20 Best Online Movie Editing Courses

Have you ever wanted to make a movie? Check out our list of Best Online Movie Editing Courses, Schools & Degrees… We live in an era where video content is very popular. When cameras are available to every person, video recording has become pervasive. When YouTube appeared, people started to make movies, vlogs, and tutorials on a massive scale. Video content has become wildly popular format on the internet.

How do we make movies? Movie editors get raw footage with the task of making a movie from it. Movie editing is the process of cutting, editing and merging video content. To be able to perform these tasks, you need to be familiar with a wide range of video editing software. The most popular video editing software is Adobe Premiere, followed by Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Find out more about these tools in the courses below. We have found the best movie editing courses  for you.

Rafi Saar,  The Complete iMovie Course – from Beginner to Advanced: Learn everything about iMovie! iMovie is a video editing software which makes the process of creating movies easier. If you are a beginner or an advanced user, this course is for you. What does the course cover? You will learn how to import footage, organize media, make transitions and more. You will be able to make a movie or a trailer with titles using this software solution.  This course includes many pro tips showing how to accomplish things iMovie was not even meant to do.

Luke Yoshida, Edit Videos with Windows Movie Maker: Why would we use Movie Maker? Movie Maker is a very simple movie editing software. You can create picture slideshows and simple video editing of your video content. If you don’t want to use expensive and complicated programs, you should try Movie Maker. It is for people who only need to make small and easy video editing. You will learn how to add music and text captions to your videos.

Kyle Pennell, Anyone can edit videos: Movie Maker: Yes, this is true. This is another great course which will teach you how to use Movie Maker. The teacher will show you how to turn a raw footage into a real movie. He will edit his video from a trip to Mexico. You will learn how to add effects, titles, audio, and transitions. The course is for people who are beginners in this field. By the end of the course, you will be able to make your own movie.

Robb Montgomery, iPhone Filmmaking: LEVEL THREE – Shoot & edit a 4K film FCPx: How do we make movies with phones? This course teaches you about documentary filmmaking. You are asking yourself, is it possible to make a serious documentary with a phone? Yes, it is. The course will show you advanced techniques of how to plan, edit and produce a movie. The teacher will show how to make a scene with a smartphone and edit it in Final Cut Pro.

Andrew St.Pierre White, VIDEO EDITING techniques loved by pro broadcast filmmakers: Be a filmmaker! Andrew St Pierre White is an expert in TV, film, and publishing. He has 38 years of experience. If you need an advice on how to start working in the industry, this course is a pure treasure. Andrew will share with you the best conclusions from his long career. He will talk about the power of music in videos, how to reach your audience and editing techniques.

Phil Ebiner, Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Updated for 2018!: Become an expert in this field. As you know, Adobe Premiere is a professional software for making movies. If you want to start a career as a movie editor, you have to learn how to use this program. This course is for people who are starting out. What will you learn here? You will learn tools, shortcuts, and video editing techniques. Through the course, you will have the opportunity to edit your own documentary.

Life Progression Project,  Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Learn Video Editing In Premiere Pro: This course is for beginners. Have you ever wanted to become a movie editor? Are you afraid to start learning? There is no reason for that. This course is the perfect place for people who are considering of being movie editors. You will learn about folder structures, audio plugins and keyboard shortcuts. You will gain all necessary skills to put yourself in a position to make a movie.  This course is an introduction into video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It will take you from the very beginning of opening Premiere Pro CC and learning the various panel windows to editing clips together, audio work, color correction, creating sequence presets, titles, keyboard shortcuts, exporting and much more!

Phil Ebiner, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: The Complete Video Editing Course: Learn the whole process of editing. The main goal of the course is to motivate you to learn through fun. You will start from the very beginning. That means that you will learn how to start a project, add effects and titles and how to export your videos. The teacher will provide a supplemental video and audio clips which you can use to practice what you have learned. The course is for both, beginners and advanced users.

Jordy Vandeput, Learn Video Editing with Premiere Pro CC for beginners: Have you ever tried to use this program? Many people claim that the first experience with Premiere Pro was confusing. There are too many buttons which can demotivate you to start learning. If this is the case with you, sign up for this course. Jordy Vandeput is a filmmaker and teacher and he will help you to learn all core options of the software. You will start with setting up a project and continue with learning basic techniques. By the end of the course, you will be able to handle all aspects of the process to make a full professional movie.

Louay Zambarakji, Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Fast Track to Video Editing: Create your first movie! It is time to make your dreams come true. If you think that you have the potential for video editing, you should try yourself. This course is the perfect opportunity for that. The teacher will cover the whole post-production process in video editing. You will learn how to create animations, graphics clips and make color corrections. The best benefit of taking the course is that you will have the opportunity to make your first movie.

George Kingsnorth, Learn video editing techniques for drama: How do we make a drama movie? George Kingsnorth has 30 years of experience in TV editing. He will teach you how to use non-linear editing systems to make a drama movie. To be able to follow the course you need to have the programs such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. All demonstration of the video editing process will be in Premiere Pro. You will learn how to synchronize audio and video, add effects, and upload to YouTube. If you ever wanted to make a drama movie, the course is perfect for you.

Allan Michael, Video Editing: Master 4K Video In 30 min: 4K is the format of the future. If you want to be part of the industry, you need to follow the latest technologies. In this course, the teacher will explain why 4K will be the format of the future. He will show you how to edit a 4K video to get a feeling they have a higher production value. Through the whole process, you will learn editing techniques with Premiere Pro CC. The course is for editors of all levels.

Eden Marco, Edit videos like a pro from iPhone\iPad using iMovie: Make a movie with a mobile device! If you don’t have a professional camera, that is not a reason to avoid making movies. You need to express your creativity. The cameras of latest mobile phones have great picture quality. If you record a movie with iPhone, people won’t see any difference. The course is for all people who want to make a movie with their mobile phone. All you need is iPhone or iPad.

Phil Ebiner, The Complete Video Production Bootcamp: Learn the basics of video editing. The course is for all people who want to learn about video editing process. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a professional camera. You will learn everything you need to know to make a movie with your smartphone or photo camera. Which equipment should you use? Which lighting techniques should you use? How to record great audio with different types of microphones? Find out the answers in the course.

Uri Soglowek, Complete Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Course!: Perfect for beginners. As a beginner, you need to learn all essential techniques to be able to make your first video. What is the timeline? That is the most important segment of every video production software. After you learn that, you will learn how to start a project, add titles, edit audio and video and export your videos. In the course, you will avoid complex options and learn only the options you would use.

Kenz A.Soliman, Video editing for busy entrepreneurs: edit video like a boss: What will you learn here? If you are a busy entrepreneur who wants to learn about video editing, this course is for you. Why would entrepreneurs learn video editing? They often have creative thoughts about their products that can’t explain to their workers. Instead of hiring video experts, they decide to learn video editing. This course will save your precious time because you won’t learn unnecessary things. You will learn how to use Filmora video editing software.

Tony Ross,  Learn to Edit Video w/ Adobe Premiere Pro in 10 Easy Lessons: Never touched video editing before? You are in the right place. The course contains 10 lessons in which you are going to learn how to make a videos. You will have the opportunity to make
a promotional video for a course. Through the project, you will learn how to edit video, colors and how to make transitions. After the course, you will be able to make your own professional videos.

Masuk Sarker Batista, The Complete Video Editing Course With Wondershare Filmora: How do we make amazing videos? Masuk Sarker Batista is a professional video editor. What will you learn in his course? First, you will learn how to import, cut and delete videos. Then you will learn how to add title, fonts, transitions, and logos to your videos. These options are essential for video editing. The teacher will also talk about how to stabilize shaky videos and how to make special effects.

Life Progression Project, Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Complete A Video Editing Project: Learn AP from scratch! The course contains instructions on how to make your own professional video project. You will learn how to organize your footage, correct the colors and how to add visual effects. There will be some advanced lessons. By the end of the course, you will gain confidence and start creating amazing videos.

Dave B., Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Essentials: This is an overview of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. You will learn how to organize your files, import videos and set up a project. The most important things that everybody needs to know are included in the course. This contains marking points, creating sub-clips, trimming, audio and video effects. By the end of the course, you will be able to turn a raw footage into a movie.