Best Online GMAT Preparation Courses

Graduate Management Admission Test, known as GMAT, is a standardized, computer-based test. The test assesses writing, reading, and verbal English skills, analytical and quantitative skills. Much like the SAT, students are tested on key analytical and problem-solving skills. These skills are essential for any graduate management program, such as MBA. More than 2,300 business schools take results from the test as the selection criteria. By passing the test, you can open a door to a wide range of graduate programs such as master of accountancy or master of finance.

The test is available in centers located in 114 countries around the world. How should you prepare for the GMAT? We have collated a number of helpful courses for you. Check out our list of the 18 Best GMAT Courses.

NeatPrep, GMAT® Math | Official Guide 2018: This is the most challenging test in the world. You can find a lot of books on the internet related to the test. Instead of reading the same old book explanations, it would be good to gain a knowledge by taking the course. Why? Written explanations are not as effective as video explanations. Some people like a visual approach in which they can see how teachers solve questions in real time. This course will offer you exactly that. You will learn how to solve hundreds of GMAT questions.

GMAT/GRE Math- Permutations & Combinations(10,000+ students): What is the best way to understand permutations and combinations? If you want to master these concepts, you need to understand one thing and that is counting. By counting, the teacher doesn’t mean counting by your fingers. It is a more complicated concept, but you shouldn’t be worried. Counting is easy. Before taking the course, be sure that you understand the basics of math. By the end of the course, you will be able to solve the most difficult problems in less than a minute.

Master the GMAT Probability problems: Anis MURR, Master the GMAT Probability problems: Learn powerful strategies to solve any GMAT problem! Probability is one of the most difficult parts of GMAT test. Many students are struggling with probability. Anis MURR, the teacher of the course, will teach you how to overcome any probability problem. He has a very effective strategy that can be applied to more than 50 different questions. This is the perfect opportunity for people who want to beat the GMAT math section. Solve probability problems more easily and rapidly.

GMAT® Algebra – The Comprehensive Course |Learn from scratch: Immersive Learning Group, GMAT® Algebra – The Comprehensive Course |Learn from scratch: 25% of the quantitative questions are Algebra questions. The number of questions that require Algebra knowledge is increasing. If you want to be prepared for this section, you should take this course. The course is designed by the team of experts who will cover a wide range of different topics. You will learn about preliminaries, linear equations, functions, inequalities and more. This contains practice quizzes in which you can solve over 100 original questions. Ideal candidates are people who have struggled with algebra in school and now want to take GMAT test.

GMAT Math Preparation Class: Improve GMAT skills: Achieve a high score in GMAT! Sri is an experienced math teacher. The is course is designed for beginners who want to have all GMAT’s topics in one place. Since many people are afraid of numbers, the teacher Sri will help them to break down their barriers. They will learn tricks and strategies on how to approach any problem. Each video lessons contains practice material that you can use. Don’t be afraid, believe in yourself and practice a lot.

GMAT,GRE Math – Weighted Averages, Mixtures and Alligations: GMAT questions are difficult. Most of the people would agree with this. We need to ask ourselves, is this true? Is there any way to make the learning process easier? The simple answer is yes. This course helps people to build strategies that will help them deal with the most difficult questions. According to the instructors, memorization alone is not enough. There is a new approach called Conceptual Learning. Enroll in the course, and find out more about the approach.

GMAT® Math 2018 | Which Question Types are More Popular?: Why does GMAT have a quantitative section? GMAT test should prepare potential students for the world of business. After they finish a certain management program, they will enter the business world. The point of any company is to make money. When there is a money, there are numbers. In this course, you will learn how to solve the most complex math questions. The analysis covers 404 questions related to problem-solving questions and data sufficiency.

Understanding the GMAT: Introduction Course: Dreams come true with GMAT. How? You can study in the most popular business schools around the world. You can win scholarships. The main goal of the test is to prove your math and verbal skills. By passing the exam with great scores, you send a message to schools that you are a serious and responsible person. This course should be your starting point. You will learn what to expect in the math section and how to improve your test-taking skills.

Master the GMAT Work and Rate problems: People don’t like problems. When you encounter a problem in math, you want to give up everything. That is a wrong approach. You should look at problems as interesting challenges. Anis MURR is a GMAT expert and the teacher of the course. He is going to teach you how to overcome problems. You will get the basic formula and the magic formula. The magic formula can solve any problem you have. Then, he will show 14 questions of different levels of difficulty. Of course, you will get strategies on how to solve them.

NeatPrep, GMAT® Official Guide 2017 | Expert Problem Solving: 230 Qs: Solve problems more efficiently! The course will provide instructions on how to solve GMAT question fast. When you find a solution to one question, you should be able to generalize an answer to the next similar question. You will need elegant and powerful tools which can help you to identify trigger words. According to these words, you will know what to do. Simply said, if you see this, do this. This is exactly what you are going to learn in this course.

Nova’s GMAT Math Prep Course: GMAT is a difficult test but it is a learnable test. Every year, students pay hundreds of dollars to prepare for the math section. Now they can have the same classes online. This way is more affordable and flexible for them. Nova’s GMAT Math Prep Course contains video lessons and mentor exercises. There are 7.5 hours of video tutorials and 109 articles. The teacher shows how to use analytical concepts to solve problems and improve your GMAT score.

GMAT Data Sufficiency Strategies: What are data sufficiency questions? How to solve them? What are the most common mistakes? Enroll in the course and find out the answers. Data sufficiency questions make 40% of all questions in the quantitative section. It is important to be sure that you understand this part of the test to avoid bad circumstances. These questions test your ability to determine whether an information is relevant or sufficient to solve a problem. You will be able to apply the course’s strategies to solve data sufficiency questions.

Break Away: GMAT Verbal – Sentence Correction – 50 Original: 50 solved practice questions! The average GMAT score of the course’s instructors is 770. Students who want to be prepared for the sentence correction should enroll in the course. The course is divided into sections. Each section starts with a quiz and each quiz has 5 questions. If you want to get an explanation for any question, you can play the video. Video lessons are full of great and animated explanations. The main goal of the course is to train your brain to recognize which sentences are correct or incorrect.

GMAT Verbal-Critical Reasoning-150 Original-SolvedAndExplain: Critical reasoning measures your ability to read and understand written material. The course contains 150 original questions. Every chapter of the course has a quiz and a video lecture. Before you watch a video lesson, you should try to solve a question first. If your answer is correct, you can move to the next question. If your answer is incorrect, you should watch a video lesson. This system of learning is very effective and that is why you should enroll in the course.

Break Away – GMAT Problem Solving – 65 Solved And Explained: The math section contains two types of questions. These are problem-solving and data sufficiency questions. The problem-solving questions are the easiest questions of this test. Still, you should pay attention to the section and be completely ready. This course has 65 original questions that are not available anywhere. The concept of learning is like the two previous courses on the list. The targeted audience is everyone who wants to be prepared for GMAT.

GMAT Math Fundamentals: The course is for all people who are considering taking GMAT exam. Having an option to expand your opportunities is a good thing. With GMAT, you can become a student of top universities in the world. The GMAT Math Fundamentals course provides the following benefits to its students. They will learn essential Math fundamentals. This knowledge is the first step for people who have basic math skills and who want to achieve great GMAT score.

Dominate GMAT Verbal – Comprehensive GMAT Verbal Prep Course: You have finally made a decision. You are going to a business school. Use the tips, tricks, and strategies from this course to master the verbal section. Brett Ethridge, the teacher of the course has helped hundreds of students to get into the business. He understands that people are busy. Some of us have children, jobs and other important duties during the day. This course is designed exactly for those people. Brett will help them to get right answers and increase their GMAT scores.

Ultimate GMAT Essay – Ace the Essay in 1 week: Master the GMAT Essay section! Irfan Ali has 3 years of experience as a GMAT instructor and teacher. Many of his students have succeeded to enroll in some of the best universities in the world. Video lessons of the course are very short and easily understandable. You will learn how to plan, write and produce an excellent response to GMAT essay questions. By the end of the course, you should be able to manage your time effectively and write concise answers to questions.

NeatPrep, GMAT® Official Guide 2017 | Expert Data Sufficiency: 174 Qs: The course will help you to solve Data Sufficiency questions. You will learn how to solve these question in the fastest possible way. The most important section of the course is when the teacher explains how to apply one concept to different questions. Enroll in the course and learn how to think like a pro. Anyone planning to take GMAT test is welcomed to the course.

Test Hacker: Get both GMAT & GRE prep – the Bundle Course: Position yourself for success! Taking the GMAT exam can set you up for success. As you know, GMAT is required for access the most US, European and Canadian MBA programs. If you want to prove how successful you will be in these programs, you need a good GMAT score. As someone who has 700 GMAT, you can get financial awards and scholarships. This course will teach you how to identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you are eager to learn hard, enroll in the course.

The Complete GMAT 700+ Preparation Course (with Mock Tests): Increase your GMAT potential. By taking GMAT exam, you can plan your business career. GMAT test is a component that shows your academic and professional potential. In this course, you will get 10 hours of video content and 150 lessons. You will learn strategies and tactics, that will prepare you for the test. Don’t be afraid of taking GMAT test and start to learn today!