8 Best Online Manychat Courses

Manychat is the most popular chatbot for marketing, support, and sales. We have prepared the list of the Best Online Manchat Courses. A bot is a software application that runs tasks over the internet. The best advantage of using the technology is the speed. Bots can search and analyze information from web servers faster than humans. The technology can be used for commercial purposes, social networking and malicious purposes. Let us help you figure out how to use Manychat.

How do your customers communicate with your business? Communication via email and phone is old. Modern companies are trying to use cutting-edge technologies to improve communication with customers. One of these technologies is chatbot. A chatbot is a computer program that communicates with humans through textual messages. This communication should be simple, like chatting with friends. Check out the courses below to find out how to use the platform called Manychat.

The Ultimate Guide – Building a Facebook Chatbot in Manychat: No coding skills needed! Manychat gives you the option to connect your Facebook page to your Manychat account. There are a lot of possibilities with Manychat. In the course, you are going to learn how to use Manychat as your marketing platform. You don’ need coding skills to be able to follow the course. You will learn how to install Manychat and send messages to your subscribers. If you want to learn more about internet marketing, enroll in the course.

Nathan Williams, Build A Facebook Messenger Bot w/ ManyChat in 90 Minutes!: How do you use Manychat? You can always communicate with your customers via email, direct mail or phone. The more effective way of communicating with your customers is through Manychat. In the course, you will learn how to connect Manychat to your page, use message editor, build a menu and more. Next, the teacher will talk about segmentation, tags, broadcasting, keywords, and growth tools. All in all, the course will cover every important aspect of the platform. Anyone who wants to automate Facebook Messenger is an ideal candidate for the course.

Krisztina Rudnay, Facebook Chat Bot Marketing: How To Use ManyChat: Set up your messenger bot. Krisztina Rudnay is a marketing consultant and an email marketing specialist. As you know, people like to get Facebook messages. Have you ever thought about to build a system that communicates with your customers? It would be a simple task if you decided to use Manychat. In the course, you will learn how to build a list and send automated Facebook messages. Next, you will learn how to send promotions, generate more leads and boost your visibility. Ideal candidates for the course are business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

Anton Viborniy, How To Build ChatBot in Facebook Messenger using ManyChat: Build a chatbot in 1 hour. As a business owner, you need to know that technology is always changing. If you avoid following the latest technology trends, your business can be in danger. Chatbots are the most popular trend right now. Facebook messenger is the perfect app for communication with your customers. Which are the main advantages of using Chatbots? It is easy to start, will be popular in the future and it is the most advanced technology right now. You will learn how to get new customers, create new communication channels and save you money. You will learn how to use Manychat and convert your viewers into your customers.

Rogerio Guimaraes, Chatbot para Iniciantes – Aprenda Manychat Agora!: Chatbot for Beginners! Note: The course is in Portuguese. If you are a beginner, the course is for you. Rogerio Guimaraes is a software engineer with more than 25 years of experience. In the course, you will learn how to increase your sale by using the advantages of chatbots. Do you want to communicate with more users on Facebook? You will learn how to create chatbot by using Manychat and how to engage your customers. Ideal candidates are people who are interested in digital marketing and Manychat platform.

Anthony Millot, Guide complet ManyChat: créer un chatbot Facebook Messenger: Do you understand the chatbot concept? Note: The course is in French. If you still don’t know how the system works, enroll in the course. Anthony Millot is a marketing expert who will provide a complete guide for Manychat. He has a lot of experience in digital marketing. You will learn how to create bot menu, trigger keywords, create ads and how to use flow builder. There will be case studies for students in which they will test what they have learned. To be able to follow the course, you need to have a Facebook account and a Facebook page. Ideal candidates for the course are marketers, contractors, and influencers.

Renaud Demaret, Manychat le robot facebook qui boost votre marketing: Do you want to promote your products better? Note: The course is in French. Whether it is a blog, project or a video, there is always a space for improvement. In the course, you will learn how to take advantages of the Facebook to get closer to your customers. It is the right time to make a Facebook Manychat bot! Renaud Demaret is a web marketing expert and he will explain to you why you should use and how to use Manychat. By using Manychat, you can grow your audience, build your brand, boost traffic and make more sales.

Mattia Ruberto, Manychat Fundamentals – Corso in Italiano: Create simple chatbots. The course is a complete guide for people who want to learn how to use Manychat. People who have a blog, a Facebook page or any online activity are welcomed to the course. You don’t need to have any experience to follow the course. Mattia Ruberto is web marketing manager and he will lead you through the world of Manychat. You will learn everything you need to know to create simple and advanced chatbots. To be able to expand the functionality of a chatbot, you will learn how to install Zapier.