Best Online German Courses

The German language is one of the most used languages in Europe. It is an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Liechtenstein. After English, German and French are the second most spoken foreign languages in the EU.

Germany is the biggest European economy. That is the main reason why people decide to learn the language. The knowledge of the language provides more job opportunities to individuals. The German language gives you the opportunity to understand the history and culture of the German people. We have chosen the best German Online Courses for you. The courses are affordable with a great content adapted for everybody.

Learn German Language: Complete German Course – Beginners: Hold a conversation in German. Take the first steps in learning the German language. With this highest-rated course, you can achieve A1, A2, or A2+ level of the language. The teacher of the course is a native German speaker. You will watch videos in German with titles. There are free demo lessons which can help you to make a decision about taking the course. If you a beginner with no previous experience, you are an ideal candidate.

Learn German Language: Complete German Course – Intermediate: Upgrade your German to the higher level. This course is an extension of the previous course on the list. All people with the basic German knowledge can take the course and gain advanced skills. The teacher covers the following topics. These are German vocabulary, intermediary to advanced grammar, pronunciation and more. The lessons contains PDF documents. You can read detailed explanations of the lessons. A visual component of the lessons will be interesting for students.

Deutsch Intensiv – Intensive German Course for Beginners: Do you have enough time to learn German? If you are a busy person who would like to learn the German language, the course is for you. German is not only beautiful but a very popular language all over the world. Through this intensive course, you can master all components of the German language. You can learn how to read, write, speak, count, ask questions and more. At the end of the course, you will master all the basics of German grammar.

German Made Simple: A Complete Course for Serious Learners: Trying to learn German? Many people gave up after several attempts to learn a foreign language. The key thing is to learn the basics first and your progress will be faster. This is something that this course offers. The clear and effective lessons are supported by quizzes to help you check your knowledge. You will learn how to deal with everyday situations in German-speaking countries. In the end, your communication skills and your confidence will be significantly improved.

3 Minute German – Course 1: I’m not good with languages. This is something you hear from people who are disappointed in the learning process. 3 Minute German – Course 1 is exactly what they need. No matter how terrible you think you are, the course will help you overcome your obstacles. The learning process will be fun fulfilled with logical and easy explanations. The instructor uses step-by-step methods to teach you the German language. At the end of the course, you will be able to make your own sentences.

Speak German like a Native: A Practical Conversation Course: Learn how to express yourself in German. Ingo Depner is a professional German teacher with 15 years of experience. He is also a founder of the German Online Gym which is dedicated to the German language. What does the course offer to you? You will learn how to express yourself like a German native speaker. You will become more fluent and have more confidence. The course consists of three main topics presented through video lessons. By watching these, you will learn how to make friends, how to shop and speak on the phone.

3 Minute German – Course 2: Continue where you stopped. In the second course, you will continue to gain new German language skills. Before you take this one, the author suggests that you finish the 3 Minute German Course 1 first. This course uses all the words learned in the previous course. 3 Minute German – Course is created to keep your attention and avoid boredom. The lessons are short and effective. This concept will increase your enthusiasm and improve memorization.

3 Minute German – Course 3: Take your lessons with you. The course is accessible on phones, laptops, TVs, and PCs. Since it contains very short but effective lessons, you can listen to them anywhere. Whenever you find free three minutes, you can use it to listen to a lesson. Kieran teaches you a variety of words that can put together to make a sentence. This concept of forming sentences is very useful when you want to visit a German-speaking country. If you have completed the 3 Minute German – Courses 1 & 2, you are an ideal candidate for this course.

Learn German for Beginners: The Ultimate 76-Lesson Course: Read and write in German. Learning a new language could change your life. It unlocks new pathways which are limited right now. You can move to another country to live in and build a new career. That is exactly what the German language provides. Some of the most popular companies like Adidas or BMW are from Germany. Knowing this language can increase your chance of getting a great job. By the end of the course, you will know how to read and write and take part in basic German conversations.

Basic Vocabulary+ Grammar Course – Simple and Easy German: Corinna is a native German speaker. She was born and raised in Germany. She has designed the course to make the process of learning German interesting and fun. We all know how learning vocabulary can be boring. In this course, you will try a quick, enjoyable and effective way of learning. You will watch vocabulary that will be written over a beautiful ocean background. This will help you relax and learn.

Test you German Skills – Practice Tests Questions & Answers: Refresh your German. If you enroll in the course, you will have the opportunity to test your German knowledge. The ideal candidates for the course are students who are trying to learn German. Students who would like to move to a German-speaking country are also great candidates for the course. If you get a great score on these tests you can choose whether you will move to Germany, Switzerland or Austria. It is up to you.

German language for beginners (Conversational course): Do you have problems with everyday situations? Is your communication with other people good enough? If you have problems with this, you don’t need to wait. Enroll in this great course and start solving your communication problems. The teacher helps students to build a strong foundation in the German language. If you want to speak, read and write German easily, this is a course for you.

German A1 – learning German from zero: The course is for absolute beginners. You don’t need to know even one word of German. To be eligible for the course you only need a mobile phone or PC and internet connection. Julia is an experienced and very motivated German teacher. She takes you through 31 grammar lections including 17 animated videos. These animated lessons will help students to learn faster and easier. The first lection is the alphabet. Next, students will learn about the numbers, gender rules, irregular verbs and more.

Learn German SUCCESSFULLY! A course for Beginners: Learn the German language as fast as possible. You don’t need to speed years on learning the German language. With good motivation and determination, you can learn German in a few months. This course is for beginners and for advanced students who want to refresh their knowledge. The tips and tricks from the course can save you a lot of time and speed up your learning process. By the end of the course, you will be able to communicate successfully in everyday situations.

The Ultimate German Language Practice Tests for Beginners: Test your German! This set of tests is a great thing for beginners. If you are not sure about the level of the German language knowledge, enroll in the course. By solving these questions you can test your knowledge and enhance your skills. The test contains 70 questions related to pronouns, articles, plural and basic communication. The questions are grouped into three sections and each question has a timer.

German Language Course for Philosophers and Curious People: Think about yourself in German. This course will teach you how to think in German. Thinking about your life in German could help you enhance your vocabulary. This approach can show a new perception in your learning process. Corinna Lenz is a native German speaker and an online teacher. She has created the course to help its students to be more fluent and express themselves in German.

Perfect Your German: Tips & Tricks to Avoid Common Mistakes: Improve your confidence! Can you identify language mistakes when talking to people? In many situations, people are not aware of their grammar mistakes. The Perfect Your German is the right course for them. This course helps people identify, understand and avoid the most common language mistakes. If you want to be sure that you speak German language right, you need to be sure about your knowledge. The course provides the following benefits. Students will learn how to express themselves in German and start thinking in German.

German to Go: Step by step to fluency. If you want to learn the German language correctly, you need to start from the beginning. Juliane is very passionate about teaching German. She will provide clear grammar explanations and a lot of exercises. You will start with the basic concepts and as you make progress, the lessons will be more complex. On her website at, you will also find many additional resources such as interviews with native speakers, worksheets, texts and audio files.

Best way to learn German – Full Beginner Starter Kit: Get high-quality German lessons! Are you a complete beginner? Do you like to learn through fun exercises? If your answers are yes, join the course. The teacher of the course is Sandra. This course is for beginners and people who want to refresh their knowledge of the language. Students will learn how to talk to people, talk about their families and describe their hobbies. The course consists of seven units. Each unit has 10 to 15 lessons and after each lesson you get tests.