23 Best Online Embroidery Courses

Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric by using needles and threads. It is a great choice for people who want to relax. Although the relationship with tradition is obvious, embroidery has its own modern version. In modern times, this technique is usually seen on hats, coats, and dresses. Some of the earliest embroidery techniques are chain stitch, satin stitch and cross stitch.

This technique is a favorite among fashion professionals and beginners. Since embroidery is easy to learn and has a relaxing effect on the body, many people learn it. If you are one of them check out the list of 23 Best Embroidery Courses.

Embroidery Software Essentials with Cindy Hogan: The Babylock Palette software can cost as much as $1,000 dollars! Perhaps it would make sense for you to consider a coach to walk you through the process of using the sophisticated tool set? We went looking for someone to fit that bill and found Cindy Hogan. She has been teaching the software since 2003! Note: This course is only designed for use with the Brother PE-Design® Next and Babylock Palette software.

#22 Bernina Embroidery Software 7 Fundamentals: Wingdings: Create exotic embroidery designs! This piece of software makes embroidery easier and improves the stitch quality. If you want to follow the course you should have Bernina Software 7. The teacher explains how to use the software to create amazing designs. You will learn how to create a square design, Redwork design, and quilt block design. Next, you will handle some advanced options of the program such as wreathing and kaleidoscope. This 1-hour course will be enough to handle all important functions of the program.

Learn how to create an Embird Sfumato Portrait Design: Embird Sfumato is a software for the creation of portraits and landscapes. You can make any design from your photos. When you import a photo into the program, you can draw objects over the picture. Sfumato objects have vector boundaries that are filled with stitches. Each object can have one to five shades of its ‘basic color’. If you are interested in to find out more about the software, enroll in the course.

Embird Software Class An Introduction to Embird Manager: Have you ever used Embird? Would you like to learn how to digitize your own designs? This course provides instructions on how to use Embird Embroidery Software. No matter which version of the program you have, you can follow the course. You will learn how to set up the program, write and convert text and import JPG files to the program. By the end of the course, you will understand three main modules of the Embird software.

#24 Bernina Software 7 Fundamentals: Applique: Applique is a great technique to use. Jacqui Viljoen has been teaching dress design since 1994. In the course, she talks about Bernina Software 7 and the advantages of using Applique. Students will learn how to use Applique tool and how to adjust the settings. Next, they will learn how to add digitizing stitches before the Applique option is active. The legal version of the Bernina Software 7 is required for the course.

Embird Embroidery Software: Continues line quilting blocks: Do you have Embird Editor Software? If your answer is yes, enroll in the course. If you want to make a design from your photos or make a custom design, Embird Studio is a perfect choice. By using the software, you will learn how to create a Quilt design for machine embroidery. You will learn how to apply parameters, change colors and finish your project. You can also create a grid without importing a background image. Enroll in the course and learn how to use all advantages of the Embird Studio software.

Startup Library: Hand Embroidery (DVD): Embroidery is like painting with thread. It is an incredibly creative process because you can mix your passion for making art and text styles. You can follow patterns for your style or you can make your own creations. It is easy to get started with embroidery. In the course, the teacher speaks about what materials to use. Next, the instructor shows 20 stitches one by one. Each of these stitches will be explained in a way that you can practice them at home. Once you learn the basic stitches, you will discover opportunities to express yourself with fabric.

Editing Essentials: Professional Lettering Techniques: Select the best style for your project! Deborah loves to share her creativity with her students. She has been involved in machine embroidery for about 40 years. In the course, she teaches students how to embroider lettering. First, you will start by solving some lettering mysteries. The second chapter introduces best practices including small and large lettering. In the end, you will learn more about text and special effects.

Cross-Stitch: Basics & Beyond: Learn the fundamentals of cross-stitch. Jeannette travels a lot across the US to teach people cross-stitch. She has been designing since 1998. As you can see, this instructor has enough knowledge to transfer to you. The course begins with the basic stitching and basic materials to get started. Then, the instructor talks about how to work with charts, letters, and large motifs. Once you are comfortable with these skills, you will discover specialty stitches. Watch the lessons in order because the teacher starts with basics and progresses to the advanced levels.

Machine Embroidered Lace Classics: Design an embroidery with your machine. Hope Yoder is an author of several books and designer. She has written many articles for the most popular magazines in the field. Use this course to discover and combine different decorative stitches. The techniques from the course can help you to make your own custom designs. Make your sweater and sleeves more beautiful by using lace-shaping techniques. Enroll in the course, and find out more about other exclusive techniques.

The Machine Embroidery Inspired Quilt: Take your embroidery to the next level. Award-winning designer Susan Stewart shares her designing secrets. She has written many popular articles for the Sew Beautiful Magazine. You will learn how to stabilize your embroidery, placement techniques and how to add exclusive dimension to your embroidery. You will benefit a lot from these easy-to-follow instructions. The one more reason to enroll in the course is the wide range of included files.

Machine Embroidered Cutwork: Create classic cutwork with your embroidery machine. This course includes three amazing projects – an elegant wrap, pretty guest towel and a clever case. Demystify cutwork embroidery while you learn how to align designs with ease and trim like a pro. This course includes helpful information about fabrics and tools. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your machine embroidery skills!

Machine Embroidery With Terrycloth & More: Discover the joy of learning how to embroider! Deborah is a machine embroidery expert with more of 40 years of experience. By enrolling the course, you will learn hooping, handling and stabilizing techniques. Deborah demonstrates the techniques on a wide range of textured fabrics. The stitching and finishing techniques you learn here will help your projects stand out from the crowd. If you decide to enroll in the course, you will take your basic machine embroidery skills to the next level.

The New Embroidery: Simple Geometry, Beautiful Stitches: Start experiment with your own ideas! Embroidery stitches can be created in the endless number of variations and combinations. Natalie is a designer, instructor and an author of several books including “The Geometry of Hand-Sewing”. She teaches students how to build a foundation of skills to help them play with their ideas. The course starts with the basics. You will build a single line. Next, you will continue to build three, four or even five lines to build stitches. Practice is your best friend in this process.

Machine Embroidery With Knits: Do you love knits? Knits offer a wide range of possibilities for machine embroidery. Since every fabric represents a different challenge, this can be tricky. Deborah is a machine embroidery expert who leads students through the process. You will gain confidence and avoid common mistakes. The most important thing, you will learn specific techniques for hooping and stabilizing. The course includes design files for your software including Reverse Applique. Enroll in the course now and open up new possibilities for yourself!

Stumpwork: Raised Embroidery Essentials: Add gorgeous dimension to your project! In the course, you will learn how to arrange beautiful dimensional stitches. Celeste Chalasani is a designer and needlework instructor. She teaches people at national events across the United States. The Raised Embroidery Essentials’ classes teach you how to add texture and amazing dimension to your projects. You will start the course by getting familiar with Stumpwork. Next, you will learn about dimensional stitches, padding with stitches and felt. In the end, you will learn everything about wired slips.

Smart Editing Techniques for Machine Embroidery Designs: Learn software design techniques! Penny teaches you how to change your own designs in a software. By using a software you can work efficiently and make professional embroidery projects. After she retired from NASA, she has committed to stitching and sharing her knowledge with her students. During the course, you learn how to work with a machine embroidery editing software. You will learn how to set up a software, customize the text and change your designs. By the end, you will be able to customize your own designs.

The Machine Embroidered Sweater: Learn the secrets to achieve flawless results. Pattie Otto teaches students how to create crisp embroidery that won’t tear off. Pattie has always been driven by creativity. That is the case with this course. By using simple deconstruction tips from the course, you will be able to reach hard areas. You will learn how to work with lightweight knits and add professional designs to your sweaters. Learn how to be more confident and how to create beautiful apparel.

Stitch It With Wool: Crewel Embroidery: Explore the timeless art of textured stitches! Kristin has been involved in the needlework industry for about 30 years. She was a creative director for the Classic Elite Yarns and wrote many books. She wants to teach you how to create delightful textures. If you enroll in the course, you will have an opportunity to complete two exclusive patterns. Kristin encourages students to play with colorstoo create interesting designs.

Embroidering With Ribbon: Create simple stitches with big visual impact! Mary Jo Hiney graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Her course provides the following benefits. You will learn essential embroidery techniques for sophisticated ribbon work. The teacher explains the secrets of keeping your ribbon flat and wide. You will learn how to add sweat and impressive ribbon rosettes. There are eight video lessons including class materials and patterns. Finally, use the new skills to construct a beautiful velvet box and frame with ribbon work and embroidery.

Embroidering Monograms by Machine: Learn the secrets from a professional expert. Terri teaches students to add a personal touch to their projects. She is an embroidery teacher who offers a wide range of embroidery, and software classes. During this course, you will learn how to create your own monograms with any machine. You will learn how to add frames to lettering to your monograms based on rehooping techniques. If you have any problem, ask the teacher a question.

Bead Embroidery: Add eye-catching sparkle to your projects. Join Myra Wood and her course called Bead Embroidery. Myra provides beautiful examples of great bead embroidery designs. By watching the examples, you will learn how to add beads one by one. You are going to realize that this process is not hard. You will be able to create many interesting designs including colorful flowers and leaves. You can watch the course at any time and from anywhere. Sign up for the course today and gain new embroidery skills.

Bead Embroidery: Beyond the Basics: Dive into the world of bead embroidery. The teacher Myra again provides techniques for dimensional designs. This time she takes you through the process of enhancing projects with eye-catching beaded embroidery. The first part of the course is about the materials you are going to use. You will learn how to build all the stitches you need for the entire class. Next, you learn how to create a focal point and dimension with a pattern. The teacher shows tons of wonderful projects and explains how to finish all them.