Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

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By Tara Cawthra

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking

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From product to mindset, this MasterClass gives you an overview on how one of the most renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay, has built his brand up to what it is today, and reflects on what it took to get there. I believe it is an excellent course for anyone who is branching off on their own as Gordon shares valuable lessons he’s learned throughout his career.


  • 20 anytime, high-definition, lessons allowing repeat views
  • Taught by a master cook
  • Detailed printable workbook
  • Multiple new chef secrets are learned


  • Cost of taking the course ($90) or All-Access Pass ($180)
  • The course will leave you wanting more and there is no sequel
  • Most people are unable to afford the cost products and some ingredients
  • Limited recipes
  • Recipes require lots of practice

I am a cook, but not near a chef.  I finally have free time since kids have flown the coop and I decided that although I cook, I am not as masterful as I want to be.  Being a chef is not in my future, but I want to act as a chef whenever needed. I want to improve my cooking and “WOW” my friends and hubby from time to time.  

Things to consider before buying this Masterclass

I wanted to learn more than the basics my mother and a lifetime in the kitchen taught me.  You need to make a mental note of everything expected from the class before you can begin seeking the perfect course.  Cost is a huge factor currently, but I did not want to buy something low quality. I also did not wish to buy something I could only access once.  I wanted something I could revisit as needed. Perhaps revisiting to review a skill or a recipe. I did not want to work through tiresome boring lessons delivered by someone without a following.  I wanted to hear everything from the “horse’s mouth” so to speak and truly learn from a master. With this noted, I knew I wanted to learn from a prominent chef who is well known. With this in mind, I began my search for courses meeting my standard.  There are many courses available, but one stood out to me. It is a website called Masterclass with the course entitled, “Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking.” Unfamiliar with this site, I was intrigued to look further.

Presenting Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

The Masterclass course, “Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking” promises great information, but how can one ever be sure?  All websites say they have the best. 

The course includes 20 lessons and a printable workbook.  Each lesson includes a high-definition video of Chef Ramsey working in his own kitchen.  The workbook comes in handy as it has the recipes included. This allowed me to watch and take notes so that when I recreate Chef Ramsay’s masterpiece, I have everything I needed.  The website has a site called “The Hub” for participants to discuss lessons, ideas, and ask questions. It is surprising how many people were taking the class for similar reasons to mine. Additionally, there is an entire site devoted to Culinary Arts.  It includes challenges (recipes and photos), beginner recipes, discussions, and much more. Chef Ramsay holds office hours for a student to submit video questions to him. He responds via video and includes even more information than I thought a course could.

Learn More of Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

Lesson 1: Wow!  Getting to meet Chef Ramsay sitting in his kitchen is impressive.  This first lesson describes what will be coming up in future lessons.  As a Michelin star chef, Ramsay has lots of information to share. I saw a personal side of this amazing individual.  This introduction makes me want more!

Lesson 2: Learning about Chef Ramsay’s past in this lesson allows me to realize he is not just another TV actor that stepped into a perfect role.  Chef Ramsay shares growing up and learning from his mother and how he was able to reach where he is today. He did all this working up through the ranks and moving to other restaurants to feed his passion for learning about food.  I struggled with the assignment from this lesson because of my lack of free time. Others will find the assignment invaluable based on future dreams.

Lesson 3: Another “Wow!” listening to Chef Ramsay share the layout of his kitchen.  I wonder why things are sitting as they are and now I realize it is most likely for the convenience of the cook. I relate to his comments regarding the placement of every item and wish my next home build will allow my kitchen design using the ideas shared.  Not only did the lesson cover useful kitchen layout, but it also spoke about the most crucial kitchen items and what is essential when making purchases. Also, the workbook has links to several kitchen layouts.

Lesson 4: Never will I look at a vegetable the same way again.  Having cooked for the last 35+ years, I now know what to look for when purchasing vegetables and herbs. There are soft and heavy herbs?   I also know how to prepare these and many new vegetables best. I never thought about not peeling vegetables and using the method Chef Ramsay uses.  We already taste a difference in my veggies.

Lesson 5: Finally, a new recipe to attempt.  I made poached eggs years ago, but never got it right.  After my second failed attempt at the Poached Eggs & Mushrooms on Brioche recipe, I visited The Hub to check out the discussions to see if anyone else was struggling.  There, I found exactly the help I needed. With a little more practice, I finally got the eggs poached to perfection. This small feat in many other’s eyes was a HUGE accomplishment for me.  This made the purchase of the course so much more worth the cost.

Lesson 6: I have never been a knife person, but I received a lovely set of knives as a gift a few years back.  I had what I needed and did not know it. Chef Ramsay shares so many proper and comfortable methods most anyone can follow.  I now can use the knives as never before.

Lesson 7: Scrambled eggs are a much-loved serving on weekend mornings at my house.  After watching and studying the Elevated Scrambled Eggs lesson, my husband has a newfound love for these eggs.  The additional items and the method is now the favorite every morning I can make them. For once, in a long time, my husband and I are enjoying weekend breakfast at the table.  This new recipe is more than a fresh meal; it has brought life back into our mornings and our relationship.

Lesson 8: Not once in my life did I ever think about using an entire chicken.  Another great benefit of taking this course is learning how to use every part of a chicken.  I never imagined using the neck or other unused parts to make broth. I will never buy another chicken cut in pieces.  I will always use every part of the bird for something.

Lesson 9: Root vegetables are not my favorite, but thanks to Chef Ramsay, they are moving up my favorite list at record speed.  The knowledge in this lesson is now going to come to use in all my meals to come.

Lesson 10: Living on the Gulf Coast affords me an opportunity to get fresh seafood right off the boats.  I have cooked many fish dishes but never found anything I loved. Now I know how to shop at the fish market, and this makes things so much easier.  I was once intimidated by visiting the shops, but no longer.

Lesson 11: The first few lessons hooked me about wishing to learn more about Gordon Ramsay.  Learning about the making of Gordon Ramsay in this lesson gave me much more insight into his past.  I can now see how hard he has worked to become what he is today, a Master Chef.

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Lesson 12: Revisiting fish, Chef Ramsay takes the time to break down the whole fish.  Although I have fished most of my life, I see fish with entirely different eyes now.  I have not yet attempted this method, but now I can buy a whole salmon and attempt to fillet it without the asking my husband for assistance.  I cannot wait to try this. 

Lesson 13: More salmon– yummy!  Although not a much-cooked food previously at my house, this is going to change soon.  I never thought about cooking a fish leaving the skin, but now I have a guide to use. I will be trying the Salmon with Shellfish Minestrone soon.

Lesson 14: Pasta!  This is a favorite in our household, even after the kids left.  We eat pasta a couple of times each week. I never thought of making the pasta myself, but I will be doing so for our next meal.  Chef Ramsay broke down the making of pasta in such simple terms.

Lesson 15: Oh the texture of fettuccine and tortellini!  Typing the words make my mouth water. Chef Ramsay details all the information anyone will ever need to make these excellent noodles.  The methods shared are in specific detail and I, once again, visited The Hub to check out the discussions. The community offered help for all levels of cooks and answered several of my questions.

Lesson 16: Pasta filled with lobster?  One of my favorites when eating at specific restaurants, but not tried at home.  The staple of Chef Ramsay’s restaurants is this savory dish. The chef sharing the details is a win-win for all students.  It will take practice perfecting this dish at home, but now I can envision it!

Lesson 17: Hearing from a chef that the cheap meats matter was welcoming.  Families today work hard to budget food money and often, must take shortcuts.  Now that I am a little older, it has become somewhat more comfortable, but a budget is still a budget.  Chef Ramsay describes how to get the most of some of the inexpensive meats. It is not the cheap meat, but how it is prepared, that makes the difference.  Wise words from Chef Ramsay will help many, including myself.

Lesson 18: Beef Wellington has always been a dish I would love to serve, but I never attempted it.  I knew I would not do the name well. After watching this lesson, I have the confidence to try it.  It is on my grocery shopping list, and I am happily ready to recreate his masterpiece. Once again, I will review the lesson and visit The Hub before I make an attempt.  Saturday night’s dinner is looking fabulous thanks to Chef Ramsay.

Lesson 19: Chef Ramsay describes a somewhat similar upbringing, only on a different continent.  I, too, did not realize the efforts taken by my grandparents and parents to keep us from knowing we were poor when it came to food.  The authentic passion Chef Ramsay has for food is evident while viewing this lesson.

Lesson 20: The closing lesson calls for me to practice and explore more.  The chef gave reminders of things I have forgotten and need to spend time with regarding my future.  This class has reignited my passion for cooking. I do hope there is a follow-up course because I will be the first to sign up.

Cool Feature: Members of the Gordon Ramsay Masterclass can ask questions and Gordon responds.  Here is how that looks…

I scoured the Internet to find all sorts of online cooking classes.  Which course will teach me something new? I was concerned about price, but I also wanted quality.  I sought the perfect class to help me become a better cook and perhaps, to show off my new found skills when I wanted.  There are many online courses for beginners, but I am beyond that. I was seeking the perfect course with video and recipes I could try.  

Already interested in learning from a professional, I approached the “Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking” course with a skeptical eye.  The price is $90, or you can buy a year’s worth of access for $180 and take as many of the classes as you wish. This bonus was surprisingly unexpected.

I was not the only one struggling with poaching an egg.  A class participant recently said, “Poached eggs are always such a difficult thing… he makes it seem so easy! I loved the class 🙂 And his kitchen… what a dream!”  Now that I have practiced, I am happy to finally saying poaching an egg is no longer difficult.

The above screenshots helped me realize “Chef Gordon Ramsay Teaching Cooking” was the best choice for me, but please do take the time to seek out the perfect course for you.

There are many courses making promises of becoming a chef, some even overnight.  Becoming an overnight chef is not possible for me, nor is it what I wish to become.

Here are some alternatives to Gordon Ramsay Masterclass:

  • America’s Test Kitchen catalog allows access to many classes.  These include Weeknight Meals, Bakery-Style Pastries, plus over 200 more. You can find what you are looking for by searching for ingredients, difficulty, or recipe.  The cost to access these courses is $19.95 per month or $99 per year. There is no mention of any professionals leading the classes, but researching further, I was still unable to locate any discussion or community board to visit if I sought assistance.  Although all the courses look professional, I prefer to find a well-known celebrity leading the course.
  • I visited Udemy before making the purchase.  Their cooking courses are reachable at Udemy.com. There are many classes available at low prices.  The cost ranges from $9.99 to 11.99 each. I explored a session entitled, “Sauce Making Essentials.” It includes eight lectures of 44 minutes total. The course titles seem great if someone is seeking a specific method, recipe, or using a particular ingredient would find some of their courses valuable.
  • Pana Cooking classes were considered before making a purchase. Classes offered include “How to Make Pies,” Advanced Summer Grilling,” and “BBQ 101: Smoke, Sauce & Sides.” Not only have I not heard of the teachers, but the prices were also extremely high in my opinion.  The lessons seem expanded, but 6-10 lessons are contained in each. The courses are priced at the phenomenal fee of $59.99 each.


Purchasing “Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking” was an easy choice to make for the money spent.  Although one of the other choices seems to show promise, the Masterclass contained the learning I desired.  I was seeking to learn how to be a better cook, not how to become a chef. In completing the course, I am now able and better equipped, in not only cooking but also when making purchases of ingredients and products.  I have not taken the time to cook all the recipes shared, but I plan to shortly. Thank goodness, I have access for a year so I can watch some of the lessons again. Each lesson contains so much information; I will get my money’s worth with purchasing the Masterclass, “Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking.”  Now, I only wish I had purchased a Masterclass All-Access Pass.

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