Best Online Chinese Language Courses

Chinese is a group of several language varieties and different dialects. People who speak different dialects in this language often cannot understand each other. It is spoken by the Han majority and many other ethnic groups in China. Despite the fact that Han Chinese don’t recognize these varieties, language experts have an opposite opinion. Linguists consider the language diverse as a linguistic family.

About 1.6 billion people speak some form of Chinese as their first language. There are between seven and thirteen major regional groups of Chinese. The most widespread is a Mandarin group that has 960 million people. There are Wu with 80 million, Min with 70 million and Yue with 60 million. If you want to learn how to speak Chinese, follow the courses below.

College Mandarin Chinese Course on Your Own–Beginning Level: Chinese is the language of business. Since the Chinese economy has become the first economy in the world, Chinese is very popular. Being proficient in spoken and written Chinese can bring you many possibilities. Hong Zeng is a professor of the Chinese language and literature. She teaches students Mandarin Chinese at American colleges for about 16 years. Through this 12-hour course, you will learn vocabulary, grammar rules, and Chinese dialogs. You don’t need pre-knowledge of Chinese.

Chinese Made Easy L1: Understand 65% of Chinese in 10 hours: Learn how to read and write. When you finish the course you will understand 65% of Mandarin Chinese. You will learn 350 characters of the language. Next, you will learn how to read, write and speak about any topic. The teachers will provide some interesting stories about China and its culture. The process of learning the language is fun and easy. By watching fun videos you will learn how to break down the language and build it up again. The course starts with the basic principles and progresses to more advanced topics.

Advance Business Chinese Course BCT (B)-Speaking & Writing: This is an intensive course. The course lasts for one hour. If you want to gain Chinese business language skills, enroll in the course. David Yao was born in China. He has 20 years of experience in teaching students Mandarin Chinese. The course contains three section in which you will learn how to write and read business Chinese. Since this is an intensive course, ideal candidates are intermediate and advanced learners. By the end of the course, you will be able to speak about everyday situations. You will also be able to speak to your co-workers about business topics.

Core Chinese 1: Build Up Chinese Foundations by Practice: Learn the Chinese grammar. In this course, you will learn how to speak most of the Chinese expressions. A good command of a language means that you can make expressions by using basic words. This course has been designed to help you learn the language as fast as possible. The course contains 52 lectures, 53 practices, and 53 audio files. By the end of the course, you will be able to speak almost all basic Chinese expressions.

Beginner Mandarin Chinese (HSK 1) Course B: Prepare yourself for the HSK 1. You will learn 150 Chinese words as you are preparing for this test. The latest test is the HSK 6 test. When you pass the HSK 6 test, which means that you have learned 5000+ words. Before that, start with the basics. This course is a great start that provides a solid foundation for the other levels. Before you move to the next level, you will learn the following things. You will learn all the characters and main grammatical points. There will be a lot of practice in which you will prove grammar constructions.

Beginner Mandarin Chinese (HSK 2) Course B: Reach an intermediate level of Chinese. To do this, you need to finish the Course A in the series. Before taking this course, make sure you have the upper beginner level of the language. If you are a new student, preview the videos from the course. This will help you understand whether you can follow the course or not. It provides the following benefits. First, you will expand your vocabulary with 150 words and be fully prepared for the HSK 2 test. You will continue to learn how to read and write Chinese characters.

Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (HSK3) Course A: Do you want to have more confidence? Do you follow certain courses without making any progress? If your answers are yes, this course is for you. The teachers provide lectures, flashcards, exercises, communicative activities and a portfolio project. This course is going to save you a lot of money and prepare you for the HSK3 test. It is the most recognized Chinese test in the world. By passing the test you can prove your competency.

Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (HSK3) Course B: Prepare yourself for the HSK3. Ideal candidates for the HSK level 3 are students who have obtained at least 60% on the HSK2. This course is a final preparation for the HSK3 test. You will continue expanding your vocabulary with HSK3 characters and words. The course contains 10 lessons in which you will learn how to read and write 600 new words. You will enhance your vocabulary and grammar skills which will be enough to engage in complex conversations.

Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (HSK 4) Course A: Learn HSK 4 vocabulary and grammar! To be able to pass the test, you need to learn 1200 Chinese words and master 600 Chinese characters. Before you start, you need to have the HSK Standard Course 4A textbook and workbook. This material follows the lessons and improves the learning process. The course is going to prepare you for the HSK4 test. You will expand your vocabulary, and become proficient in reading and writing. The main goal of the course is to make a fluent Chinese speaker of you.

Survival Chinese course A: Learn the basics. If you want to learn the basic things like how to greet people, or go shopping, enroll in the course. According to these examples, you can conclude that this course is for beginners. Yet, before starting the course, make sure you know how to read Pinyin, the Chinese pronunciation system. The course has six sections. Through these sections, you will learn how to greet people, order food and go shopping. The course covers 200 words and 30 patterns.

Learn Chinese HSK 2 Beginner Intensive Reading Course: David has 20 years of experience in teaching Mandarin. He is very passionate about teaching students all around the world. If you are able to pass the HSK2 test, you can continue to learn Chinese with David. The course provides audio, video lessons and text material. By the end of the course, you will learn everything you need to know to hold conversations. You will be able to understand simple Chinese words and phrases. Last but not least, you will be able to pass the HSK2 test.

Core Chinese 2: Advance to Intermediate Level: Level up your skills with Daniel. Daniel Lin is an online language instructor. He has designed this course with his assistant Peggy. In the course, you are going to learn more advanced aspects of Chinese grammar. The instructor teaches you the examples of the following expressions. How long does it take to go to Beijing? Because I am tired, I will drink coffee. I will tell her to do it. These are only examples of many useful Chinese expressions that you will learn in the course. The total number of expressions that you will learn is 1,241.

Learn Chinese for Beginners: The Ultimate 80-Lesson Course: Learn to speak, read and write. The Innovative Language school provides the easiest way of learning languages. The course contains five sections. Each section has between 5 and 25 lessons. In each lesson, teachers take you through the most important parts of the language. You will learn how to read and write. After pronunciation lessons, you will learn how to speak with Chinese people. Your listening skills will be significantly improved. If you are an absolute beginner, sign up for the course.

Learn these first! 1917 basic Chinese (Mandarin) phrases: Each phrase is no longer than 10 characters. You will learn these phrases through simple and effective learning methods. You can take a quiz at any time to check your knowledge. How do you learn? You are going to see both, English and Chinese sentences. First, you will see an English sentence and below that the Chinese translation of the sentence. You will explore daily, business, travel, local life, and survival phrases. The course comes with PDF textbooks so you can review each phrase you have learned.

Speak Mandarin Chinese right: Sound native in under 4 hours: Master Chinese with great tricks! Speaking Chinese like a native is a goal of every student. By taking this course, you will learn all the tips and tricks on how to speak Chinese fluently. The course consists of 22 lessons and each lesson works as a three-step process. Students first watch videos and then practice speaking. The pronunciation expert covers the most difficult parts in this field. You will learn Pinyin, tones, and difficult sounds. If you are a beginner this is a great way to start sounding like a native Chinese.

Basic Business Chinese Intensive Course BCT (A) – Listening: Are you an advanced learner? Do you want to gain business language skills? This course is a great opportunity for people who already know Chinese but want to gain new skills. The teacher covers listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Students will learn how to communicate in Chinese during complex business activities. By the end of the course, they will be able to talk about various business topics. Ideal candidates are students who have basic Chinese knowledge, like the HSK3 level.

A crash course on Chinese Pinyin: Learning Pinyin is the first step of learning Chinese. Dr. Wang is a narrator and a native Chinese speaker. His assistant Chen Xiao demonstrates Pinyin through the course. You will have an opportunity to gain Pinyin skills in 5 lessons. The complete course will take 4 hours of your time. The course covers the pronunciations of the most commonly used Chinese characters. This will give you the ability to read Chinese textbooks. The course is designed for English speakers with no previous knowledge of Chinese.