Best Online Japanese Courses

Best Online Courses: JapaneseThe Japanese language is spoken by 128 million people. According to Chinese documents from the 3rd century, there were only a few Japanese words. The essential words did not appear until the 8th century. The Old Japanese language was influenced by the Chinese language. In the period from 1185 to 1600, the language transformed into a modern language.

Japanese uses Chinese characters called Kanji in their writing system. A large part of the vocabulary is borrowed from the Chinese.

Why learn Japanese? Some people simply love Japan. What are the benefits of learning Japanese? You can expand your career opportunities. You can enrich your traveling experience by going to the places you have never been before. In the end, learning the Japanese language can help you grow as a person. In this course, you will learn how to read and write in Japanese. You will be able to participate in basic conversations and sound like a native speaker.

We have prepared the list of the Best Online Japanese Courses.

Christopher Bell, Japanese In Context – Elementary Japanese Course: Learn to speak, read, and write! A desire to learn the language, a pen and a piece of paper will make you an ideal candidate for the course. Prepare yourself for 7.5 hours of video lessons. By watching these, you will go through 49 video demonstrations of how to write and speak Japanese. The instructor teaches you which modality of studying is ideal for you. Nobody wants to spend years on learning some language. The main goal of the course is to show you how to become fluent as fast as possible.

Online Japanese Beginner Course (All 12 lessons): Learn elementary Japanese! You will learn Japanese pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading. The Japanese language consists of there parts. These are Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. You don’t need to be confused about these names, the teacher will explain it step by step. Each lesson in the course is translated into English. If you want to practice your writing of hiragana and katakana, you can use a PDF file textbook of the course.

Online Japanese N5 Course(All 15 lessons): Attain Corporation is an e-learning company. They created this course to help you learn Japanese for everyday situations.  The course contains 15 lessons in which you will learn vocabulary, grammar, and common expressions. If you want to take the JLPT Level N5 test, the knowledge from the course will be enough. All people who want to enhance their Japanese communication skills are ideal students. You need to know basic English and elementary Japanese to be eligible for the course.

Online Japanese N3 Course(All 10 lessons): Attain Corp is an e-learning company. According to great reviews, their Japanese courses provide a good quality content. Japanese N3 Course is for intermediate students. After you have gained the basic knowledge through N5 and N4 level, you are ready for this course. You will learn how to understand more complex sentences. In the reading section, you will answer the questions related to everyday topics and newspaper headlines.

Business Japanese Course for Beginners Vol.1: Japan is the 3rd largest economy in the world. The country has a very developed electronic industry sector. By learning Business Japanese you can open many doors in the job market. If you are a foreigner, who is thinking about working in Japan, enroll in the course. You will learn crucial phrases that help you to build a good relationship with Japanese co-workers. In the end, you will master pronunciation and be able to have a basic business conversation.

Business Japanese Course for Beginners Vol.2: This is the second part of the business course. You will continue to learn business Japanese phrases to improve your conversational skills. Before you take this course, you should finish the first one. After you have completed Business Japanese Vol.1, you can continue to learn here. You will start from the lesson 11 and finish with the lesson 15. You will learn how to have more complex business conversations with your co-workers. If you are an international student or a foreign worker who is coming to Japan, the course is for you.

Online Japanese Kanji Character Course (All 9 lessons): Learn everything about Kanji. Before you start learning Kanji, you need to know what the Kanji characters are. Kanji characters were not created in Japan. Kanji came from China about 1500 years ago. Apart from Katakana and Hiragana, Kanji is one of the Japanese writing systems. While the alphabet represents pronunciation, Kanji represents the meaning. The instructor teaches you how to read and write Kanji in everyday life. 6.5 hours of video lessons, will be enough to teach you how to write Kanji.

Iwasaki Mikiko, Japanese language course for beginners based on MISJ: Iwasaki is the founder of the Japanese language teaching system MISJ. Hundreds of students from many countries have studied with this system. MISJ stands for Mikiko Iwasaki’s Systematic Japanese. The program stands out from other programs because it is effective and efficient. The MISJ “Welcome Program” has 12 lessons in which you learn pronunciation, basic grammar, daily and practical conversations, and basic character reading and writing. Iwasaki Mikiko takes her students through these lessons step by step. Ideal candidates for the course are beginners with little basic Japanese knowledge and persons who are considering re-starting to learn the Japanese language.

Mami Chan, Practical Japanese for 48 hours in Tokyo: How to spend a busy weekend in Tokyo? Find out the answers in the course. You will discover Japanese culture and the best places to shop. As you are going through the course, you will learn more Japanese words. You will realize how to use these word in everyday situations. The teacher Mami has made great animations, games, and quizzes to help you learn Japanese. The learning process will be fun and as the result, you will learn how to have a polite conversation with people.

Online Japanese Hiragana and Katakana Stroke Order: Practice hiragana and katakana! The main goal of the course is to teach you how to write hiragana and katakana. You will do this through an animation interface. The interface shows you how to write a certain character by adding numbers to it. You can use the PDF textbook of the course to practice hiragana and katakana. Ideal candidates are English students who want to study elementary and, Business Japanese.

Online Japanese N5 Kanji Character Stroke Order: Learn how to write Kanji characters. The course is similar to the previous course on the list. You learn how to write Kanji characters by using an animation interface. On the left side of the interface, you have the examples of Kanji characters. When you select a specific character, a writing technique will be explained on the right side of the interface. It is very fun and interesting process of learning for beginners. While watching the videos you can use a PDF textbook to practice your writing.

Nicholas Kemp, JLPT N4 – Japanese Language Proficiency Test Course: Prepare yourself for the Level N4 test. Level N4 is the Japanese language proficiency test. Nicholas Kemp and his wife Kaoru have created the course to help students learn Japanese. The first step they prefer is to help their students avoid fear and stress. Taking a JLPT test shouldn’t have a bad influence on your self-esteem. The course provides 3 practice tests for the reading and grammar sections of the JLPT. You will have the opportunity to watch the instructors answer each question test.

Nicholas Kemp, JLPT N5 – Japan Language Proficiency Test Course: How to pass Level N5? You should try the course because of the following reasons. You get three practice tests for Kanji, Grammar and Reading sections. The teachers take you through the course step by step. You get tips on things to watch out with the multiple choice questions. There are six hours of video tutorials in which teachers explain how to answers each question on the test. Over 270 questions are explained in video lessons.

Akira Online Japanese School, Learn Japanese conversation via a drama | LEVEL1 PartA: Try new methods of learning. The course is for people who are total beginners and who want to make Japanese friends. The course provides three methods of learning. The first method is learning by watching a romance drama. Students will watch a romantic couple who live in Tokyo. They exchange romantic messages over the phone. The second method consists of grammatical explanations. You will see the key phrases used in the drama. In the end, you will use the phrases and practice your conversation.

Steve Tanaka, Japanese in 14 Weeks with Scientific Memorization Method: In 14 weeks, you will speak Japanese! Steve Tanaka is an online teacher and interpreter. He was designed the 14-week program to help students learn Japanese. By using new scientific memorization methods, 14 weeks is enough time to learn a new language. According to Steve, Japanese is an easy language. It has an easy pronunciation. It can be expressed by the English Alphabet and it has easy grammar. Enroll in the course and find out how Steve’s methods will help you to learn Japanese.

Richard Heiney, Comprehensive Casual Japanese For Beginners: Speak Japanese with confidence! The course has five modules and each module has five units. The first module is a mix of everything that represents a quick start in the learning process. The second module is about hanging out with your friends. How to invite them out? How to schedule meetings? The rest of the course is about human relationships, feelings, and conversation between people. By the end of the course, you will understand the basics of casual Japanese and build your confidence.

Richard Heiney, Comprehensive Essential Japanese for Beginners: Do you know any Japanese word? If you don’t, this course is the right thing for you. Apart from basic English, you don’t need any previous knowledge. The teacher talks about how to start a conversation and how to introduce yourself. When you go to Japan, you will definitely buy some souvenirs for your friends. Because of that, the teacher explains how to shop in Japan. Next, he talks about how to deal with situations in restaurants and learn how to order food or drink. If you are interested in these things, enroll in the course.