19 Best Wedding and Event Planning Courses Online

Planning a wedding is not an easy thing. For some people, it could be a nightmare. A wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. You have to make a lot of effort to make that day wonderful. You need to find a nice dress, choose an ideal restaurant, a band and plan your honeymoon. The list is long! Check out our list of 19 Amazing Wedding & Event Planning Courses, Schools & Degrees. It is not a long list and it will provide you the best tips for wedding and event planning.

You can consider wedding planning as a job. There are a lot of risks. Rain is one of the bad circumstances that can destroy an atmosphere at your wedding. Before you begin to get panic attacks, you should consider how to deal with bad situations. For example, the rain would not be a problem if you rent beautiful white umbrellas. You should predict potential bad situations and find a solution for each of them. Whether you are planning your own wedding or you want to become a wedding coordinator, these courses will help you.

Recommended Program: New York Institute of Art and Design

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers online courses in both wedding and event planning. 

The Wedding Planning Course will train you to become a professional wedding planner. It is approved by the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), the world’s largest professional wedding planning organization.

The Event Planning Course will help you master the art of event planning and give you the business skills required to succeed in this exciting field. You will learn how to ensure the success of any event – including meetings, fundraisers, parties, retreats, and more.

Both courses include a series of projects designed to put your skills to the test. Students will benefit from one-to-one mentorship from a professional planner, there to help guide you through the program on the path to success.

Learn more at NYIAD.edu

Andrew Abraham, Event Planning | 1.5 Hour Crash Course and How to Guide: Get starting planning and managing events! If you had never planned an event, the course will help you to create an effective event. Which are benefits of taking the course? You will see problems before they arise. You will learn how to organize conferences, corporate parties, meetups, and more. Ideal candidates are people who plan their own events and professionals.

Debbie Orwat, Getting Started as a Wedding and Event Planner: Do you want to become a wedding planner? This is an interesting occupation for people who like to plan things and who like weddings. If you want to start a career in the industry, enroll in the course. Debbie Orwat, the teacher of the course, is a professional event planner. In the course, you will find out how to start in the industry. Debbie will talk about education, network options, and job opportunities. By the end of the course, you will learn how to build a portfolio even if you don’t have any experience.

Aisha Perry, Event Planning made simple from Home: Planning business from scratch! Aisha Perry loves to teach people about event planning. How do you start an event planning business with a small budget? Enroll in the course and find out the answer. Besides this, you will learn how to create contracts, and how to advertise your services. You will learn everything about starting your own business in one place. Ideal candidates for the course are beginners and remote workers.

Keith Banfield, How To Get Bookings and Make Money From Your Event: How do you market your events? If you are a business owner or a presenter who wants to run seminars, the course is for you. The most common problem is attracting the audience. You don’t want an empty room when you hold your presentation. How do you attract attendees? In the course, you will learn how to run your own courses, workshops or seminars. The teacher will take you through the proven 6-step-system.

Jaden Rowendy, How to Become a Successful Event Planner: The answer is to learn the essential strategies. The course offers seven simple strategies for success in event planning and management. You will be better at understanding the basics of planning events. You will learn how to schedule an event, market your event and attract attendees and sponsors. In the end, you will get a case study in which you will apply everything you have learned. As a bonus, you will get the most important tools, software, and templates that you can use in your own business.

Jody-Ann Rowe, Event U: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Event Planning: Become an event planner expert! If you are searching for a course that will turn you into an expert in less than 30 days, you are in the right place. Jody is the teacher of the course, a consultant, and an event planner. She has structured the course to be effective as possible. You will learn how to create an event budget, an event timeline, identify and manage risks. By the end of the course, you will be ready to start your own business.

Will Caraway, Event Planning – Creating Sales for Your Business: Learn how to bring the business to you! Do you want more business, more clients, and more referrals? Enroll in the course and learn how to get started in the event planning industry. What to do? What not to do? Where to put the food, signs and name tags? These are the most important questions for every event planner expert. Ideal candidates for the course are people who are searching for ways to increase their business.

Aleasha Macklin, Event Planning : Planning for Leisure and Corporate: How do you plan corporate events? If you would like to become a corporate event planner, this is the course you should take. Every company needs to have one person who will organize meetings and conferences. You can be that person. Enroll in the course and learn all these things. You will also learn how to plan family vacations, baby showers, parties and outdoor events.

Alex Genadinik, Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing & Management: How to promote your business? The course is for small business owners who want to generate more money. If you are a business expert, the course may be too basic to you. In the course, you will learn how to create successful events and how to get press coverage of your events. Next, the teacher will explain how to use social media and SEO to promote your events. Learn the best event marketing and event management strategies.

Jarno Stegeman, Event Planning: learn how to plan a great event: How do you write a great event plan? When you planning an event, it is very important to plan all details. Let’s say, you organize an event for 200 people. There are many things that you need to pay attention to. We can point out, researching your audience, paying attention to safety aspects of events and more. If you are passionate about planning and want to write an effective event plan, enroll in the course.

Lloyd Ball, How to Throw Events and Attract Corporate Sponsors: How do you get the best sponsors? Imagine that you can get a sponsor for every event you want. Imagine that everyone talks about your events. The press, the city, the competition, everyone can talk about you! That is exactly what you are going to learn in the course. The teachers of the course are very successful event planners. They will explain how to find sponsors, celebrities, how to impress clients and how to create after parties.

Jill McCullough, MBA, Successful Event Planning and Management: Plan and coordinate your events. If you plan festivals, fairs, art exhibition or any kind of private event, the course is for you. In the course, you will learn strategies that will save your time, money and resources. You will learn how to start your events, how to create digital campaigns and how to attract attendees. Next, you will learn how to create business and risk management plans.

iMarketer Startup School, Expand Your Business with Events: Goodbye stressful events! Every event needs a plan for success. By attending the course, you will learn how to start your business. The course has five chapters. First, you will learn how to design an event and set your goals. The next chapters are about creating pre-event plans, contingency planning and marketing strategies. The course is for anyone who wants to become an event planner in a short period of time.

Mystique Latese, The Wedding Planner Toolkit: Learn coordination tools for wedding planning! A wedding coordinator is a very interesting job in which you can express your creativity. How do you develop a strategy for a wedding? How do you create a wedding package? Enroll in the course and you will get the answers to these questions. The teacher will provide all essential tools which you can apply to your business today.  All the tools provided in the course are downloadable, so you can edit them and immediately start using them for your business. Included in the toolkit are: sample wedding packages, a sample wedding timeline and a bridal wish list.  People who are considering to start a career in the field are the best candidates for the course.

Cynthia & Chris, How to Plan a Destination Wedding: Learn how to find the perfect wedding destination. The teachers of the course, Cynthia & Chris, will help you to choose a destination for your wedding. Many people are confused when they need to make a decision about the wedding destination. There are too much information on the internet. Whether you are planning to have a domestic wedding or abroad, their tips will help you to save your money. Ideal candidates for the course are people who are planning a wedding.

Karen Hopkins, How to Plan a Wedding – Budget Saving Secrets: Avoid stress at your wedding. We understand that planning a budget for a wedding can be stressful. But, don’t let money ruin your wedding. Since that day should be the best day in your life, you need to learn how to make the most effective budget. In the course, you will learn how to avoid overspendings. You will learn which things you must have, and which things are not necessary for your wedding. Ideal candidates for the course are brides who refuse to go into debt.

Chuck Clayton, How to Run a Successful Charity Event!: Have you ever thought of running a charity event? Do you think that you have the right skills to do that? If you are not sure, you should take this course. The teacher of the course has designed the course with three goals. First, you will learn how to make a decision to run your own charity event. Second, you will get all knowledge and resources to run your charity event. In the end, the techniques of boosting an event to another level will be explained. If you want to become a charity event chairman, enroll in the course.

Lisa Price, Event Management for Beginners: Create, manage and review your own event! Event management from start to end is a hard work. In the same time, the job is very challenging and exciting. Lisa, the teacher of the course, is running two event operation companies in Australia. She is the perfect person to teach you everything about event management. You will learn how to become organized and how to gain your confidence. By the end of the course, you will be able to speak with confidence and choose the right people for your events.

Christopher Greenwood, How To Sell More Products At Live Events: Which strategies work and which don’t? In the course, you will learn how to maximize your profit at live events. You will learn strategies that you can use at your next live show to increase your sales. The teacher will talk about how to sell without being pushy, how to train volunteers and much more. The ideal candidates for the course are musicians, artists and clothing owners.