Best Online Italian Language Courses

Italian is an official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino and Vatican City. It is also spoken in the Istrian region that is part of Croatia and Slovenia. With 69 million native speakers, Italian is the third most widely spoken first language in the EU. Sixteen million EU citizens speak the language as a second language.

Why learn Italian? There are a lot of tourist attractions and uniques places in the Italian speaking countries. Rome, Venice and other interesting cities are very attractive to visit. Often English is not spoken outside main tourist centers. Knowing Italian can improve your traveling experience. Check out the list of the Best Italian Courses right now.

Learn Italian Language: Complete Italian Course – Beginners: Start from scratch! In this course, you will have an opportunity to progress from a beginner level to an advanced level. You will learn grammar, vocabulary and gain communication skills. The topics are about everyday situations. One of the best advantages of the course is how the lessons are explained. Each of these lessons is visually supported by images. After each lesson, you can check your knowledge by taking tests.

Learn Italian Language: Italian Course For Intermediate: Hold conversations in Italian. If you want to enroll in a course, you will need the knowledge from the beginner course. That is the first course on this list. After you have gained the basic skills, you can improve language skills by taking this course. A native instructor teaches you how to level up your skills. You will learn how to hold conversations and how to use everyday expressions. The course provides an overview of complete intermediate Italian grammar rules.

3 Minute Italian – Course 1: Kieran is an online language teacher. He works for the 3 Minute Language School which offers fun courses for beginners. 80,000+ students from all around the world have enroled in this school. This set of courses consist of four parts. The 3 Minute Italian Course 1 contains everything that a beginner should learn. Learning Italian through this course will be fun. You will learn how to build your own sentences, learn words and phrases. Enroll in the course and start to speak from the very first lesson.

3 Minute Italian – Course 2: Kieran has a very unique approach to learning. His methods are simple and effective. He breaks up a language into small pieces and helps you build sentences. The result of this is better concentration and effective memorization. This course is a follow up from the 3 Minute Italian Course 1. It uses all the words and phrases from the last course. Before you enroll in the course, it would be good to finish the first one. In this one, you will learn useful question phrases such as time, money and mealtime phrases.

3 Minute Italian – Course 3: Continue the learning process from the Courses 1 & 2. The best advantages of Kieran’s courses are that you can watch them wherever you want. The lessons are short, effective and don’t take you too much time. You will be amazed when you realize how much knowledge you can get by watching a few minutes of lessons each day. The 3 Minute Italian Course 3 covers the following topics. You will learn more question phrases and phrases that can help you with directions. Next, you will learn how to use traveling terminology.

3 Minute Italian – Course 4: This is the final course in this series. Ideal candidates for the course are students who have completed – Courses 1, 2 & 3. You will learn a variety of new words that will help you to hold conversations with people. The teacher presents a technique called “Building Motors” that level up your fluency to the higher level. He continues to teach students some useful phrases. You will learn how to confirm reservations, describe things in the past and express your feelings.

Sos Italian – Learn Italian from scratch (from A0 to A1): Do you have zero knowledge of Italian? If you consider yourself as a complete beginner, the course is for you. You will progress from zero knowledge to the A1 level of the language. The course provides the following benefits to you. You will learn how to pronounce and read Italian. Next, you will learn basic Italian grammar and vocabulary. The teacher provides some sentences that can help you to survive in Italy. For example, find out how to greet someone, how to ask for a price and how to order a drink.

Parla con Maya: Learn how to speak Italian!: It is time to speak Italian well. This is an intensive course for beginners that consists of eight sections. Each section contains a grammar and vocabulary part. At the end of each subsection, you can take a short quiz. You will learn how to greet people, order a food, celebrate birthdays and much more. The main goal of the course is to turn you into a real Italian. Appart from the language, you will learn about Italian history and tradition.

Pick up Italian for Travelers & Beginners in just 5 weeks: Communicate, explore, stay safe. Imagine walking along the streets of Rome, exploring the Italian cuisine and drinking delicious wines. You can have all these things when you decide to remove your language barriers. This course is going to help you to achieve that goal. You will learn how to express your needs in Italian. That includes ordering food, dealing with emergency situations, getting VIP treatment and more. By the end of the course, you will be able to make friends, communicate in a polite way and discover more Italy.

Learn Italian for Beginners: The Ultimate 80-Lesson Course: Learn to speak, read and write. The course lasts 4 hours and it contains 80 HD video lessons. In each lesson, the teacher takes you through crucial segments of the language. You will learn how to read, write and speak like a native Italian speaker. Next, you will learn how to introduce yourself, ask for directions and hold conversations. You don’t need to have any previous knowledge of Italian. You only need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program to be able to read PDF notes and transcripts.

Sos Italian – Learn Italian the next level (from A1 to A2): Do you love Italian? Do you have a basic knowledge of Italian? If your answers are yes, enroll in the course. Before you sign up, make sure you have the A1 level of the language. By learning the following things, you will level up your Italian skills. You will learn how to talk about your spare time, talk about your past, memories, and habits. Next, you will learn how to talk about the weather, your wishes, and future intentions. Through sections of the course, you will sharpen your reading and writing skills.

Learn to pronounce, read & write Italian in less than 3 hrs: Speak Italian like an Italiano! Bruschetta? Latte? Giuseppe? Are you 100% sure how to pronounce these words? This course is the perfect place to learn how to pronounce Italian well and impress your friends. Manu Venditti is an Italian teacher. He has designed the course to help people learn the right pronunciation. The best candidates are people who are planning a trip to Italy and like eating at Italian restaurants. By the end of the course, students will learn all the sounds from the Italian language and tricky letters.

Italian Basics – Learn to Understand and Pronounce Italian: Speak Italian with correct pronunciation. Learning the correct pronunciation is the most important part of learning a new language. Giulia is a translator and an Italian online instructor. With Giulia, you are going to make the first steps towards able to speak Italian. This is a basic course which has the main goal to teach students correct pronunciation. Each lesson is fun and easy to follow. Students get all the essential tools that help them understand everyday Italian. At the end of the course, they will gain the ability to travel and speak with people from Italian speaking countries.

Learn Essential Italian Vocabulary in just 10 minutes a day: Each person has enough time to learn a new language. If you want a fast and an effective Italian course, this one is great for you. Manu Venditti has 20 years of experience in teaching Italian. So far, he has developed his own techniques to help students learn the language quickly. In this course, you will learn the top 400 most frequent Italian words and phrases. With these words, you will be able to understand 50% of Italian conversations. You don’t need to have any previous knowledge of Italian for the course. Make sure you have a PDF reader and a printer.

Survive Italy Without Being Fluent in Italian: Learn tricks to speak Italian. While you are traveling through Italy, it is important to understand and to be understood. A little bit of basic Italian would improve your traveling experience. The course teaches you how to stay safe and experience the real Italy. You don’t want to feel like a clueless tourist. The first step towards avoiding these experiences is learning basic Italian expressions. In the course, you will learn how the Italian language works. You will develop proper pronunciation and be able to speak with Italian people.

Conversational Italian Made Easy: Learning Italian should be easy. In most cases, the process comes to learning long and boring vocabulary lists. It’s not surprising that people lose interest in learning a language. The Conversational Italian Made Easy is the complete opposite of that. This course keeps you motivated through the whole process. You will learn new vocabulary and how to form sentences. In the end, you will watch conversation scenarios that can help enhance your conversation skills.

Building Structures in Italian – Structure 1: Italian is composed of many structures. According to the author of the course, every sentence contains structures. Some of them are used more than others. Learning structures of the Italian language is a great path to fluency. Kieran Ball has made the course to help his students to manipulate structures at high speed. They will learn how to build sentences by using the most common structures and phrases. Next, they will learn how to ask questions with confidence.

Learn Italian for Beginners and Travelers – Enjoy Your Trip!: Be fully prepared for a trip! How do you meet angry people? How do you introduce yourself? This course is full of tourist tips and practical instructions. Ideal candidates for the course are students wanting to travel to Italy for a vacation. The course can be useful for people who have never learned Italian. The teacher provides the basics that are crucial to maintaining conversations with people.

Italiano Autentico to speak Italian as if you were in Italy: Speak Italian fluently. Riccardo Gasparotto is an online Italian teacher. He is the creator of the school called Italiano Autentico. The vision of the school is to gather all people interested in Italian language and culture. You will study the Italian language by listening to Riccardo’s real stories. The videos are very interesting and fun. By the end of the course, you will learn grammar rules, become a more confident speaker and learn everything about Italy. If you have an intermediate level of Italian and love the language, the course is for you.