9 Best Online ACT Courses

The competition for college acceptance is stiffer than ever. How do students get accepted? Finding good college counseling would be a good start. Generally an important part of your application are standardized test scores. Preparations for these tests can be expensive. If you want to save money and time, it would be good to consider an online course. We have prepared the list of 9 best ACT Prep Courses!

The main purpose of ACT test is to measure a high-school student’s potential for a college. A student can retake an ACT test many times. You shouldn’t send the results to a college until you are sure that you have your best score. There are four ACT tests. Those are English, Reading, Math and Science test. The 40-minute Writing test is optional. Do you want to be prepared for the tests? Check out the courses below and you will be on the right track!

TutorMe.com Test Prep, Premium ACT® Prep Course: Improve Your ACT Score: The ACT is split into 4 main tests! English, Math, Reading and Science test will be explained in the course. On the ACT tests, you will receive one point for each correct answer. There is no penalty for an incorrect answer. That means you should take the opportunity and leave no answers blank. The Premium ACT® Prep Course will provide everything you need to know to pass the tests. The course contains animated lessons, practice tests, and over 500 practice problems. If you want to achieve a high ACT score and a possibility to get a scholarship, enroll in the course.

Harvard Student Agencies, Harvard ACT Test Prep Bootcamp: Harvard students prepare you for the ACT test! Harvard specialists provide proved methods for getting high scores on the ACT tests. If you want to reach the highest score on the test, enroll in the course. You will get clear instructions for each section of the course. After each video lesson, you will apply what you have learned through quizzes. In the end, you will get a practice exam. You will be able to check your answers and identify mistakes. The course is for all high school students who want to improve their performance for the exam.

Examizy Media, ACT vs New SAT Comparison: Complete Guide: ACT vs SAT? What should you take? All U.S. colleges accept both tests. Both tests are similar but they have a different structure. If you want to apply to a college in the USA, you will have to take one of these tests. It is up to you to decide which test is better for you. But, how to make a decision which test is better for you? You are in the right place! In the course, you will learn everything you need to know about the ACT and SAT. You will learn the differences between these two tests and what is new in the exams.

Daniel Johnston, Ace the ACT English Test: Learn how to get the best score on the ACT English test! We bet that you dream of the highest score on an ACT test. Daniel Johnston wanted the best score for the English test and got it. He studied hard, read many books and practiced tests. Through the course, he wants to share his experience with you. You will learn how to understand all types of questions in the test. The teacher will provide the combinations of test questions with explanations. By the end of the course, you will boost your confidence. If you want to get a high score on the test, enroll in the course.

Julio Gonzalez, ACT Math Test Prep Course Exam Review Made Easy: Learn how to solve math concepts! You should have a basic understanding of Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Julio Gonzalez is a math & science teacher and the teacher of the course. In the course, he will explain 190 problems with step-by-step solutions. Before you see a solution to a problem, you can pause the video and try to solve it by yourself. The course covers lots of different areas, such as integers, inequalities, functions and more.

Neilson M.A Secondary Education, ACT Prep Course: Strategies to Maximize Your Math Score: Do you believe in yourself? Many people spent years learning math but they still are not sure they will pass the exam. The teacher will learn you all essential strategies for maximizing your score. The ACT is not a typical school test. The ACT test contains a lot of hard and tricky questions. You need to study various types of subjects to be able to pass it. In the course, you will learn how to manage your time, solve problems without using math and avoid mistakes.

Examizy Media, Express ACT 30+ Preparation Formula: Pass the ACT tests with the highest scores! There are a lot of benefits of getting a high score on these tests. You will secure your place in college and become a potential candidate for a scholarship. If you have a pen, a paper, and calculator, you are ready for the course. The ACT Express Prep course will learn you everything you need to know through five sections. You will learn the essential rules of ACT exams. Next, you will learn how to handle English grammar questions, solve math problems, and answer reading and science questions.

Jeff Kolby, Nova’s ACT Verbal Prep Course: Don’t spend your money on test prep companies! You can find everything you want to learn in this course. All high school students who want to pass the ACT writing section should enroll in the course. The ACT Verbal Section is not easy and you need to be ready to study hard for the exam. The course provides the following benefits. You will get video step-by-step explanations and mentor exercises. You will learn writing techniques, punctuation, and grammar. By the end of the course, you will able to write great essays. More importantly, you will know how to pass the ACT Verbal Section.

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, Take the SAT or ACT Free!: These tests cost money. Sometimes families spend a lot of money to prepare their children for a college. Every year two million students pay 9 billion dollars on test prep and tutoring. That is a huge amount of money. Help yourself and your family by avoiding these costs. The course will help you to cut the costs or even to reduce them. The teacher will provide strategies that will help you to save your money. You will also discover which universities don’t need SAT or ACT test scores. Enroll now and save thousands of dollars on college test prep.

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