20 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses

The main aim of yoga is the harmony of physical actions, emotions, and thoughts of a human body. Yoga represents a science of human being and all its aspects. Have you ever considered being a yoga teacher? Do you want help other people to find inner peace? Our research team has found the 20 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

Yoga observes man as a complex being with a physical body, energy body, mental body, and body of bliss. People are not aware of these bodies and their correlations. The most popular types of yoga are Hatha yoga and Rāja yoga. The courses below will help you to find out more about different types of yoga and how to become a yoga teacher.

Karen E Wells, Professional Accredited Yoga Teacher Training Course: Learn the best techniques of Yoga! If you are looking to start a career in the field, this course is for you. The role of a yoga teacher is very important. You need to be able to provide an opportunity for other people to shape their lives in a holistic manner. As a yoga teacher, you should feel a pleasure when you see how your students are progressing. In the course, you will learn all about yoga, hormones, breathing techniques, poses and more.

Tyler McCoy, Total Transformation Yoga Teacher Training: Anatomy & Flow!: How to speak to a big number of students? As a yoga teacher, you have to know how to speak to a big number of people so they can understand your instructions. It is not a secret that 95% of all yoga teachers are giving wrong instructions that can injure students. You don’t want to be that kind of instructor. The course is an opportunity for you to learn the latest and cutting-edge yoga techniques. You will learn 7 Core Cues to be able to understand how the right yoga works.

Amany H. Alkhayat, Become a Tech Savvy Teacher: Do you feel that your students are bored? It is time to make changes in your teaching tactics. The course will provide effective techniques which you can apply in your classroom. The techniques will help your students to become more creative and better at learning. You will learn how to create educational avatars and comics for teaching purposes. The teacher will show you useful websites where you can learn more about yoga.

Founder, Yoga Shred & E-RYT 300, Rockstar Teacher Training: Make more money by teaching yoga! Sadie is a yoga instructor and she will teach you everything you need to know to become a yoga instructor. According to Sadie, when you are learning yoga, you need to be yourself. Many people have an aggressive approach and try to be loud. Her classes will encourage you to choose the style of teaching you love. She will help you to make that style more effective for your future students. Ideal students are yoga instructors who already know the basics of teaching yoga.

Joe Parys, Begin Teaching Online Full Time: Starter Course Unofficial: How do we create an online course? How to serve people all over the world? If you are a yoga teacher who would like to create an online course, you should enroll in this one. Joe Parys is an online instructor with a lot of experience in online teaching. He wants to show you the beginning steps in creating the first video course. You will learn about which equipment you need, which topics to choose and how to publish a course. This is a great beginner guide for yoga teachers who want to start an online career.

Founder, Yoga Shred & E-RYT 300,  Evolution Teacher Training: Increase your class size and your income. In the course, you will learn the latest tools which will help you to become an effective yoga teacher. By the end of the course, you will increase your class size, your income, and your satisfaction. What will you learn in the course? You will learn which verbal cues and words to use to lower a tension or stress. You will learn how to motivate your students and avoid limitations in reaching their full potential.

Johar Singh, Corporate Yoga Teacher Training: Bring the benefits of yoga to your workplace. Johar Singh is a professional yoga teacher. He has 8 years of experience in teaching yoga. In the course, he wants to point out all the advantages of teaching yoga in a workplace. In the end, you will be able to plan your program and deliver the most effective workplace yoga classes. Ideal candidates for the course are yoga instructors and yoga teachers.

Ariele Foster, Pay for your Yoga Teacher Training + Jump Start Your Career: How do you become an effective yoga teacher? Ariele Foster has been teaching yoga for 17 years. She is the perfect person to tell you how to start your yoga career. You will learn about workshops, payments negotiations and how to create your schedule. The best candidates for the course are graduated yoga teachers.

Josie McKenlay, Yoga Teacher Training: An introduction to Pranayama: Learn 10 Pranayama techniques. The course is going to provide you more than simple breathing exercises. You will learn the Pranayama techniques which can help you to lower your stress and anxiety and the profoundly effective Pawanmuktasana series of 3 sequences to remove energy blockages. These techniques can help people to improve their flexibility, mental and physical health. The course is also an introduction to yoga anatomy and philosophy. Yoga teachers who want to include the Pranayama techniques in their programs should enroll in the course.

Jason Campbell, Building Your Community: Yoga Teacher Training in Marketing: Build a yoga business! In this modern world, stress and mental issues are the most common things. That is the reason why yoga and fitness industry are growing. You should find your place in the industry and build your own community. Whether you are an individual yoga teacher or a gym owner, you should enroll in the course. You will learn how to attract new and loyal students, and how to create workshops.

Kristen Porter, Yoga Teacher Toolbox: Corrections & Adjustments: Improve your yoga performance! How do you want your students to feel? Are you ready to give 100% of your potential to improve your classes? You are in the right place! As a yoga teacher, you are a guide for your students. You give your students an opportunity to explore their bodies. In the course, you will receive instructions for students who don’t practice very well. The ideal candidate for the course is a yoga teacher.

Tyler McCo,  The Yoga Of Success: 10 Steps To Attracting Abundance!: How to be successful in your field? No matter what you are doing, the teachers of the course want to help you to become successful. The course will take you through 10 steps to become successful in your field. There will be topics such as money, relationships, social media, branding and more. By the end of the course, you will be sure what you want to do in your life. The ideal candidates for the course are people who want to earn a living by doing something interesting.

Pamela Rubens,  YOGA Techniques for Spiritual Healing: Learn secret yoga techniques! Pamela Rubens is a yoga teacher and psychologist. Do you feel a lack of purpose in your life? Do you feel stuck in your life or relationship? The course is for people who are anxious, tired and depressed. How can we fight anxiety or depression? The answer is yoga. In the course, you will learn 5 principles of yoga for a long, happy and healthy life. If you are a yoga teacher who wants to level up your yoga skills, you should enroll in the course.

Cailen Ascher,  Go From LOCAL Teacher to GLOBAL Yoga Entrepreneur: Turn your yoga teaching into a fun. If you are a yoga teacher, you always need to find ways to improve your teaching. In the course, you will learn how to identify strategies that can help you to become a full-time yoga teacher. The instructor will explain to you how to start your yoga teaching online. You will learn how to monetize your yoga blog and YouTube channel and how to open a virtual yoga studio.

Founder, Yoga Shred & E-RYT 300, The Yoga Shred Super Fitness Course: Get ready to rock your body! The instructor has spent many years to teach clients how to be healthy inside. In the course, you will learn how to look great on the outside and feel great on the inside. The first part of the course is about detoxifying. You need to allow your body to cleanse itself. Many people have radical decisions and they avoid to eat food, drink lemon juice instead of water etc. This can be very bad for their health. Enroll in the course and find out more about yoga techniques.

Tiffany Cruikshank, Yoga Medicine’s Guide to Therapeutic Yoga: Yoga is very powerful. It can influence many parts of our lives. Do you want to be more efficient at work? Do you want to have better interactions with people? For all these aspects of our lives, yoga can do a lot. The course has 3 sections. Those are the physical component, nervous system and the power of the mind. If you want to feel better and less depressed, you should take the course.

Seane Corn, Sounds True Presents: Mystic Flow – The Yoga of Awakening: Yoga Training with Seane Corn. Seane is an international yoga teacher. She is national yoga ambassador for YouthAIDS. Her program goes deeper into yoga and it represents an invitation to wake up and create a better world. Each section of the course starts with a prayer which helps you to connect with the God. Seane talks about yoga very passionately, which you can see in the preview video of the course. If you like her approach to yoga, you should enroll in this beautiful course.

Sarah Beth Yoga, Yoga for Desk Workers & Students – Desk Yoga for Relaxation: Do you feel a pressure? Do you have problems with physical pain? If your answers are yes, enroll in the course. Whether you have physical or mental problems, yoga teacher can always help you. The instructor of the course has a goal to teach other people how to cope with daily stress and pain. Through the sections of the course, you can cure wrists, neck, shoulders, posture, hips, and back. If you are a yoga teacher who wants to level up your skills, enroll in the course. Anybody who wants to get rid of pain and stress is the best candidate for the course.

Abhyasa Ashram, Ashtanga Yoga: The Traditional Practice: Yoga is a process for whole life. The main goal of the course is to provide a systematic overview of the process of Ashtanga Yoga. There are three words in this phrase, ASHTA, ANGA, and yoga. “Ashta” means eight and “Anga” means rungs. Ashtanga Yoga brings you peace, happiness, and bliss. More about this aspect of yoga, you can find in the course. The ideal candidates are yoga practitioners and yoga teachers with many years of experience.

Seva Samadhi, Hatha & Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Beginners! Earth Yoga: This course is not just another typical Yoga program. This amazing yoga course  includes a lot of different other systems such as Pilates, Karana Yoga, Restorative poses, Sotai Yoga,Yoga Nidra and more! It is my firm belief that we humans are an integral part of Nature and that’s why I wanted to share this course with you in the outdoors, right in the heart of Nature! This way you will balance mentally and physically rediscovering your inner path! Earth Yoga Course is the final part in a series of three introductory Yoga Courses. There are  two more parts in the series, the Sea Yoga Course and the Green Yoga Course. The Earth Yoga course is divided into two parts. The first part is intended for beginner level students. Beginners will first deal with the 3 Basic Breathings,the Karanas and the Deep Relaxation. The second part is intended for intermediate level students.Intermediate students can do all the lectures in the course. The goal of this course is to understand your body!