you decide to attend the course, you will learn how to improve your marketing strategies. Next, you will learn how to research, start and track your AdWords campaigns. Ideal candidates are small business owners who want to grow their businesses.

Certify You, AdWords (Fundamental + Video Advertising) : Practice Tests: Do you want to get more job opportunities? You should consider getting the Google AdWords certificate. This certificate will open many doors to you in the advertising industry. The Google AdWords exam is currently free, so it would be good to prepare yourself for it. You can take the exam for anywhere, you need to have an internet connection and a computer. You will get practice test for the Fundamental Exam and the Video Advertising exam. If you pass these two exams, you will be ready to become a certified Google AdWords expert.

Johnson Kee, How To Write Emotional AdWords Ads To Get More Clicks: Searchers don’t click on boring ads. People make their own decision based on their emotions. Each ad should cause some emotions in people. If we consider that people avoid ads, you should try to make an interesting ad. In the course, you will learn which are 4 strongest people emotions that can get you more clicks. Next, you will learn how to improve your copywriting skills and how to use emotional strategies. By the end of the course, you will develop an ability to make a difference between great and boring ads.

Edessa Institute, Learn Adwords & Facebook PPC With A Former Google Employee: Learn what matters step by step. The main goal of the course is to make the process of creating advertising campaigns, simple. The teacher of the course, Neal, has worked with a lot of businesses and individuals. He has created the course to help people to use the benefits of today’s most popular platforms. All irrelevant and complicated details will be thrown out of this process. The course has several sections. First, you will learn how to create Adwords campaigns. Second, you will learn how to use Facebook to find your audience. Next, the teacher will talk about conversion rate optimizations and analytics.

Sandeep Dhar, Adwords 2018: Google Certification Exam Question Bank: Practice AdWords exams. This is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for all six Google Adwords exams. The course will provide you online tests for practicing the exams. If you finish all these tests, you will have a higher chance of passing the exams. The teacher Sandeep Dhar is a digital marketer and instructor. He will try to explain to you all the hardest questions in the tests. If you want to become a certified Google Adwords expert, enroll in the course.

Ilana Wechsler, Advanced Google AdWords Training: Level up your AdWords knowledge! If you have a basic understanding of Google AdWords, you can follow the course. If you are new to AdWords, it would be better to find another course from the list. In this course, students will learn the advanced techniques of Google AdWords. Understanding the basic concepts of Google AdWords is very important. AdWords platform is constantly changing, and some people find it difficult to adapt. The teacher has made a course with the basic goal of helping people to better manage the platform. You will learn how to manage your account faster and how to use automation tools.

Justin Clifton, Become A Google AdWords Expert: Justin is a top-rated AdWords freelancer. According to him, if you want to have success in the field, you need to have language and analytical-mathematical skills. In the course, he will talk about 5 types of AdWords campaigns. You will learn which tools you should use to boost the performance of your AdWords account. By the end of the course, you will be able to make campaigns that brings you more profit. Ideal candidates for the course are business owners and people who want to become AdWords professionals.

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